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Say Yes & Marry Me! Episodics

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Say Yes & Marry Me! Episodics

Episode 1 (1001) – Love on Skates
Series Premiere on Life Network – Tues. April 8 7:30 p.m.

[Repeats Fri. April 11 9:30 p.m. and Sun. April 13 7:30 p.m.]
What will Lynn say when Todd proposes with a 15-foot-banner unfurled by a professional skating team? And will Lori notice that Jack’s special wine-tasting bottle bares a label asking her to marry him?”
Todd’s move from Calgary to a new job meant success, but an empty heart didn’t let him enjoy it. Without Lynn, his girlfriend, Toronto was a lonely city. Now that Lynn has left her life in Calgary to follow Todd, he has big plans! With the help of Black Ice, Canada’s silver medal winning synchronized skating team, Todd is going to surprise Lynn with a 15-foot banner asking her to marry him, presented in musical synchronization on blades! But what will she say?
And in our second story, there is a surprise in store for Lori in Ontario’s Niagara wine region. Jack is shy, but the best years of his life have been the two he’s shared with Lori as friends, business partners, then lovers. It took him four months to kiss her after they started dating – now he plans to propose with a private wine tasting where the label on the final bottle reads “Will You Marry Me, Lori?”

Episode 2 (1002) – A Cinderella Story
Premieres on Life Network Tues. April 15 at 7:30 p.m.

[Repeats Fri. April 18 9:30, and Sun. April 20 7:30]
Rob’s in for the surprise of his life when Deb pulls up in a horse drawn carriage dressed as Cinderella ready to propose at his construction site, while Steven sits through “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding” waiting for the wedding party to give him the cue, a proposal to Clara.
Deb’s life has been about constant struggle – Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and two failed marriages have left her with a bruised heart. A random choice on a telephone dating service changed her luck. One meeting was all it took - love at first sight has never been truer. Deb’s proposal is all about fairy tale endings. She’s commissioned a carriage and two white horses, picked out a ball gown fit for Cinderella and been pampered at an exclusive Salon. Now it’s time for her to take the ride of her life – the carriage is set to arrive at Robert’s construction site as he leaves for the day. Will her Prince Charming say yes?
Our second story is all about the power of laughter, nervous laughter that is. It’s been Steven’s constant companion ever since he decided to propose to Clara – good thing he’s proposing at Second City’s Tony and Tina’s Wedding. Steven’s caught in a whirlwind – a suggestion by a friend has him proposing at Tony and Tina’s Wedding. A nudge by Tony and Tina’s Wedding has him proposing on television. All Steven can do is quake in his boots. The stage has been set – the throwing of the bouquet and garter belt has been rigged. The actors will physically ensure that they end up in Steven and Clara’s hands. Once they’ve done their part, it’s up to Steven to steal the show. Can he?

Episode 3 (1003) – A Magic Proposal
Premieres on Life Network Tuesday April 22 7:30 p.m.

[Repeats Fri. April 25 9:30, and Sun. April 27 7:30]
Ron the magician aims to pull a marriage proposal out of his sleeve, while Ted is filling a room with 900 balloons to surprise Athina into saying yes”
Ron’s a magical guy. Tiffany’s not easily tricked. Ron’s pulling out all the stops to make sure his magical proposal doesn’t become a disappearing act.

Four years of true love and Ron is ready to propose. Ron’s told Tiffany only that a camera crew is filming a demo of his magic show. In reality, the show will be performed for fifty of their closest friends and relatives and will end with a proposal that Ron might literally manage to pull out of his sleeve.

And in our second story, when Ted and Athina began their romance on Valentine’s Day, it was a good omen. But with romance such a key component of their relationship, the pressure’s on Ted to sweep Athina off her feet. So “Athina Day” has been declared. Athina is presented with a night at an elegant hotel, a four-hour spa treatment and a shopping spree. Little does she know that while at the spa, Ted and Athina’s friends are busy in their hotel room filling it with over 800 red balloons. One silver balloon says it all – “Will You Marry Me?”

Episode 4 (1004) – Painting a Picture of Love
Premieres on Life Network Tuesday April 29 7:30 p.m.

[Repeats Fri. March 2 9:30, and Sun. March 4 7:30]

This time it’s girlfriend Annie who is taking the initiative – but will her love Darcy notice the subtle proposal hung through a historic portrait in a mansion they both love? And Marco takes a leap of faith and proposes to Manon in front of 1000’s of basketball fans.

