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Say Yes and Marry Me! (series 2)

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Say Yes and Marry Me! (series 2)

Episode 1 (Dist #3013) - Jungle of Love…
Dressed in a gorilla suit, Carlo hopes to make his proposal a real roar when he surprises Sophia at the Rainforest Cafe. Trish hopes to score a hat-trick with Mike when he reaches into the Stanley Cup to find a “proposal” surprise.
Carlo met Sophia on the Internet. They clicked right away and haven’t looked back. It didn’t take long for Carlo, a stocky guy, to become known as Sophia’s big ape. Carlo has arranged for Sophia to be brought to the Rainforest Café for a dinner with her girlfriends. One table over, a children’s birthday party is in full swing with an entertainer in a gorilla costume. You guessed it – Carlo’s all dressed up and putting on a show. For the finale, Carlo will dance out with a “birthday” cake with a picture of him and Sophia and the words “Say Yes & Marry Me!” in icing. Carlo will take a slight detour in his delivery and the cake will end up in front of Sophia. Will she see through his hairy disguise? Will Sophia say yes to her big ape?
Trish and Mike have been a team for eleven years. As her hockey coach, Mike has taught Trish all the right plays. Trish has organized a power play of her own, which includes flying with Mike from Winnipeg to Toronto to watch an NHL game and visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. A picture of Trish and Mike has been imprinted onto a puck with the words “Say Yes & Marry Me!” The puck is placed in the Stanley Cup waiting for Mike to fish it out. Will Trish score the game-winning goal? Or will Mike get suspicious of this big hit of a proposal?

Episode 2 (Dist #3014) - Breakin’ out for Love
Will Jeremy be able to cook up the perfect proposal in a cooking class where Erin will be served a “special dessert”? What will Fong’s reaction be when Suolon, the ballroom dancer, proposes while busting a move with the world class ABS break dancing crew?
If it were up to Jeremy, romance would play a part in everything that him and Erin do. Combining romance and cooking has eluded him thus far, until now. He’s ready to heat up the kitchen with a surprise proposal with the help of romantic chef Philippa Sklaar. Jeremy has told Erin that he’s volunteered to be part of a promotional video for a cooking school. Erin thinks that Philippa is the star of the show, but Jeremy has something else cooking. Once the couple learns how to cook romantically, there is a “special dessert” in store for Erin…and a sugary marriage proposal is the icing on the cake…literally. Will Jeremy’s mouth-watering proposal hit a sweet spot with Erin?
Since their very first date, Fong has been there to laugh at Soulon’s jokes. Now it’s time to make Fong laugh out loud at a truly hilarious proposal. Fong’s a huge fan of break dancing and Suolon is not. But this Romeo is ready to try anything to impress his beloved. With the help of the ABS break dancing crew, Soulon plans to learn how to break dance in an afternoon. His day will end with him proposing as part of a dance routine in a crowded mall. If that’s not enough, Suolon’s decided to hide his identity with sunglasses and an oversized hood during the performance. He wants to see if Fong will buy into his performance. Will Fong recognize Soulon hidden behind his hooded sweatshirt? Will Soulon be able to learn the moves in time for the big moment and get a yes from Fong?

Episode 3 (Dist #3015) - Directed Love…
Mohit hopes his marriage proposal buried in the Jamaican sand will be the treasure his girlfriend Katie is looking for. And will Bryan get a ‘yes’ when he proposes to his figure skating girlfriend, Keri, on an ice rink during a “make believe” sports commercial?
It took a game of truth or dare for Bryan to find out the crush he had on Keri was reciprocated. Since then, they’ve been inseparable. He’s determined to make his proposal perfect – so he’s chosen the perfect place. Keri’s an ex-figure skater and there’s never been a more magical place for her than the ice rink. Bryan has convinced Keri that they’ll be helping out on a skating commercial for a sports store along with five other local figure skaters. Keri will perform a short program with the other skaters ending with them skating up to the camera and reading the sport’s store slogan off cue cards. Enter Bryan - he’s holding the cue cards. What Keri doesn’t know is that Bryan’s cue cards hold a special proposal for her. When the other figure skaters read “Say Yes & Marry Me!” off the cards, Keri won’t know what hit her. Will Bryan find himself on thin ice or will Keri let him skate into her heart?

