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We have defined three types of finance departments: Simple, Moderate, and Complex. The complexity of the financial components that the department handles (e.g. industry, number of companies, currencies, and tax authorities) helps to determine the type and is reflected in the number of employees.

Moderate: Simple:



Sara • CFO

Sara develops the financial plan and goals for the company, and then constantly monitors performance against them. Others rely on her to assess the financial viability of opportunities. Sara relies on Ken, Phyllis, Vince and Kevin to provide her with the information she needs for business insight.

Phyllis Accounting Manager

Phyllis manages the accounting department, processes GL transactions, reviews and approves AR, AP, payroll, bank transactions, and reviews aging reports. She also ensures that her team accurately completes financial procedures on time.

Ken • Controller

Ken tracks the department’s financial goals. He continually improves processes to achieve financial goals. He proposes and helps implement changes to optimize performance. He may approve documents and payments.

April • Accounts payable Coordinator

April verifies paperwork matches and applies criteria from Ken or Phyllis to determine which invoices to pay and then processes supplier payments. She may also reconcile bank statements. Because April sees data from so much of the company, people come to her with all types of questions.


Accounts receivable administrator

Arnie verifies shipment paperwork and creates invoices. He processes and applies cash receipts to appropriate invoices. He may follow up on past due accounts to obtain payment.

Annie • Bookkeeper

Annie handles the day-to-day financials of a small business. She is involved with creating invoices, paying bills, and balancing the bank statements. Annie hands off, to the external accountant, the more complex tasks of payroll, depreciation, and creating financial statements.

Connie • Credit and collections manager

Connie knows which customers are creditworthy and can have extended payment periods. She corresponds with such customers by e-mail, telephone, and collection letters.

Mia • Payroll administrator

Mia collects information from employees to process the payroll and post it to the GL. She also takes care of tax calculations and reporting.

Cassie • Accountant

In an external role, Cassie either does the books (for a small business), or audits the books (for any size company). In an internal role as an employee, Cassie takes care of accounting duties within a complex financial department.

Processes – The typical top level process groups that are carried out by the Finance department are as follows:

Sales and Marketing

Sales department are grouped by sales process: Companies with simpler sales models have salespeople who perform both account management and lead gathering. For sales that are project-based or take a very long time to close, these functions are split between two specialists. Departments grow horizontally by adding the same type of salespeople.
Complex: Simple:

Marketing segmentation is based on the size of the department. Benjamin is the first hired. Additional staff flesh out the org chart as the department grows
Large: Small:



Kevin • Sales manager Sales

Kevin manages sales reps for his area and tracks what they are doing. He helps them to close sales and may do limited selling himself.

Nancy • Super sales rep Sales

Nancy handles all customer interactions, including finding leads, fulfilling orders, up selling, and dealing with service issues. In the simpler sales situation, Nancy does the job of David and Michael combined.

David • Dedicated sales rep Sales

David finds new customers in complex sales situations. Once the deal is closed, he hands the customer over to Michael, who ensures that the order is fulfilled and handles all future issues, including up selling.

Michael • Account manager Sales

Michael deals with current customers. He closes sales brought in by David. He ensures orders are fulfilled to the customer’s satisfaction (date, quantity, quality) and engages in up selling activities.

Susan • Order Processor Sales

Susan enters orders and performs sales support tasks. She takes orders from sales reps and repeat orders directly from customers. She works closely with the sales reps as she may talk to the customer more often than they do.

Julia • Marketing Executive Marketing

Julia manages sales and marketing strategy. She monitors marketing effectiveness and industry success. She builds, presents and argues the business case for the Sales and Marketing budget.

Benjamin • Marketing manager Marketing

Benjamin is one of several marketing managers who handle marketing for a group of product families the company sells.

Nicole • Marketing staffer Marketing

Nicole produces, distributes and places marketing materials.

Processes – The typical top level process groups that are carried out by the Sales and Marketing department are as follows:



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