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new titles recommended in 2014


Elsewhere Or Thereabouts
Alasdair Paterson

Shearsman, ISBN 9781848613270, £8.95, pbk, 15 January

Born in Edinburgh and now living in Exeter, Alasdair Paterson returned to writing after a gap of 20 years. His poem 'In The Library' was selected for the SPL's Best Scottish Poems 2010.
Selected Poems
Paul Farley
Picador, ISBN: 9781447220428 13 February, £16.99 pbk

Richard Berengarten
Shearsman, ISBN 9781848613256, 15 February, £8.95 pbk 

David Constantine

Bloodaxe, ISBN 978-1780370989, £9.95, pbk, March

The tenth collection from this poet and translator informed by European influences.
All One Breath
John Burnside

Jonathan Cape, ISBN 978-0224097406, £10, pbk, Feb

John Burnside's new collection, his first since T S Eliot prize-winning Black Cat Bone, considers shared experience. (A prose memoir, I Put A Spell On You, is out in May, also from Jonathan Cape.)
Taking Mesopotamia
Jenny Lewis

Carcanet, ISBN 978 1 906188 11 5, £9.95, pbk, March

Rooted in the author's discovery of her father, a soldier in the Mesopotamian campaign in World War I;  but brought up to the present, connecting WWI fragments to war in Iraq. Contains poems translated into Arabic, as well as exploring diary, prose, free verse and formal poems.
Vidyan Ravinthiran

Bloodaxe, ISBN 1 78037 099 7, £9.95, pbk, 27 March

A first full-length collection from Vidyan Ravinthiran, with poems about Sri Lanka, as well as poems in translation.
The Sparkling Jewel of Naturism
Selima Hill
Bloodaxe, ISBN 1 78037 103 9, pbk, £9.95, March
Northern Soul
Ron Silliman 
Shearsman, ISBN 9781848613195, pbk, £8.95, 15 March
Openings: A European Journal
Jeremy Hooker 
Shearsman, ISBN 9781848613041, pbk, £13.95, 15 March 2014
Reassembling Still — Collected Poems
David Miller 
Shearsman, ISBN 9781848613317, pbk, £14.95,15 March


Passionfood: 100 Love Poems
ed Neil Astley

Bloodaxe, ISBN 978-1852248697, hbk, £9.95, 30 January

A new hardback gift edition of  this particularly luscious selection of love poems.
The Poetry of Sex
ed Sophie Hannah

Viking, ISBN 978-0670921836, hbk, £14.99, 30 January

This new anthology, edited by Sophie Hannah who is herself no slouch on the concise skewering of love and lovers in verse, promises a wide range of poems all about a perfectly sensible topic your web browser isn't going to like. Order the printed book.
From the Line: Scottish War Poetry 1914-1945 
ed David Goldie and Roderick Watson 

ASLS Annual Volumes, ISBN 978-1906841164, £12.50, hbk, 3 February

From the Line brings together the best of Scotland's poetry from the two World Wars: 138 poems, from fifty-six poets, both men and women, from battlefields across the world and from the Home Front.
Paris: Poetry of place
ed Hetty Meyric Hughes

Eland, ISBN 978-1906011314, pbk, £6.99, Feb

Another in Eland's lovely pocket-sized anthologies of poetry about particular places (the one about Scotland a few years back is also excellent).
The Emma Press Anthology of Motherhood
ed Rachel Piercey, Emma Wright

Emma Press, ISBN 978-0-9574596-7-0, pbk, £10, Feb

With good time for Mother's Day, an anthology of 32 poems about motherhood's complexity and immediacy.



Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
T S Eliot, illus Rebecca Ashdown

Faber, ISBN 978-0571311866, pbk, £5.99, 6 February

Here it is - the one, the only, in a newly illustrated edition for its 75th anniversary year.


Ice Roses: Selected Poems
Sarah Kirsch, trans Anne Stokes

Carcanet, ISBN 978-1847771513, pbk, £14.95, 27 February

Sarah Kirsch (1935 - 2013) was an important voice in German poetry, living first in East then West Germany. These new English translations make her work freshly accessible to readers.
Fernando de Herrera: Selected Poems
trans Luis Ingelmo, Michael Smith

Shearsman, ISBN 978-1848613348, pbk, £9.95, 15 February

English translations of the Spanish Renaissance poet, Fernando de Herrera (1534-97).
Euripides: Bacchae
Robin Robertson

Vintage, ISBN 978-0099577379, hbk, £12, Feb

Robin Robertson's new translation of Euripides' play of bacchanalian excess.
A Double Sorrow: Troilus and Criseyde
Lavinia Greenlaw

Faber, ISBN 978-0571284542, hbk & ebook, £16.99, 6 March

Lavinia Greenlaw's precision and clarity offers not exactly a translation of Chaucer's poem, but more a new way of thinking about the poem and its tragic lovers.


Murder Bear
W N Herbert

Donut Press, ISBN 9780956644572, £10, November 2013 

We'll keep claiming W N Herbert as a Dundonian, despite a number of years' residence in Newcastle. This pamphlet not only has the lovely design values of Donut Press, but promises to be viciously funny and witty. (Not a cuddly teddy to share with younger readers, though.)
Five Nonsense Poems
Five Poems About Teachers 
Five Creepy Crawly Poems
Ogden Nash, The Tale of Custard the Dragon

Candlestick Press, £4.95, pbk, March

The wonderful Candlestick Press produce pamphlets of poems that cost about the same as a posh birthday card but ensure a better read for the recipient.  These five are all suitable for those up to 11, as well as their teachers and anybody else who likes a good read.
Hog in the Fog: A Harry and Lil story
Julia Copus, Illustrated by Eunyoung Seo

Faber, ISBN 978-0571307210, £6.99, pbk, 6 March

A first children's book by poet Julia Copus, and the first new picture book on Faber's children's list.  'This is the story of Candy Stripe Lil / and Harry the Hog who lived over the hill ... and a foggy March day, roundabout three, / when Lil had invited Harry for tea.'
Stars in Jars
Chrissie Gittins

Bloomsbury, ISBN 9781408196939, £6.99, pbk, 13 February

New and selected poems from this experienced and popular poet for children.

Recommended new & forthcoming poetry titles

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