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Show: The Fantasticks Date: 1960 14,000 +

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SHOW: The Fantasticks Date: 1960 14,000 +
Music: ______Harvey Schmidt___________ Lyrics: _________Tom Jones_____________
Synopsis: Very simple story. A boy and a girl are in love. Their fathers want them to marry, but know the kids will never go for an arranged marriage. So the fathers pretend to feud with the help of a mute who pretends to be a dividing wall. By the end of the first act, the “feud” is over and all are happy in the moonlight. But in Act II, they realize that life in the sun is not as exciting as the forbidden love they all had in the first part of the play. The boy and girl go their separate ways and get hurt before coming back together. The narrator reminds: “You must always leave the wall”.

Soon It’s Gonna Rain: (0 to 2:37)
Never Say No: (0


-Minimalist Set and props. A wall is represented by a man with a stick. The man makes it rain with confetti.


-Longest running show in NYC

-Jerry Orbach (Law and Order, Dirty Dancing) originated role of El Gallo

SHOW: CABARET Date: 1966 1165
Music: ____John Kander_______________________ Lyrics: ________Fred Ebb_________________

Synopsis: Fosse uses the decadent and vulgar cabaret as a mirror image of German society sliding toward the Nazis, and this intertwining of entertainment with social history marked a new step forward for the musical. A British writer comes to Berlin in the early 1930s in hopes of becoming a teacher. He makes the acquaintance of flamboyant American entertainer Sally Bowles. Sally works at the Kit Kat Klub, a Berlin cabaret where each night the smirking, androgynous Master of Ceremonies introduces a jazz-driven "girlie show" to his debauched audience. Virtually all the musical numbers are staged within the confines of the Kit Kat Klub, and each song comments on the plot and on Germany's "progression" from hedonism to Hitlerism.


Wilkommen (:30 – 4:15)

If You Could See Her (7:00 – End)

Cabaret (:38 – 3:40)

SHOW: Hair Date: 1968 1742
Music: _____Galt MacDermott__________ Lyrics: ______James Rado and Geri Ragni_______
Synopsis: There is really no plot to Hair. A group of New York hippies meet and befriend a young man named Claude. They sing a series of songs about social issues, sex, drugs, rock and roll, love, hate and interracial dating. And those are the non-controversial topics! At the end of Act I is a song about freedom which the cast sings…sans clothing. Claude receives his draft notice that he must serve in the Vietnam War. Whereas most of the other hippies have burned theirs, he can’t seem to do that. He ends up serving and dying in the War.
The Original Tony Awards 1969
The Revival Tony Awards 2009
Colored Spade Warning: Language!

SHOW: OH Calcutta! Date: 1969 1,922 NUDE MUSICAL

SHOW: 1776 Date: 1968 1,217 Beat Hair for Tony
SHOW: Jesus Christ Superstar Date: 1971 720
Music: ______Andrew Lloyd Webber________ Lyrics: __________Tim Rice_________
Synopsis: Based mostly on the book of John from the Bible, it tells the story of Jesus….mostly from the perspective of Judas. In the musical, we find a very human Jesus who at times has angry moments and moments where he’s not sure he can go through with God’s plan. The show is entirely sung in a rock opera style. No big surprises – if you know the story going in!
Heaven On Their Minds (0 – 2:27)
Gethsamene (2:00 – 3:27)
Last Supper (2:50 – 4:09 and 5:00 – 6:48)

SHOW: Godspell Date: 1971 2,651
Music: ______Stephen Schwartz__________ Lyrics: ________Stephen Schwartz_________
Synopsis: Based mostly on the book of Matthew from the Bible, it tells the story of Jesus…but in this case Jesus is a fun-loving clown. He teaches through a series of stories acted out in the junkyard that the troupe is playing in. Included are the stories of the good Samaritan, the prodigal son and the parable of the seed. It ends with Jesus being placed on a fence and crucified. Again – if you know the story going in – you know how it ends.

Prepare Ye / Day By Day / Light of the World

Beautiful City / Bless The Lord (7:00 – End)

Parable of the Prodigal Son


  • Written while a student at Carnegie Mellon University

  • More folk rock than the electric guitar rock of JCS

  • Improvisation/modernization is encouraged in the script

SHOW: Grease Date: 1972 3,388
Music: ______Jim Jacobs_______
Lyrics: ____Warren Casey_______________________
Synopsis: Not much! I know you’ve seen the movie, but the movie had more of a plot. In the musical, we have Sandy who moves to Chicago (not California like the film) and sees her summer love Danny Zuko. Danny is afraid to admit his love to Sandy in front of his gang – the T-Birds. Meanwhile, Sandy is finding out what bad girls behave like when she hangs out with Rizzo and the Pink Ladies. Sandy realizes that she can’t be afraid of living and Danny realizes Sandy is more important than his image. They go together!