A director by day, Mohit loves running the show and that is exactly how he plans to propose to his love, Katie. Mohit has told Katie that he’s had his ‘big break’ and will be directing a Sandal’s commercial at a resort in Jamaica. He’s convinced Katie to come and star in his commercial—and he plans to play the role of difficult director with his starlet. It’s all part of the Mohit charm. Katie will be directed by Mohit to act out a number of segments, the last of which is uncovering the ‘treasure of Sandals’. What Katie doesn’t know is that inside a treasure box in the sand is Mohit’s proposal. Will Katie figure out the final scene before Mohit gets a chance to propose? And will Mohit’s directing style and playful nature result in Katie saying no?

Episode 4 (Dist #3016) - Designing Love. . .
Richard takes interior design to a whole new level when he creates a “proposal” room in his house to surprise his girlfriend, Liz. And James convinces Sarah to appear on a “make believe” antique show where a surprise appraisal of his engagement ring ends with a proposal.
Richard’s accident at the mill helped him learn that Liz was his one and only. She was there in his time of need and now he’s decided there’s no time to waste when it comes to proposing. In fact, there isn’t a moment to waste. He has given himself 24 hours to redesign their bedroom into a “proposal” room. Liz thinks Richard is remodeling their sewing room on an interior design show. While Richard is working up a sweat, Liz is spending a relaxing day at a spa. She won’t be relaxed when she sees that Richard has hung his tacky black velvet bullfighter picture on the wall. Little will she know that behind the velvet art is a true masterpiece – a picture of them and the words “Say Yes & Marry Me!” He’s sure she’ll make him take down the bullfighter immediately to reveal his proposal. Will this well built proposal hold up or will Richard’s walls come crashing down?
This is a story about love at first sight. James first gazed into Sarah’s eyes at church and hasn’t taken them off her since. James is ready to pop the question but there’s one catch…they have already planned their wedding, down to the tablecloths! How can James sweep Sarah off her feet when the only thing missing from the equation is a ring? James has convinced Sarah that he has won a contest to appear on a show called “Fantiques”, a show that appraises your treasures. What Sarah doesn’t know is that one of these “treasures,” his grandmother’s watch, has been replaced with an engagement ring. Will Sarah say yes to this priceless proposal?

Episode 5 (Dist #3017) - Love in the Sand…
Shauna hopes to make Mike melt when she puts her marriage proposal in the sand under the Jamaican sun. Naveen hopes that his church proposal involving intelligent lighting, a rotating stage and a lot of heart will win a yes from Andrea.
When Shauna first laid eyes on Mike at a friend’s wedding she knew he was the one. Three months later they were officially a couple. Now Shauna wants to beat Mike to the punch and ask him to marry her. Mike isn’t a fan of winter, so Shauna wanted to incorporate summer into her marriage proposal—but how can you have a summer proposal in the dead of winter? Shauna is taking Mike to a Sandal’s Resort in Jamaica. Mike thinks he and Shauna have won a contest to star in a promotional video at the resort, but Shauna has her own agenda. She plans to create her proposal in the sand. Will Shauna make Mike’s heart melt? Or will he think marriage is too hot to handle?
Naveen and Andrea’s love developed at their church. So, for Naveen, when it came time to propose the church was the obvious place to make Andrea’s engagement dreams come true. Normally behind the camera as a director of the church’s televised services, Naveen’s coming front and center to show his love for Andrea. Using the church’s youth auditorium, Naveen’s ready to put on a grand show for Andrea with an animated montage appearing on three giant screens simultaneously, a rotating stage to make a grand entrance and a whole lot of dry ice in the air for effect. Will Naveen’s grand plan go off without a hitch? Or will technical problems ground his dream proposal?

Episode 6 (Dist #3018) - Beary Romantic…
How will Sherise react when Jasper proposes at her surprise birthday party with the help of a mascot and a teddy bear with a “Say Yes & Marry Me!” t-shirt.

Brendan hopes that a dirty dancing competition will heat up when four judges surprise his girlfriend, Laura, with a proposal written on scorecards.

Birthdays are meant to come with one big surprise, but not Sherise’s. Jasper will make it a day full of them. Jasper is throwing a surprise birthday party for his love. If that isn’t enough to shock Sherise, a proposal during dessert definitely will. Jasper’s proposal will play on Sherise’s soft spot for teddy bears. He’s enlisted the help of Build-A-Bear – a make your own teddy bear one stop shop. He’s created a teddy bear from scratch and has dressed it with a “Say Yes & Marry Me!” t-shirt. At the end of dinner, Bearamie, the Build-A-Bear mascot, will arrive with this special delivery for Sherise. How will Sherie react to the arrival of a 6-foot tall mascot? Will Sherise find this proposal too unbearable to resist?
It’s been quite the whirlwind for these young lovebirds. Brendan and Laura met while working at an amusement park and it’s been a romantic ride ever since.