Annie loves surprises. The best are the ones that shock you. After three years of loving bliss, Annie wants to propose to Darcy in a big way. Her plan involves a portrait, an historical mansion and two families meeting for the first time. Using her father’s artistry, Annie has a portrait of her and her beloved painted in 1920’s dress. Hung in the drawing room of Parkwood Estates it will be the key to Annie’s surprise proposal. Darcy, believing to be on a regular tour of the magnificent mansion, will need a keen eye to spot their proposal portrait.
In our second story, Marco’s ready to propose in a big way –let’s see how thousands of basketball fans respond! Marco and Manon have been together for a little over two years. Their relationship is filled with playful competition. On the basketball court, love and competition receive equal status. With this in mind, where better to propose than at a Raptors’ Game? With the help of three rows of fans, Marco hopes to pull off a shocking proposal. First they will be moved to the best seats in the house. Once their there, Manon will have the perfect vantage point from which to see an incredible card stunt. At the appointed time, fans will stand up and flip their cards spelling out: “Will You Marry Me, Manon?” Marco’s proposal is a little out of his hands. Can the fans pull it off? Marco sure hopes so!

Episode 5 (1005) – A CULTURAL PROPOSAL
Premieres on Life Network Tuesday May 6 7:30 p.m.

[Repeats Fri. May 9 9:30, and Sun. May 11 7:30]
Brodie hopes that his African marriage dance will have Janet swooning. And Danny declares his love and his hopes for marriage to Chantal with a full-page ad in Fashion Magazine.”
Brodie met the love of his life, Janet, on the way to a football game. Enamoured by the beautiful woman walking across the street from him, he walked right up to her and asked her out. Big risks brought enormous rewards. Eight months later, Brodie’s on the proposal train. African culture has been a foundation of their relationship. Only four months into their new romance, they were off to his birthplace, Kenya, for a whirlwind tour. Brodie’s proposal of choice draws directly from Janet’s African heritage. With strong family ties to Ghana, Brodie has called on a Ghanian Cultural Dance Troupe to help him perform a marriage dance, the GOTA. In the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel, Brodie and the troupe break into the rhythmic performance. Will she accept his request for a dance or will she turn him down flat?
In our second story, fashion and love intermingle. Danny and Chantal met in beauty school twelve years ago. It took him six years to ask her out. Since then, love and their careers have flourished. Danny is a highly sought after hair stylist working with such names as Clairol and Chantal is the Fashion Director at a high-end hair products firm. Not only does Danny want to declare his love to Chantal, he wants to shout it to the Fashion industry across Canada. He has chosen to put his proposal into a full page ad appearing in Fashion Magazine. But how could “Say Yes & Marry Me!” catch this on camera. With the help of Fashion Magazine and Chantal’s employer, a “fake” fashion event is held at Chapters. Following Chantal’s presentation at the event, a question and answer period will commence. A plant from “Say Yes & Marry Me!” will be the cue for Danny’s proposal. “Are you famous?” and “Can I have an autograph?” will force Chantal into a very close look at the magazine. Will the plan be successful? Will Chantal be impressed by Danny’s hard work or will she shy away from his proposal?

Episode 6 (1006) – Marriage Proposals and Sun-Tans
Premieres on Life Network Tuesday May 13 7:30 p.m.

[Repeats Fri. May 16 9:30, and Sun. May 18 7:30]
Luke hopes the beauty of St. Lucia and a treasure chest with “Will You Marry Me?” written inside will ensure a “YES!” from Sheri. While Jeff throws out the first pitch to his girlfriend, Lisa, at a Blue Jays’ game and prays that he doesn’t strike out.

It took a woman with persistence to make Luke realize that working at love is as enjoyable as falling in love. Prior to Sheri, Luke’s relationships had ended when the slightest difficulties arose. Sheri taught the man of her dreams that relationships are about communication and patience.

Episode 7 (2007)- Cottage Love . . .

Corey’s ready to light up Janis’s life with a proposal strung together with over a 100 tiny light bulbs, while Shayne needs the strength of ten men to propose to Andrea at Ottawa’s Canada Day Festivities - good thing the World’s Strongest Man is there to help.”
Cottage life has never been sweeter - Corey’s ready to propose to his girlfriend, Janis, where their love blossomed. But, in order to make his dream come true he needs a beautiful sunset, dozens and dozens of tiny light bulbs and an incredible ruse. With the help of the “Say Yes & Marry Me!” crew, Janis is convinced that Corey and her are about to be the stars of a new cottage lifestyle show. With Janis “safely” out of the picture for a few hours showing the crew around town, Corey, his family and friends set out to spell “Marry Me, Janis?” in lights. Corey’s plan requires precise timing - when the sun’s about to drop below the horizon, he and Janis will arrive by boat at the cottage. Steps off the dock, Janis will discover his loving proposal. Even the best laid plans can go awry! Will Janis fall for the ruse? Will the sun still be too strong for Janis to read Corey’s message in lights?
In our second story, the strength of Shayne’s love for Andrea is tested at Ottawa’s Canada Day festivities. Shayne’s convinced Andrea that if they see any event, it must be the amazing feats of strength that Hugo Girard, the World’s Strongest Man, will perform for the audience. Little does Andrea know, Shayne and Hugo have come up with a sneaky proposal surprise. At the end of the show, Hugo will challenge the audience to match an incredible show of strength - lifting a car off the ground. Shayne’s ready to answer that challenge . . . and fail. Hidden in the trunk is a sign that reads “Will You Marry Me, Andrea?” Hugo knows the script - he’s forgotten a five hundred pound weight in the trunk. If the contest is to be fair, it has to go. Shayne wants Andrea to open the trunk. How’s he going to make that happen? Will she be more impressed with Hugo than with Shayne’s clever surprise?

