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Greater Geelong, Surf Coast & Colac Otway
Contact us by email:
Division Co-ordinator: Rhonda Rotherham Telephone: 0418 351 913 Email:
Police Co-ordinator: LS/C Andrew King Telephone: 03 5225 3261 Email:
POSTAL ADDRESS: Post Office Box 5011, East Geelong, 3219.
Website: Toll free number: 1300 139 689

JULY, 2013

Neighbourhood Watch Greater Geelong & Surf Coast


Monday, 15th JULY, 2013


Geelong Police Station

Leading Senior Constable Peter Chamberlain from the Divisional Tasking Unit

"Drugs in the community – What to look out for – Drug houses, etc."
ALL Neighbourhood Watch volunteers and interested community members are invited to attend.


Yes, it’s mid-year school holiday time! A time when children will be out and about enjoying their holidays.

Keep this in mind when driving on our roads. Keep a look out at all times for kids on bikes, skateboard, scooters, walking with friends, etc. Just take a little extra care to ensure all road users are safe.
Many families will also be heading off on holidays – some on long distance road trips. Stay alert, take regular breaks, don’t take unnecessary risks and obey the road rules.
Remember - road safety is a shared responsibility and all road users must take responsibility.
The following crimes were reported to Geelong Police last weekend – 22/23 June 2013.

Commercial burglaries were reported at the following locations:

• Repco, Thompson Rd, Geelong North, where offender gained entry to a compound area then forced a side wall to gain entry to the premises and has stolen a Oricom two way radio.

• Chisholm Petroleum, Princess H’way, Corio, where offenders cut a hole in a front cyclone fence and then gained entry to a shed area but has then been disturbed by a truck driver and has left the premises before taking anything.

• Geelong Greyhound Race Club, Broderick Rd, Corio, where offenders forced a rear roller door and made their way through the complex entering various areas of the complex

• Geelong Kart Club, Broderick Rd Corio, where offender has scaled a fence to enter the complex and has gone to a large metal shed and has entered same by forcing a side wall and also a tower on the north side of the track. Offender has stolen various items.

• Kelly Court Café, Kelly Cour,t North Geelong, where offender (apprehended) has entered premises by smashing a window and has stolen computer equipment.

• United Petroleum, Bacchus Marsh Rd, Corio, where offender has smashed a window to the premises and has stolen cash, cigarettes and a computer

• Lara Secondary College, Alkara Ave, Lara, where two males were arrested after attempting to break into school via a window.
An aggravated burglary occurred at Hansen Drive, Grovedale, when an unknown offender has entered the premises and has assaulted the young male occupant of the premises to the back of the head.
Theft from a car in Margate St, Barwon Heads, was reported last Sunday - vehicle wasparked in driveway but left unlocked. Navman stolen from the glovebox of the vehicle.


Thefts from cars have continued to feature in reports to police in recent weeks.

Wallets, laptop computers, GPS units, mobile phones, DVD player, I Pad, tools, handbags are among the items stolen from cars in the past month. All of these items have been left in vehicles when unattended.
In a number of incidents recently, thieves have smashed windows of cars to gain access and steal items left inside.
Whether it’s at the service station, at the local footy match or at home - whenever you leave your vehicle, LOCK IT. And REMOVE ALL VALUABLES from the vehicle.
It seems many people think their gear will be safe left in their car overnight. However, they will be sadly mistaken!
Leaving ANYTHING of value in your car is an open invitation to opportunists to take your property.

Burglaries, both commercial and residential continue to occur. Just last weekend, eight burglaries were reported to Geelong police.

Whether you are heading away on holidays during the school holiday period, or simply heading to work for the day, remember to take these simple steps to secure your home while you are away:

  • Ensure ALL windows and doors are locked when you leave your home.

  • Consider installing a burglar alarm. 