Summer Lovin’

Greased Lightnin’

Beauty School Dropout


  • Began the genre of the “era” show.

  • Play had little plot, movie cleaned it up. Chicago grit --- California sun

SHOW: The Wiz Date: 1975 1,672
Music: ______Charlie Smalls_______ Lyrics: ________Charlie Smalls_______
Synopsis: Ok. I could give you a long plot synopsis, but really? It’s the black Wizard of Oz. That might not be politically correct – or totally accurate for that matter. But, it is the same story rewritten with an R+B and very soulful feel and a script full of inner-city vernacular. “You are one messed up cat!” The entire cast was black and the dancing and music were far from the original Wizard of Oz. It was an interesting and exciting production, but the movie was a flop and subsequent revivals have fallen flat. The humor is dated and at times smacks of minstrelsy.
Ease On Down The Road (0 – 1:25)

No Bad News (1:00 – 2:37)

Home (Whole Song)

  • Very popular original B’way – not so subsequent productions

  • In the hands of the wrong cast, it comes off as making fun of a culture rather than celebrating that culture

Show: Dude 1972 16 performances

Story of God and Satan battling over a man’s soul. Confusing show. Lost over a

$1,000,000. From the team that brought you HAIR came this all-time flop.
Show: Via Galactica 1972 8 performances

Futuristic story of social outcasts living on an asteroid. So confusing that a plot synopsis

had to be added to the program.
Show: Rockabye Hamlet 1976 7 performances

Ophelia strangled herself with a mic cord. Song titles: He Got It In The Ear and Pass The

Biscuit Mama. This was the end of the rock opera until Evita many years later.

SHOW: Les Miserable
Music: Claude-Michel Schönberg
Lyrics: Original French lyrics by Alain Boublil
Synopsis: Jean Valjean is put in jail for stealing a small amount of bread for his niece. When he gets out he is put on probation. He breaks that probation to start a new life. He becomes a successful businessman and mayor. However, he is forced to reveal his true identity when helping to save a woman mistreated by the system. He sacrifices throughout his life to protect his daughter from the truth of his past. Along the way, the French Revolution occurs almost taking the life of his daughter’s love, but Valjean saves his life. This is all really really just the surface of the story!

I Dreamed A Dream

One Day More

Master Of the House (1:00 - )

Bring Him Home

-Huge $ in…huge $ back

-Release of HS Version

-Mostly sung

-Spawned others (Miss Saigon)

Music: _____Andrew Lloyd Weber______________
Lyrics: __Tim Rice_______________________
Synopsis: A bunch of cats sing and dance. Not much plot. The musical centers around the "Jellicle" cats, a tribe of cats who meet once a year at the Jellicle Ball, where they rejoice with their leader, Old Deuteronomy. During the Ball, 1 of the cats will be selected to go to the Heaviside Layer & be reborn.

Jellicle Songs (Whole Song)

Memory (Whole song)

Mungojerry and Rumpleteezer (1 mnt)


-Tourist attraction (no English needed)

-It was very different and created a buzz

-Memory became a hit song

-Most remarkable thing = the marketing. “The Eyes” campaign.

-Based on poems by T.S. Eliot

-Emphasis on dance

-Coproduced by Webber and Cameron Macintosh – both made millionaires

SHOW: The Lion King
Music: ____Elton John____________________
Lyrics: ____Tim Rice___________________________

The Lion, the King of the African plains, and his wife have a son – SIMBA. Simba is destined to be king, much to the dismay of his Uncle Scar. Scar encourages Simba to explore in forbidden parts of their world and he nearly is eaten by hyenas, but is rescued by his father, Mufasa. Mufasa tells Simba about the great kings of the past and how they watch over everything from the stars ("They Live in You"). Mufasa says that he will always be there for his son. Scar causes a stampede which kills Mufasa and convinces Simba that his father’s death is his fault. Simba leaves the pride and Scar takes over as King. Eventually, in Act Two, Simba finds the strength and courage to overthrow Scar and restores the Kingdom to prosperity and order.

He lives in you:

Hakuna: (:34 – 2:00)

Hakuna Solo: (1:00 - )



-Based on 1994 animated movie

-Julie Taymor made it a piece of theatre vs. Beauty and The Beast was an attempt to recreate the cartoon.

-Opened Nov. 13, 1997 and still going strong!

-$20,000 headpiece / $12,000,000 to open the show

-“Disneyfication” of B’way

-Massive Marketing Campaings

-Injury issues

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