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September 2012 Vol. XXXIII n

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September 2012

Vol. XXXIII No.1

Schenectady, NY Branch

Founded in 1902

September’s General Meeting
Wednesday, September 19 – 7 p.m.
Location: Niskayuna Public Library

Speaker: M. Dolores Cimini, Ph.D,.Licensed Psychologist

Adjunct Clinical Professor, School of Education, University at Albany

Assistant Director for Prevention and Program Evaluation

Director, Middle Earth Peer Assistance Program

Topic: “Opening Doors to Opportunity:

STEM Education for Women with Disabilities”
Using her own life, educational, and career experience, Dr. M. Dolores Cimini will explore the facilitators and barriers to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education for young women with disabilities.
The presentation will focus on the critical role of support and access to training and mentoring opportunities for young women with disabilities in STEM and what women in the sciences can do to open doors for our future generations of young women with disabilities interested in pursuing STEM careers.
Invite your friends and relatives to this very informative meeting.

Mark Your Calendar

Wednesday, September 5

Board Meeting: 6:45 pm

Niskayuna Town Hall (second floor)

Monday and Tuesday, October 1-2

PBS Broadcast of Half the Sky

Wednesday, September 19

General Meeting: 7 pm

Niskayuna Public Library

Wednesday, October 24

Meet the Candidates Night

Schenectady High School

Black Box Theater

Saturday, October 27

AAUW – NYS District IV Conference

Schenectady Community College

The New 2012-2013 Board
Co-Presidents - Bobbi Richardson and

Arlene Maranville

Secretary- Jackie Mendini

Treasurer - Carol Reynolds
AAUW Funds VP: Ann Hicks
Membership VPs - Pam Haller and
Gerri Pinkerton
Legal Advocacy Fund VP: Linda Ward
Newsletter - Linda Zuckerman
Program VP Ellen Auerbach
Study and Interest Group VP -
Karen Huggins
Nominating Committee - Jennie Pennington and
Robin Eddy
By-Laws Chair - Andrea Versaci
Circulation Reba Mehan
Directory Chair - Jennie Pennington
Educational Equity – Elise Russo
International Relations: Elise Russo
Public Policy - Linda Rizzo
Publicity - Faith Weldon
Web Master: Robin Eddy

Children’s Play Coordinator
Duties include

Providing live performances for Schenectady school children and finding a venue

No experience needed.

Lots of help provided.


Great Satisfaction

We are in need of a garage to hold our annual sale. This is a major fundraiser and also a lot of fun.
If you are willing to share your space for this worthy cause, please contact Arlene or Bobbi.


  1. Women perform 66% of the world’s work, but receive only 11% of the world’s income, and own only 1% of the world’s land.

  2. Women account for 55% of all college students, but even when women have equal years of education it does not translate into economic opportunities or political power.

  3. Women head 83% of single-parent families.

  4. Women make up 66% of the world’s illiterate adults

  5. There are six million more women than men in the world.

  6. Two-thirds of the world’s children who receive less than four years of education are girls. Girls represent nearly 60% of the children not in school.

  7. Wars today affect civilians most, since they are civil wars, guerrilla actions and ethnic disputes over territory or government. 3 out of 4 fatalities of war are women and children.

  8. Rape is consciously used as a tool of genocide and weapon of war. Tens of thousands of women and girls have been subjected to rape and other sexual violence since the crisis erupted in Darfur in 2003. There is no evidence of anyone being convicted in Darfur for these atrocities.

  9. About 75% of the refugees and internally displaced in the world are women who have lost their families and their homes.


Welcome to the start of the 2012-13 AAUW year! We have just returned from the NYS AAUW Leadership conference and are energized by the exciting work done throughout the state by both local branches and state committees. They are moving forward the AAUW mission in a dedicated way.

Our hope is to continue this movement by Broadening Our Borders. In the next few months we will be working on our plan for the future. Its success depends on your involvement and participation in all that we do – attending general meetings, joining interest groups, fundraising and recruiting new members. We need your help!

We have a solid base on which to build. Our branch was again honored with the 21st century Platinum Award for Overall Programming. We received individual awards for our programs on My Sister’s Keeper, voter education, our website and participation in the Schenectady county Literacy Event. In total contributions the various funds, we ranked 5th in the state.

Hats off to two of our members who are serving in the AAUW state organization. Robin Eddy and Elise Russo have been appointed the District IV coordinators and Elise has also accepted the state International Relations and Cultural Affairs Chair. They are in the process of planning the District IV conference to be held on October 27 at SCCC when we will have the opportunity to meet with members of local branches in a meaningful way.