After three months of dating, Brendan is ready to ask for the hand of his beloved. He’s decided to incorporate Laura’s favourite movie into his proposal – Dirty Dancing. Brendan has convinced Laura that he has won a dirty dancing lesson, but it’s really a way for Brendan to dance into Laura’s heart. A dance competition at the end of the class will finish with his proposal. Four judges will raise their scorecards at the end of their dance but instead of perfect 10’s, Laura will receive a surprise proposal. Can Brendan dance his way into Laura’s heart? Will Laura think this proposal is a perfect 10?

Episode 7 (Dist #3019) - Love and Obstacles…

Will Shawn’s obstacle course proposal be too much of a challenge for his girlfriend Dianna? And will Meggan say yes to Tony when he rides down a busy downtown street on a horse dressed in a suit of armor?

Dianna is a girl who loves a challenge, so what’s better than a marriage proposal with some friendly competition. Shawn has told Dianna that they will be competing in an obstacle course for a promotional video. They will be racing against two other “couples” to collect the most keys and be the first to unlock a chest located at the end of the course. What Dianna doesn’t know is that everyone else’s keys won’t fit the trunk’s lock and what’s in the chest is only meant for her…balloons and a pop-up proposal. Will Shawn win the ultimate prize and get a yes from Dianna? Or will exhaustion prevent Dianna from completing the course?
As a horse lover, Meggan has always wanted her boyfriend Tony to learn how to ride. After seven years of dating, Tony is ready to charge into Meggan’s life with a surprise marriage proposal. Meggan is meeting Tony and a group of friends at a downtown coffee shop before a night out. When Tony doesn’t show, Meggan thinks he’s stuck in traffic. But Tony is actually stopping traffic. After only one riding lesson, Tony is going to ride a horse up a busy downtown street to the coffee shop where she’s waiting for him. Wearing a suit of armor, he will ride up to Meggan and propose. Will this knight win the heart of his fair maiden? Will Meggan be ready to gallop into the future with Tony?

Episode 8 (Dist #3020) - Maze of Love

Will John find his way into Christie-Anne’s heart in her maze proposal? And how will Shirli react when a surprise party she thinks is for Ron turns into a Moroccan themed proposal for her?

Christie-Anne and John’s story is straight out of the movie Serendipity. Throughout their lives, they almost met over a dozen times. John would transfer schools just as Christie-Anne became a new student and Christie-Anne would move away just as John moved in. Fate finally had its way and now Christie-Anne and John have found each other and true love. Christie-Anne isn’t going to John slip away - - she’s going to propose. Her proposal plan is a metaphor of their past. Christie-Anne has brought John to Saunders Farm in Ottawa, home of eight giant outdoor mazes. While John thinks he and Christie-Anne will be entering the maze separately only to meet up when they reach the end, Christie-Anne has other plans. As John makes his way through the maze, Christie-Anne will be setting up a floral arch with “Say Yes & Marry Me John” spelled out in carnations. There’s only one problem, the maze is short and setting up a 500-flower display is easier said than done. Will Christie-Anne get everything finished in time? Or will Christie-Anne lose John in this maze of a proposal?

It was during one of the most trying times in Ron’s life that he met his angel Shirli. A violent head-butt had robbed Ron of his ability to talk, walk and remember the simplest detail. A year after the accident and with a long road of recovery still ahead, Shirli entered Ron’s life. Shirli became the light in his life. With her help, only a year later, Ron has made miraculous progress. Now Ron wants to make Shirli’s dreams come true with a proposal of a lifetime. Shirli loves the Moroccan culture. So, Ron has organized a Moroccan themed proposal with all the fixings -belly dancers, a Moroccan tent and scenery and a lot of family. Ron’s tricked Shirli into thinking that she’s coming to a surprise party for him but the truth of the matter is that Ron’s throwing a surprise proposal for her.

Will Ron’s proposal make Shirli’s heart melt? And will Shirli say yes to this exotic proposal?

Episode 9 (Dist #3021) - Banners of Love…

Will high winds ground a plane pulling a “Say Yes & Marry Me Meagen” banner for Evan’s proposal? Will shy Josh make it through his family-filled, rain threatened proposal to Lora?

