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Short cv patricia Mergen

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Short CV Patricia Mergen

Royal Museum for Central Africa

Leuvensesteenweg 13

B-3080 Tervuren

Phone:+ 32 2 769 56 26

Fax: + 32 2 769 56 42


Dr. Patricia Mergen is currently -Head of the Biodiversity Information and Cyber-taxonomy services of the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren Belgium, where she started in 2005 as responsible for external relations and project management.

Patricia Mergen holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from University of Namur in Belgium since 2002 with topic “Distribution of fish populations in Reservoir lakes”.In 1999 she received a Diploma of Specialisation (DEA) in Freshwater Ecology and has a License in Biological Sciences from the University of Namur in Paleo-ecology (Study of fossil corral reef in the stone quarry of Tailfer, Belgium).From 1996 to 1997 she was scientist at the University of Namur and responsible for the study of freshwater fish populations in the Walloon Region. From 2002 to 2005 she was project manager of the Belgian Biodiversity Information Facility (Be-BIF) at the Free University of Brussels.

Since 2004, Patricia Mergen served regularly as an independent expert for the European Commission.

She is from 2010 onwards General Secretary of the Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) and associated to the executive Committee of CETAF (Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities, AISBL under Belgian law) as consultant for the legal aspect of the AISBL.

She is in the governing board of of the Royal Belgian Zoology Society of which she has been president for (2007 to 2008 member since 1999. She is member since 1997 of the Belgian Committee of International Water Association (B-IWA) and currently member of their governing board.

From 2002 to 2005 she was a member of the Belgian Delegation of the GBIF Governing Board, the Nodes Committee and the GBIF DADI (Data Access and Data Integration) subcommittee.

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