Several events in the area may be of interest to you:

In October, PBS will be showing the film Half the Sky, a PBS Independent Lens show. Part 1 of Half the Sky airs Monday, October 1, at 9 pm; Part 2 airs Tuesday, October 2, at 9 pm. on WMHT: Time Warner Channels 11 or 1811. Some of you may have read this book last year after our December meeting when Melissa Guardo introduced us to My Sister’s Keeper. Melissa has been appointed by the national AAUW Board of Directors as the AAUW United Nations Representative. Congratulations to Melissa!

The Sage Colleges in Troy are holding a Character Education workshop on October 25 with Lee Hirsch, the director of the movie Bully

Schenectady County Community College is now officially an AAUW College/University partner. We are looking forward to working with them on joint projects and signing up the students as E-members. Perhaps we’ll even get the faculty to join.

We hope to see all of you on September 19 at our General meeting at the Niskayuna Branch Library. Ellen Auerbach, program VP, is busy putting together an interesting and inspiring program to get us energized for the coming year. Bobbi Richardson and Arlene Maranville


SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, October 27. NYS AAUW’s District IV, comprising 7 branches from north of the Capital Region to Poughkeepsie and west to the Johnstown area, will be having its annual conference on Saturday, October 27, beginning at 9:00 am. The Schenectady Branch’s new and valuable partnership with Schenectady County Community College will be highlighted as the conference is held on SCCC’s campus.

The theme of the conference will follow the 2013 focus of the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women which is preventing violence against women and girls. Violence is a most important issue and deserves our attention globally and locally.

Robin Eddy and Elise Russo, Co-Director’s for District IV, are planning a program which will build awareness about violence (physical abuse, maiming, trafficking, bullying, etc.) perpetrated against women and girls internationally as well as in New York State. Two areas to be highlighted by guest speakers are prevention and access to support services.

Although a deadly serious topic, there will be some fun activities on the conference program too. The conference will serve the dual purpose of learning about this important women’s issue as well providing the opportunity to build relationships and partnerships with members of the other branches throughout District IV.

Mark your calendars now and stay tuned for additional information about this exciting event. Elise Russo

AAUW underscores the importance of issue advocacy. One issue of great importance is the Paycheck Fairness Act. What does this mean?? It simply means that women should receive equal pay for equal work. Women who have the same credentials as men, the same position, and work the same amount of hours should receive equal pay. Again, the Paycheck Fairness Act did not pass in the United States Congress or the New York State Senate.

In 2010, women working full time still earn just 77 percent on average of what men earn, a gap of 23 percent. Progress in this area has been stalled in recent years, and there is no evidence or hope that pay gap will go away on it own without legislation on the national, state, and local levels. Women in collective bargaining units do receive equal pay for equal work. Professional women and lower income women who do not belong to a bargaining unit are the ones being negatively affected.

The National Committee on Pay Equity points out that women who work full time still earn less than men working full time in every single state. This committee also highlights that women in 20 states have seen the wage gap widen between men and women. On the national level, 2010, the Paycheck Fairness Act passed the US House of Representatives but failed to get enough votes in the US Senate. The President stated, “I am deeply disappointed that a minority of Senators have prevented this bill from finally being brought up for a debate and receiving a vote.” This year, both the United States House of Representatives and Senate defeated the bill. The President expressed his disappointment again.

On April 17, AAUW lobbied both the New York State Assembly and Senate to vote for the Paycheck Fairness bill. Our Assembly with a wide margin passed bill (A.6130a Wright) but the New York State Senate did not have a companion bill, and it never reached the floor of the Senate. This is not the first time the New York State Senate has refused to vote on this issue. During the month of June, presentations were made by our local branch to the Schenectady County Legislature and the Niskayuna Town Council regarding this matter. Both governmental organizations were asked to sponsor a resolution supporting the New York State Assembly bill and urging the Senate to pass a companion bill. On June 14, the Niskayuna Town Council passed a resolution sponsored by Town Supervisor Landry. The resolution was forwarded to the New York State Senate. Our local branch was very appreciative that the Supervisor and Town Council took this initiative supporting equal pay for women.

We have come a long way since Susan B. Anthony wrote “a woman must have a purse of her own.” Eleanor Roosevelt said that “every man, every woman, and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity and equal dignity without discrimination.” However, we still have a difficult task of eliminating discrimination against women in the area of pay equity. Women must continue to raise their voices through lobby efforts and their power of the vote to let their representatives know that they demand equal justice under the law. Linda Rizzo


Now that a new year has begun, it’s time to think about encouraging our friends, colleagues, and other people we know to join AAUW. Your personal contact is certainly the best motivator, and there are a number of focal points you might keep in mind as you describe our organization to them.

AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. It has more than 100,000 members and 1,000 branches. It works in conjunction with 600 college and university institutions across the nation, one of which recently became a member of AAUW, Schenectady County Community College.

Since its founding in 1881, AAUW has targeted crucial educational, social, economic, and political issues of the day, never losing sight of its mission to support equity for women and girls. Send prospective members to for a virtual tour of many ways our organization breaks through educational and economic barriers so that all women and girls have that fair chance. For an overview of AAUW’s history and past accomplishments, please have them visit

For more details about what we do at the local level, have them visit the AAUW Schenectady Branch website at . Please mention our outstanding programs and invite them to attend some with you. Share information about our varied Study and Interest groups and some of our fund-raising activities such as our garage sale and participation in Niska-Day. We would be happy to send informational packets to any perspective members if you will please forward their names, addresses, and phone numbers to us at (346-4560) or (399-8580). Thank you. Pam Haller and Gerri Pinkerton

Study and Interest Group Meetings for September 2012

If you’re interested in attending a meeting, contact the leader.

Book Exchange I

Leader: Dottie Potochnik (399-3854)

No regular meetings
Niskayuna Book Exchange

Leader: Ellie Rowland (370-1958)

No regular meetings
Couples Gourmet

Leader: Kay Stancyzk (583-6904)

September 14, 7 pm

Theme: Alsatian French

Hostesses: Judy Block and Linda Zuckerman
Diverse Topics in Schenectady

Leader: Gail Karl (393-7590)

September 24, 7 pm

Presenter: Chef David (DJ) Friedman

CIA Graduate

Program: Preparing Nutritious and

Healthy Meals

Hostess: Linda Zuckerman

Location: 1137 Fernwood Drive, Niskayuna
Modern Literature

Co-Leaders: Joan Amell (399-4709) and

Andrea Versaci (370-1455)

September 10, 7:30 pm

Book: Dressmaker of Khair Khana

by Gayle T :Lemmon

Reviewer: Grace Riccobono

Hostess: Bobbi Richardson

Location: 1417 Fox Hollow Drive, Nikayuna

Co-Hostess: Joan Bergin
Mah Jongg

Leader: Robin Eddy (346-1683)

September 10., 1:30 pm

Hostess: Lois Rowe

Location: 2263 Berkley, Niskayuna

September 21, 1:30 pm

Hostess: Maxine Borom

Location: 2171 Fox Hill Road, Niskayuna

New members welcomed.


Leader: Gerri Pinkerton (346-4560)

September 25, 7 pm

Program: Vacation Inspiration

Presenter: Marguerite Pileggi

Hostess: Gerri Pinkerton

Location: 803 Dongan Avenue, Scotia
Science Topics

Leader: Winnie Balz (372-3663)

October 1, 7:30 pm

Program: Mini Topics

Presenters: Emma Hart, Maxine, Borom, Winnie Balz

Hostess: Nancy Walden

Location: 1930 Clifton Park Road, Niskayuna
Scotia-Glenville, Burnt Hills Varied Interests

Leader: Arlene Gollmer (399-2479)

September 13, 1:00 pm

Program: TBA

Planner: Arlene Gollmer

Location: 2 Pinewood Drive, Glenville


Leader: Jennie Pennington (372-7503)

Schenectacy AAUW Bloggers

The new group gives Branch members a chance to communicate in real time about topics that interest them.

Contact Jennie Pennington (372-7503)

Singles Gourmet for single members interested in cooking and gathering to share.
Bridge for experienced and novice players.
Interested? Contact Karen Huggins

AAUW Advances Equity For Women

and Girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.
The AAUW Educational Foundation

promotes funds to advance education, research and self-development for women and to foster equity and positive societal change.

The AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund

provides funding and a support system for women seeking judicial redress for sex discrimination.

In Principle and in Practice AAUW Values and seeks diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or class.

Schenectady Branch Newsletter AAUW

(published monthly except

Jan., July, August)
The deadline for newsletter items is the

1st week of the month

prior to publication.
Editor Linda Zuckerman

Circulation: Reba Mehan
Bobbi Richardson and Arlene Maranville


Schenectady Branch

C/O Linda Zuckerman

1137 Fernwood Drive

Niskayuna, NY 12309

AAUW's Mission

AAUW Advances Equity for women through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

AAUW's Vision

AAUW will be a powerful advocate and visible leader in equity and education through research, philanthropy, and measurable change in critical areas impacting the lives of women and girls.

AAUW's Promise

By joining AAUW, you belong to a community that breaks through educational and educational barriers to so that all women have a fair chance.

In Principle and in Practice AAUW Values and seeks diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or class.

September 2012 Page

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