Episode 8 (1008) - Love and War . . .

Nicole’s in for the surprise of her life when former military man Sean proposes before a “mock” firing squad at a reenactment of the War of 1812, while Andy plans to arrive at his proposal to Christine by helicopter - but he first needs to overcome his fear of heights.”
Active service in the military might be in Sean’s past, but his fascination with military history surely isn’t. The military might continue to hold Sean’s interest, but his love for his girlfriend Nicole has taken center stage. Lucky for him, he’s been able to share his two passions with Nicole. It’s Nicole’s new found enthusiasm for Canadian Military History that makes Sean’s proposal plan perfect. Sean’s convinced Nicole that he’s made special arrangements for the two of them to participate in a reenactment of the War of 1812. Little does she know, Sean has made arrangements to be arrested as a spy during the mock battle and to be put before a firing squad for his crime. Sean is definitely ready to utter his last request! But, before his proposal can happen, he has to make it through the battle. The danger isn’t the issue, it’s that Sean’s so caught up in the experience that he’s already “pretending” that he doesn’t know Nicole. Will Sean make it to the proposal? Will Nicole be as impressed with the proposal as he is?
In our second story, Andy is caught up in a whirlwind. Five days ago he entered a contest held by the Toronto Star and Warner Bros. to promote the new film “The In-Laws.” The winner receives many impressive prizes - but the most significant prize is the perfect proposal. While their love is picked up at work by a limo, the proposer will fly by helicopter to Fort York to surprise their beloved with the ultimate question. Guess who won? The only problem is that Andy is afraid of heights. Proposing in such an extraordinary manner to his girlfriend Christine is a dream come true. Nevertheless, Andy needs to take a huge leap of faith. Will Andy overcome his fear of heights? Will the proposal be over before it even starts?
Episode 9 (2009) - A Hole in Love . . .
Clint hopes to hit a hole in one when he proposes to his girlfriend Robyn on the Pinawa Golf Course in Winnipeg, while James lays all his bets on one horse when he proposes to Donna at the Woodbine Race Track.”
Absence makes the heart grow stronger . . . in the case of Clint and Robyn, time apart leads to a marriage proposal. After dating for only eight months, Clint went job searching on the internet for his fitness instructor girlfriend, Robyn. When he found the perfect job two hours away, he had to make an impossible decision. Clint made the hard chose. Shortly thereafter, Robyn moved away for work. After a year apart and almost weekly commutes, Clint’s positive that it’s time to ask the big question. Both Clint and Robyn are avid golfers - at the Pinawa Golf Tournament, Clint has found his perfect proposal. With the help of 5 rambunxious kids, Clint will propose on the 18th hole of the tournament. Each of the kids will drive a golf cart with a special sign on the back. Lining up in perfect order, the carts will spell out “Will You Marry Me, Robyn?” The plan is in place, but there are plenty “what ifs” floating in the air. Can Clint trust 5 children under the age of 13 to pull off his proposal? Will Robyn become suspicious when Clint’s game suffers due to stress? Will she say yes?
Our second story is all about speed . . . whether it’s horse racing or love. James and Donna moved in together after less than a month of dating. After four months, James has decided to propose. What James has learned about Donna thus far he loves. At the top of her “likes” list are horses. For this reason, James has decided to propose at the Woodbine Race Track. He’s recruited a horse named “Wild Turkey” and a driver who says he can’t lose - James is a gambling man, but he’s no fool. If the horse and driver win, they’ll be taken to the winner’s circle where James and Donna will meet them. A special horse cooler (blanket) will be draped over “Wild Turkey.” The cooler has been specially made to ask James’ question. Harness racing is risky, so James has made special arrangements just in case the horse loses. After dating for only four months, James is risking enough! Is Donna ready to get married? Will James’ ideal proposal get a yes or send Donna packing?

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