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Sgs summary of september 2014 ccg newsletter

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CCG asking for feedback for improvement of exiting services and new one. Clinical Senate – 8.10.14

New Medical Director at Homerton – Martin Kuper
Commissioning intentions consultation with public and patients – 12.11.14
Clinical Lead Vacancies

Diabetes and Prescribing.

CCG Intranet
Dementia Diagnosis

NHSE – C&H estimated dementia diagnosis rate 60% - estimated prevalence -1386

C&HCCG – Key Issues

Feedback from members and programme boards

Proposals for formation of area wide education network, both GP Confederation and HuH were making bids to LETB. Final service would need to be collaborative and integrated across primary and secondary care.
CCG Programme Board updated on urgent care services were performing lower than 13/14 with 6 weeks of A&E targets missed to date.
Personal Health Budgets

From 1.10.14 adults on NHS Continuing Healthcare who had the “right to ask” for personal health budget will have right to have a PHB. People will be in control of budget and can buy goods and service to better manage their health and care need.

C&HCCG have let eligible patients know about the changes and what they mean. Leaflet been developed for dissemination. 160 people in Rast London have PHB. Will be part website dedicated to providing information about PHBs NHSE also have web page with FAQ.
Education & Training

GP/PN/HCA – prostate cancer (mandatory) 3.10.14

GP – Impact of parental personality disorder on children and young people 22.10.14

GP – Foot and ankle problems and sports injuries – 6.11.14

GP/PN/HCA – Practical asthma study – 14.11.14

GP – Joint examination and injection course 29.11.14

Childrens services update

Local authority commissioned Whittington Health to deliver services in C&H:

Managing Patients with Complex Needs

New report - findings PCPCS service improves health outcomes and leads to reduction in health service use in primary and secondary care. Improvement in mental health of 75% of patients, less GP visits and A&E attendance. Resulting financial savings and high satisfaction ratings a month local GPs.

Anticoagulation LES

From 1.4.14 external quality assurance testing of anticoagulation machines changed over to WEQAS (replacing NEQAS

All GP practices offering the anticoagulation LES are reminded that there are two performance monitoring criteria which practices must adhere to: 

1.    Bimonthly submission of WEQAS samples. (NB: samples must be submitted back to WEQAS directly as per the instructions sent by WEQAS)

2.    Each Quarter practices must demonstrate that 60% of test results are within target INR range 
Practices will need to generate reports from INRStar and submit to the Medicines Management Team using the generic team address:

Please note the specific information required to be submitted each quarter is as follows:

A.    activity by patient numbers
B.    point prevalence 
C.    number of home visits   

Please note practices that do not fulfil BOTH criteria as stipulated above will forfeit payments for the Quarter. 

“All clinical staff MUST record in patient healthcare records when it is identified that a patient has had FGM”

  • If it can be determined what type of FGM the patient has, (according to the WHO classifications as outlined below) this MUST be recorded.

  • Where it is not possible to determine the type of FGM, then ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ MUST still be recorded within the clinical notes.

IRIS Training – all practices in Hackney have had full IRIS training
C&H Safeguarding Children Board for more information

Contact details: Hackney First Response Team, Children’s Social Care

Tel: 020 8356 5500
Email:   Secure email:

For out of hours (5pm-9am) service, please contact the Emergency Duty Team on 020 8356 2710.

Care Review Service for Patients at risk of admission

CCG commissioned service from Tavistock to assist GPs with care planning.

Contact: Carolyn Walker –
Volunteer and Befriending Service

New service in City and Hackney to help dementia patients get to their appointments - please use the service!

Volunteer and Befriending service now has The Targeted Preventative Service, a new way of meeting people’s (aged 18+ or 16+ for Floating support) needs before they need a social care package which has been developed within the London Borough of Hackney. It has three elements – Health and Wellbeing, Floating Support and Volunteering and befriending. Outward is the single point of entry for all referrals to the whole service as well as delivering the Volunteer & Befriending service.
You can send referrals via the referral form to and the telephone number is 0207 249 9004.
Events for Patients

  • New Age Games – 50+ multi-sport programme

  • Our Park – Multi sport programme for hackney residents – 16 years plus

  • Fit 4 Health – Exercise after Stroke programme

Council website

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