  • Lock your side gates, garden shed and garage. Always lock doors between your house and garage

  • Install movement-activated sensor lights and trim trees and shrubs, close to windows and doors that provide cover for intruders

  • List all your valuable items, photograph antiques and jewellery and keep receipts with your list to help with insurance claims

  • Make sure your home contents insurance policy is current. And that you're insured for the right amount to cover the replacement cost of your contents at today's prices

  • Don't leave spare keys outside. Burglars know all the hiding spots.

  • Don’t leave keys on kitchen benches – store them in a secure place out of sight.

  • Don't advertise that you're out or away. Whether you're away for a day or two or a few weeks, try and keep your home looking as lived-in as possible

  • Don't advertise your possessions. Don't leave the box of your new TV outside the house, cut it up and recycle.


During the month of July, Neighbourhood Watch encourages neighbours to engage with culturally and linguistically diverse groups in their community.

Often culturally and linguistically diverse groups can feel disengaged and more vulnerable in their local community and this month provides an opportunity for communities to come together and appreciate diverse and vibrant cultures in their local community.

Both Newcomb and Leopold Neighbourhood Watch groups have been actively supporting the Geelong Kokoda Youth Program (GKYP) through various community activities to raise funds for the program.
Newcomb Neighbourhood Watch conducted a Garage Sale and Sausage Sizzle on May 25. With considerable donated goods for sale, trade was brisk in the first hour which kept volunteers on their toes.

The Sausage Sizzle and Raffle were well patronized also.

In total, $800 was raised on the day. Great work Newcomb Neighbourhood Watch volunteers.
Leopold NHW conducted a Garage Sale and Sausage Sizzle in April with considerable success.

This event and its purpose inspired members of the Leopold community and further events have been held in support of the GKYP.

“An Evening with Phil Hayden” held on June 5 saw almost forty people hear Leopold's Phil Hayden speak of his experiences while walking the Kokoda Track with a group of Geelong people late last year. Phil spoke of the immense challenges they faced, the highs and the lows, and the incredible support he received from his porter, a PNG local.

Photos and a DVD provided a snapshot of just some of the terrain and challenges Phil faced. It was certainly no "walk in the park".

A Movie Night at the Leopold Theaterette on June 15 was another successful fundraiser for GKYP where a full house viewed “The Way”, an inspirational movie that tells the story of a father who treks the The Camino de Santiago in memory of his son. Then followed a yummy savoury supper.
The Leopold community has certainly embraced the Kokoda program and their activities have raised sufficient funds to cover the entire cost of one participant to undertake the program’s trek.

A cheque presentation was made at the Movie Night by the driving force of the Leopold effort, Ken Flavell, to Sen. Sgt. Michael Reid, involved in the Geelong Kokoda Youth Program.

Greater Geelong & Surf Coast Community Meeting

At the May Neighbourhood Watch Community Meeting at Geelong Police Station, just five NHW volunteers attended and were treated to a very informative presentation on the Geelong Kokoda Youth Program by Acting Snr Sgt Nick Uebergang of Geelong Police.

Read below for more information about the program.
Geelong Teenagers Head To Kokoda
On September 14, 2013, a group of ten teenagers from the Geelong and Surf Coast region, together with ten mentors, will head to Papua New Guinea before heading off on an eight day trek on the Kokoda Track.
The Geelong Kokoda Youth Program is an early intervention program to provide an avenue to assist young people to re-engage with school and break the current pattern of anti-social behaviour.

If you wish to support this program, either through sponsorship or a small donation, or require further information, please contact Sen-Sgt Michael Reid on 5225 3145.

For more information about Operation Newstart Geelong, visit


Have you registered your mobile phone number for B Text?
B Text is a new Neighbourhood Watch message service to inform you on what's happening in your community thanks to the expertise of BCC Computers, Geelong West.

Message "NHW Reg" to 0409 129988 to register.

It’s that simple.

Register today and be informed!

