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    Blindenstudienanstalt Marburg

Mitdnightgames 2012


It is our pleasure to invite all teams to the Midnightgames 2012 in Marburg!


Arrival: Friday, November 2.

Competition: Saturday November 03. at 12:00 – Sunday November 4. at 12:00

Accommodation: German Youth Hostel Marburg (From Friday to Saturday)

Jahnstraße 1, 35037 Marburg

Location: The tournament will take place in the sports halls of the Blindenstudienanstalt Marburg e.V. In Marburg.

Am Schlag 8; 35307 Marburg
Mode of Playing:

5 teams are able to participate in the Midnightgames 2012. Each team can report with 8 players and 2 guardians. There is no separation between female and male participants – so mixed teams and same-sex teams can attend.

The tournament will starts at 12:00 on Saturday and will ends about 12:00 on Sunday. First all teams play a round robin. Then the first four qualify for the final-round.

Entry fee

Every participant (except referees) has to pay an entry fee of 50Euro. In this fee is contained the night stop and the food for the tournament. The participation fee has to be paid not later than September 1, 2012. It has to remit to the account of SSG Blista Marburg:

Organization: SSG Blista Marburg

Name of the bank: Volksbank Mittelhessen

Account-No.: 16 714 704

Bank code: 513900 00

Reference: MNG-BF-“Name of the Team“


From Friday to Saturday you can sleep in the German Youth Hostel in Marburg. In the night from Saturday to Sunday there will be provide a humpy in the sports hall. Coats and sleeping bags have to be brought with you.


Friday evening there will be dinner in the youth hostel. During the tournament you will get a hot meal and a lunch packet for the night and morning.


At Friday you can arrival from 17:00 on in the youth hostel. If the arrival will ensue by airplane, we advise the airport of Frankfurt/Main. Then you can take the train to Marburg main station. From there we will pike up the teams.

Application deadline:

The deadline is August 01, 2012. Applications can send by E-Mail ( or postally (application date according to postmark). Please use the entry form for application. The selection of the participating teams will follow on first come – first served basis.


Your contacts for all questions around the Midnightgames 2012:

Reno Tiede

Tel: 06421 / 697 14 16


Tobias Vestweber

Tel: 0174 / 41 69 100


We are looking forward to your applications!
Best regards,

SSG Blista Marburg

Midnightgames 2012


Rücksendefrist: Bitte bis spätestens 01.08.2012

- per Post, oder per E-Mail an:

 Period for response: 2012-08-01

-Via post or E-Mail to:
SSG Blista Marburg

Am Schlag 8

35037 Marburg (Germany)

Tel: 06421/ 6971416

E-Mail :

Name des Teams / Name of the team:

SpielerInnen / Players:

Name / Last Name

Vorname / First Name

Geschlecht / Sex

nummer / Squad number

Trainer und Begleiter / Coach and Guides:

Name / Name

Adresse / Adress

Telefon / Phone

Ansprechpartner / Contact person

Name / Name

Adresse / Adress


Telefon / Phone

Anreise / Arrival:
Am / On:

Freitag / Friday

Samstag / Saturday
Mit / Via:

Auto / Car

Zug / Train
Abholservice am Bahnhof erwünscht: Ja Nein

Do you need a pick-up service from the train station: Yes No

Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an die Kontaktpersonen:

If you have any questions please ask the contact person of the tournament:

Reno Tiede

Tel: 06421 / 697 14 16


Tobias Vestweber

Tel: 0174 / 41 69 100


SSG blista Marburg Bankverbindungen: Spendenkonto

Am Schlag 8 Volksbank Mittelhessen Sparkasse Marburg

35037 Marburg Konto 16 714 704 Konto 16 60 BLZ 513 900 00 BLZ 533 500 00

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