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Slovenian botanic gardens and arboretums

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European Botanic Gardens Consortium

National Report

Country: Slovenia

Period covered: June to December 2006

  1. Name of the national network of BOTANIC gardens and its website address:

Members of the Network and Their Websites:

Website of the Network:

ALPSKI BOTANIČNI VRT JULIANA /Alpine Botanic Garden Juliana) :


BOTANIČNI VRT UNIVERZE V MARIBORU (B Botanic Garden of the University of Maribor):




VRT ZDRAVILNIH IN AROMATIČNIH RASTLIN (INŠTITUT ZA HMELJARSTVO IN PIVOVARSTVO SLOVENIJE) (Garden of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants / Hop Cultivation and Brewery Institute of Slovenia)

BOTANIČNI VRT UNIVERZE V LJUBLJANI (Botanic Garden of the University of Ljubljana):

  1. Name and address (with e-mail and telephone/fax) of the national representative in EBGC:

Dr. Jože Bavcon, Head of the Botanic Garden

Tel no 00386 31 759 087

BOTANIČNI VRT UNIVERZE V LJUBLJANI (BOTANIC Garden of the University of Ljubljana):

  1. Total number of the current members of the national network of Botanic gardens:

9 botanic gardens, arboretums and gardens

  1. Names of new members of the national network since the last meeting:


  1. Meetings, workshops and/or conferences organized by the national network or by the members in the reported period (title, date and place, organizers, homepage):

One official meeting, personal contacts by telephone, different Slovenian meetings, and contacts by e-mail.

  1. Meetings, workshops and/or conferences planned to be organized (title, date and place, organizers, homepage):

One meeting in the winter time and other personal contacts.

  1. Activities in ABS/IPEN implementation:

We often discuss the above topic and the presentation of the IPEN at different meetings. The aim of the IPEN has also been presented to the public. The main problem of our Garden continues to be its lack of staff. Not all of its workers are employed on a permanent basis.

  1. Current activities and the national state on the implementation of CBD, GSPC and EPCS targets (especially Target 8 of GSPC and target 2.5 of EPCS):

On the State level we have national representatives in the Ministry of Environment who are responsible for the implementation of the aforementioned targets. Some gardens take care of all targets, the other less so. The main problem is that the gardens were not included in the national strategy or the national representatives do not communicate with them. Even though the EU consortium has addressed two letters to the national focal points no reaction received from their side.

  1. Other activities in plant diversity conservation / seed banking (participation in national and international projects – give title and member name):

Every garden takes care of its own collections. Three gardens are involved in the international exchange of seeds listed in the Index seminum. This year we have exchanged seeds with 136 Botanic gardens and have dispatched 1714 paper bags.

  1. Activities in CITES implementation

We have been quite successful in this particular area of activities. On several occasions we provided assistance to the custums authorities during our CITES body in connection with illegally imported plants. Some of these have been given asylum in the Garden. We have given some lectures on the CITES plants for customs officers.

  1. Activities related to databases and plant record keeping

Most of our Gardens send plants data to the BGCI. Those gardens have their own databases, however, they are seriously understaffed, which affects the work on the databases.

  1. Important publications published or prepared for publishing (books, journals, bulletins, newsletters, etc. – give title, publisher, volume, year):

A considerable number of articles on the mission of the Botanic Garden were published in different gardening papers. We also introduced Wollemia nobilis to Slovenian public. A film on the Alpinum Juliana was created and edited in five different languages.

In the course of this year we have often appeared in various media, most importantly on the national television and in the most widely read daily newspapers. The events that attracted much attention include the presentation of Wollemia nobilis, the opening new rooms for our educational program, special exhibitions and lectures. This year we also paid tribute to two Botanic gardens celebrating important anniversaries.

13. Special activities of Botanic gardens in education and dissemination:

All gardens engage in some variety of educational programs. Some of them provide thematic contents for school children. Workshops are dedicated to different plant groups and are designed for school levels. More than 20 000 shool children have benefitted from the educational program offered by different gardens.

  1. Information about planning and organization of new Botanic gardens in the country or new sections or displays under design or forthcoming events in network Botanic gardens:

The Universtiy Botanic Garden Ljubljana was included in the national development plan terminating in 2013. A shorter two-year plan will deal with the enlargement and restoration of the glasshouses in the old Garden because 2010 will be a jubilee year, marking the 200th anniversary of the BOTANIC Garden.

15. Information on invasive species risks / management

No special activites are related to this topic.

Important research achievements:

No special research achievements can be reported, because the gardens all operate with minimal staff who take care of the Gardens, even though a few Gardens is working on some research project.

  1. Information about activities on plant collecting (important domestic or foreign expeditions):

Native plants were collected in different regions of Slovenia.

  1. Participation in the international or national efforts in legislation on nature or biological diversity conservation:

The Gardens are very active in this domain, taking special care of 64 Slovenian endemic plants as well as dedicating much attention to some endemic plants from the Balkan region.

Any other (not listed above) activities:

This year was marked by two celebrations. The 80th anniversary of the Alpine Botanic Garden Juliana was celebrated in a series of events. The Garden of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants celebrated the 30th anniversary. A special seminar was organized to honour the event.

Ljubljana, November, 2006

Place and date Name and signature of person preparing the report

Jože Bavcon

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