Powered by BCC Computers

LBO – Look before opening

About LBO

Look Before Opening (LBO) is a bicycle initiative to change driver

behaviour and habits.

With increasing traffic congestion, commuting by bicycle is becoming

more and more popular.

Cyclists are being seriously injured and killed by drivers who simply forget to check for bicycles before opening their car door.
Cars and bicycles need to co-exist, Look before Opening (LBO) aims to change the habits of drivers who simply forget to Look Before Opening.
About Look Before Opening (LBO)
Cycling is one of the top recreational activities in Australia. In the last 10 years, bicycle purchases have surpassed cars.
Look Before Opening (LBO) was put together by the team at twenty4. We make websites, but we’re also keen cyclists who want to create a safer riding environment for ourselves and others, and that’s where Look Before Opening (LBO) comes in.
LBO was created in response to the number of cyclists being killed or seriously injured due to car dooring – the idea was to provide drivers with a visual cue every time they opened their door, to look out for cyclists. By providing a small – but noticeable – cue in the form of transparent bicycle shaped stickers, drivers are reminded to Look Before Opening.
Buoyed by feedback from our friends and family, we wanted to extend the initiative to the wider community – to not only create a driver awareness program, (from being ‘doored’) but also cyclist safety in general.
Our aim is to increase awareness of cyclist’s safety, so we’re giving away as many stickers for free as we can, and you can grab them here. LBO isn’t only for cars, buy a T-shirt or mug to show your support.
By placing the sticker on the inside drivers window of your car, it serves as a visual aid to remember to Look Before Opening. Get your free stickers now!
Get your sticker today - visit

Together we can end street violence. Step back from a fight and think... is one punch worth it?

Step Back Think was formed in the wake of the horrific injuries sustained by James Macready-Bryan in 2006. James – better known to his mates as MB – was assaulted in the CBD on his 20th birthday on October 13th, 2006. A single punch knocked MB to the ground where his head smashed against the pavement, resulting in catastrophic brain damage from which he will never recover.

In the year after Step Back Think’s formation, Matt McEvoy, 24, and Justin Galligan, 16, died from brain injuries similar to MB’s, in two separate incidences that mirrored the tragic senselessness of MB’s assault. In the years since, countless more young men have sustained horrific injuries from assault, and others have lost their lives.
The sole mission of Step Back Think is to educate people on the catastrophic consequences one punch can have. We believe the logical flow on effect of increased awareness will be fewer instances of derailed lives and tragic deaths.
Since 2008, Step Back Think’s initiatives have garnered support from former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Eddie McGuire, Neil Mitchell, Steve Bracks, Peter Costello and former Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu.
Thousands of students across Victoria have taken part in Step Back Think’s education program since the beginning of 2011. The initiative – created and conducted in collaboration with Hugh van Cuylenburg and assisted by past and present AFL footballers and athletes – illuminates for students the mystery of the brain’s physiological behaviours, and encourages them to examine and understand why certain situations spur anger-fuelled reactions that all too often end in violence.

Step Back Think seeks to eradicate street violence. A single punch thrown in the heat of the moment can end the life of your brother or sister or friend and tear your world apart. Step Back Think wants to encourage young people to think more about their actions and their consequences. We’re urging people to look out for their friends – guys and girls - because one punch can change countless lives forever.

NHW themes:

August - Good Neighbour Month

September – Fix our Streets Property Damage

October – Community Safety Month


There are many ways to be involved in NHW and to improve your safety, the safety of your family and the community.

You can be involved with NHW through being a member on Facebook, joining an Eye Watch Group, being a full member and participating in awareness and community education events or being a web or Facebook administrator to name just a few.

For more information visit:

NHW Geelong Facebook Page -
Geelong Eye Watch Facebook Page -
Neighbourhood Watch Victoria’s website: or

Neighbourhood Watch Greater Geelong:

Neighbourhood Watch Surf Coast:
Or email

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