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Sherihan Reda Mohamed Mohamed Hussien Contact Information: Address

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Curriculum Vitae

Sherihan Reda Mohamed Mohamed Hussien
Contact Information:

Address: 118 Ahmed Hamdy Street, Faysal, Giza.

Phone Number: 02/5846963

Mobile Phone: 012/3794766 / 0116660817

E-Mail: sherooo83@

Personal Details:

Nationality: Egyptian

Resident of: Cairo, Egypt

Birth Date: May-5th-1983

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Single
Career Objective:

Looking for a challenging career path at a reputable company where my academic background, my previous experiences and my potentials can be usefully utilized.


Graduation Date: July-2000

Degree Obtained: General Secondary Certificate

  • University: Faculty of Arts, English Department … Cairo University … (2001- 2005)

Degree Obtained: B.A. of Arts (English Literature)

Post Graduate Studies:

  • Translation Diploma, Cairo University … (2005- 2007)

Work Experience:

  • General Manager Secretary and Translator at the Mena House Oberoi Hotel (Cairo)… (01-08-2006 / 31-12-2006)

  • International Account Profiler at Raya Contact Center (CISCO Project) …. (05-2008 / 10-2008)

  • International Account Profiler at Raya Contact Center (Microsoft Dynamics Project) …. (10-2008 / 01-2009)

  • Specialized Translator at Sekem-Isis Group (Freelancing / Part-time Job)

  • Brand-Advisor at Leadership Training & Consultancy Company-LTC, Egypt … (01-01-2009 / 01-03-2011)

Job Description:

Responsible for All the Planning & the Pre-selling Processes Concerning the Brands of Ken Blanchard & Eagle’s Flight in Egypt & the Middle East

Responsible for launching Ken Blanchard and Eagle’s Flight new programs
Responsible for the new hired Ken Blanchard and Eagle’s Flight orientation
Preparing Ken Blanchard & Eagle’s Flight monthly forecast
Preparing Ken Blanchard, Eagle’s Flight quarterly business reports
Maintaining the update of Ken Blanchard, Eagle’s Flight websites 
Handling the external relation with Ken Blanchard and Eagle’s Flight
Regularly updating Ken Blanchard and Eagle’s Flight information
Preparing documents such as presentation materials, proposals, contracts, and agreements according to company style guides for sales review.
Partner with the Sales Manager to complete (RFI) Requests for Information / (RFP) Requests for Proposal projects.
Managing proposal input and information needed from sales, professional services and other departmental experts. 
Acting as lead resource for unique global proposal needs requiring collaboration with associates in global offices. 
Coordinating activities between sales and other departments in the completion of RFIs and RFPs.
Ensuring accuracy and prompt turnaround for outgoing general and client correspondence, engaging the proofing department as appropriate
Coordinating and runs web-based pre-sales presentations.
Participating in SAMC/Proposal team meetings and possible special teams.
Preparing product awareness presentation for Ken Blanchard and Eagle’s Flight programs
Preparing Ken Blanchard and Eagle’s Flight programs outlines
Updating both directions
Addressing any customer inquiries and ensure that they are dealt with according to the company standards
Dealing and respond to complaints or to channel them to the right managerial level
Providing weekly scoreboard reflecting achievement of WIGs

Current Job:
Business Development Section Head at Score Plus Human Resources Consultancy-Egypt..
Job Description:
- Strategic Role:
•New Business Development
•Brand Building Strategies
•Identification and Segregation of Potential Market Segments
•Revenue Generation through new Account Development and Key Account Management

- Operational Role: 
•Defining the exact marketing processes and responsible for executing the same.
•Developing relevant business proposals
•Monitor market Intelligence within the industry in terms of market development, new projects, competitive activity, new customers etc.
•Handling meeting with key clients
•Provide necessary training to sales team as and when needed
•Monitoring & evaluating the performance of sales team – by guiding them to move in proper direction

- Organizational Role: 
•To enhance organizational effectiveness through setting up appropriate marketing strategies
•Consistent follow-through and resourcefulness, in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Training Courses:

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” …. Franklin Covey

  • Situational Leadership II” …. Ken Blanchard

  • Crucial Conversations” …. Vital Smarts

  • Sales Academy-Specialized Training” …. Franklin Covey

  • Helping Client Succeed” …. Franklin Covey

  • 4 Disciplines of Execution” …. Franklin Covey

  • Various Experiential Trainings”…. Eagle’s Flight

  • Livon Simulation Training” …. Celemi




Language Practice












Job title

Company Name





HR & Administration



Training &

Consultancy - LTC

0105410051 / 0145000399

Dalia Aboul Wafa

Marketing Communications Assistant Manager

Mena House Oberoi Hotel, Cairo


02/ 3766644

Tarek Jabr

Risk & Compliance Manager

Royal & Sun Alliance, Egypt

02/ 7610467

02/ 7610468


  • Listening to Music

  • Reading Literary Books (English Literature)

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