Romantically challenged Evan says he never has enough time to express his love to his girlfriend Meaghen. So when Evan decided he was ready to propose, he wanted to do something that would make her melt. Evan has brought Meaghen to a private country club on the lake. During a romantic dinner a plane will fly by with a “Say Yes & Marry Me Meaghen” banner streaming behind. As the couple nears the end of their meal, the plane still hasn’t flown by—in fact— high winds are making it incredibly difficult for the plane to pick up the banner. It has missed three times! Will the pilot’s fourth attempt be successful? Or will this proposal crash and burn?
Josh and Lora grew up in a small town. They had their first date at their high school prom. Five years later, and now living in a big city, Josh is taking Lora back to their hometown to propose. Fighting his shy nature, Josh wants to surprise his beloved by doing something she would never expect – propose in front of fifty family and friends with cameras rolling. While he distracts Lora by taking her horse back riding, a truck loaded with elegant tables and chairs for fifty will arrive at Lora’s family home. Working with a tight deadline, a wedding-like scene will evolve with a “Say Yes & Marry Me” banner thrown in for good measure. As our couple makes their way back, thunder booms. A last minute tent is added to the mix. But with so little time, this romantic gesture might not come together. Will everything be ready in time or will Lora ride into her proposal too soon?

Episode 10 (Dist #3022) - Laughs of Love …

Will Randy have the last laugh when his comic debut ends in a proposal to Tania? And will Inspector Roxanne uncover Brian’s engagement plans before he reveals his sugary sweet dessert proposal.

Randy loves to make people laugh and his girlfriend Tania appreciates his witty humor. After three years of dating Randy is ready to get serious and propose—well, maybe not too serious. Randy has chosen Yuk Yuk’s in Ottawa as the stage for his proposal—literally. Tania thinks that she and Randy’s family are going out for a night of fun, but it’s Randy who will have the last laugh. Randy is going to be the final comic of the night and Tania will be the star of his show. Getting up on stage in front of a live audience, Randy will perform a short routine made up of his own original material. Randy’s final joke will include a proposal to Tania. Will Randy freeze and not complete his first stage performance or his proposal? And will Tania laugh her way to a yes?
Brian and Roxanne’s story begins with a chance meeting on the Internet. She was in Canada, he was in Georgia, but the couple couldn’t have been closer. Not afraid of the distance, 6 months and close to 2 000 emails later, Brian is ready to propose. Brian has never been good at keeping secrets and Roxanne is a regular Sherlock Holmes—so Brian has to do everything he can to keep this proposal under wraps. Brian has flown to Canada ahead of a scheduled visit with Roxanne to prepare for his proposal. Brian wants to ask Roxanne to marry him at one of her favorite places, Queens Landing in Niagara-on-the-Lake. After a carriage ride, Brian has a special treat in store for Roxanne--a dessert that contains Brian’s marriage proposal. Will Brian be able to keep his proposal under wraps? Or will Roxanne see through Brian’s sweet surprise?

Episode 11 (Dist #3023) - Digging up Love…

What will Christian’s girlfriend Fran think when she uncovers a fossil with her proposal on it at the world famous archeological dig in Alberta?

And will Ryan make Karlie’s dreams come true when he re-creates their prom that never was for her proposal?
Christian and Fran’s love story is one that goes beyond borders. The couple met in Alberta when Fran was on a university exchange from Australia. It was a hard decision, but the couple decided to give their cross continent love a shot. Now, countless 3 a.m. calls later, Christian wants to propose to his Aussie love. Fran will be visiting Canada only for a short time so Christian has one shot to make his proposal perfect. Fran is a big fan of archeology, so Christian wants to put together a truly historic proposal. He is taking Fran to Drumheller to participate in a fossil dig where she thinks she’ll be looking for dinosaur bones—but Christian has created his own piece of history. Christian has made his own fossil with the words “Will You Marry Me” imprinted on the back. Will Fran buy into this romantic discovery? Or will Christian’s one shot at his perfect proposal fail?
Ryan and Karlie have been the best of friends since the beginning of high school. But it wasn’t until shortly before Ryan was to graduate that they took a chance at love. Now three years and two twin boys later, Ryan is ready to take the plunge with his sweetheart Karlie. Twelve-hour work days and raising two newborns has not been easy on the couple, so Ryan wanted to make this proposal truly special for Karlie. Ryan’s biggest regret with Karlie was being too shy to ask her to the prom. So he has decided to re-create that feeling for his proposal. Ryan has arranged for over 70 family and friends to come to this fairy tale proposal. Karlie thinks she is going to a family reunion, but when she arrives Ryan has something else in mind for his prom queen. Hundreds of heart shaped balloons printed with “Say Yes & Marry Me” will be stuffed into two larger balloons and will hang above the dance floor. When Ryan ask Karlie to join him for their first dance, the large balloons will explode and the proposal hearts will shower down upon her. Will Ryan get a happy ending to this enchanted proposal? Or will Karlie burst his dreams with a no?

Episode 12 (Dist #3024) - Dancing Hearts…
Will Brandon’s buddies help him dance his into Colleen’s heart? And what will Lisa think when Rene’s work of art becomes her proposal?
From the moment Brandon saw Colleen, he thought she was out of his league. He was a 20-year old hometown boy; she was a 24-year old model who had traveled the world. They say opposites attract, so Brandon decided to take a chance and ask Colleen on a date—she accepted. Now, together for two years, Brandon wants to propose to his beauty queen. Brandon has brought Colleen’s best friend Keltie on board to make it a truly perfect proposal. Keltie has told Colleen that they are going to a charity gala at the historic Rutherford House. When they arrive, Colleen will be whisked to the balcony to watch her proposal unfold. Dressed to the nines and with only one hour’s practice, Brandon’s five closest friends will do a choreographed dance and reveal her proposal. Then Brandon, in his top hat and tails, will propose to his true love. Sounds romantic—there is only one problem, the guys can’t dance. Will Brandon’s friends get cold feet? Or will Colleen be dazzled by this truly classy proposal?
Rene first met Lisa when she came to buy a new car from him. The day after a successful sell and a great first impression, Lisa called Rene and asked him to dinner. A short seven months later, Rene is ready to settle down with his lady love; he’s just hoping she’ll say yes. Lisa loves doing arts and crafts, so for her proposal, Rene is bringing her to a ceramics workshop. Rene will sneak into the workshop a day early to create a beautiful platter with “Say Yes & Marry Me” painted around the edge. On the night of the proposal, Rene’s proposal plate will be revealed to Lisa at the end of the class. Will Lisa think Rene’s proposal is a true work of art? Or will she be a hard sell and say no?

Episode 13 (Dist #3025) - Rock ‘n’ Roll Love

Will Kyle say yes when Tanya crashes through a paper wall proclaiming her love during his band’s performance? And will Brendan be able to propose to Michelle after he finds out she might not be home?

Tanya met her rock and roll boyfriend Kyle when he was performing at a local bar. It was love at first site and the couple instantly clicked. But Tanya was concerned; she didn’t know how Kyle would react to her two kids from a previous marriage. Turns out, he was a natural dad, and after five years, now with a baby girl of their own, Tanya’s ready to propose to her rock star. Kyle, however, is happy with the way things are, so Tanya is a little worried about getting a yes. Not that that’s stopping her! With the help of Kyle’s band-mates, Tanya has set up a bogus gig at a local bar as the cover for her proposal. Kyle thinks it’s a regular performance, but Tanya is going to make her own music. She’s created a six-foot “Say Yes & Marry Me” sign that will reveal her proposal to Kyle. During the fifth song, Tanya will crash through the sign and propose. Will Kyle think this proposal really sings? Or will he say no to this truly rockin proposal?

It took some serious work for Brendan to get a date with Michelle. After pestering Michelle’s friend for over month, he finally got Michelle’s number and a first date. He was instantly smitten. Three years later, twenty -year old Brendan is ready to propose to his eighteen year old first love. For his proposal, Brendan’s creating a “Say Yes & Marry Me!” collage. He wants to make their new apartment feel like home for Michelle. That’s sweet, but he also wants to go big. So, the collage will be the centerpiece of a U-haul transformed into a romantic setting for two. But, for this proposal to happen, Brendan has to get Michelle down to the U-Haul from their apartment. He’s recruited his cousin Steve for that. His job is to convince Michelle that she’s won a free art print and that to receive it she must come down to the U-Haul - what she doesn’t know is that her prize is Brendan, who is waiting to propose in the back of the ‘delivery’ truck. There’s only one problem – when Steve rings the bell no one answers. Is Michelle even home? Will Brendan have to forget his picture perfect proposal?

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