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Russia 091204 Basic Political Developments

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Russia 091204

Basic Political Developments

  • Itar-Tass: RF, US to continue talks on new START after Dec 5


  • AFP: US-Russia nuclear talks 'coming to a close': Moscow

  • Bloomberg: Russia, U.S. Close to Completing Preparations for Arms Treaty

  • Reuters: Russia says U.S. arms deal close as deadline looms

  • Foreign Ministry: START Treaty almost signed

  • Russian official doubts over urgent resume of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations

  • Prime-Tass: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to meet with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman

  • Jerusalem Post: Russia turns to Israel for help in investigation into train bombing

  • Reuters: INTERVIEW - Rabbis fear Europe's Jews next after minaret ban - Switzerland's ban on building minarets will fuel xenophobia and risks making Jews the next target of religious intolerance, according to European rabbis meeting in Moscow. The Conference of European Rabbis condemned the outcome of last Sunday's Swiss referendum in a resolution passed during their two-day meeting, international relations director Philip Carmel told Reuters on Thursday.

  • Itar-Tass: Lavrov to "reset" relations with NATO

  • RFERL: Russia, NATO Holding First Formal Ministerial Meeting Since Georgia War

  • Reuters: NATO, Russia resolve dispute, will hold talks

  • Russia Today: Moscow and NATO in reset mode

  • Monster and Critics: Russian security pact cannot sideline NATO, Frattini says

  • Itar-Tass: Russia and Italy foreign ministers meet in Rome - Russian and Italian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Franco Frattini discussed issues of European security and readiness for a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council due to open in Brussels on Friday

  • AFP: Russia 'ready to support' new US Afghan plan: Medvedev

  • Reuters: Medvedev Says Afghan Peace Vital

  • The Moscow Times: Medvedev Secures 19 Deals in Rome

  • AP: Gazprom, Eni invite France's EdF into gas pipeline

  • The Moscow Times: Medvedev Upgrades Ties With Vatican

  • Itar-Tass: India wants Russia to stop terrorism from Pakistan

  • PM to visit Russia, defence deal on agenda

  • Civil Nuclear ties on agenda of PM's Russia visit  

  • ANI: India, Russia likely to sign 123 type atomic energy pact during PM’s visit

  • RIA: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's interview to Russian media

  • Reuters: Ukraine says pays Nov Russian gas bill on time

  • Ukraine may join Customs Union

  • Businessneweurope: Armenian-Russian joint venture to build energy unit for nuclear plant

  • Armenian Diaspora: Armenia Picks Russian Technology For New Nuclear Plant

  • ‘Good tsar’ Putin revels in TV role

  • The Moscow Times: 4 Hours of Putin and ‘Stupid Questions’

  • Itar-Tass: Railway to install total track monitoring after train blast

  • Xinhua: Russia announces new space crew

  • ADP: Astronauts to taste 'space sushi'

  • Cyprus Mail: Police explore whether Kirilov’s murder was mafia hit - POLICE investigators are reportedly examining the possibility that the murder of 61-year-old Russian millionaire Yuri Kirilov was a mafia hit.

  • RIA: One killed, four injured in attack on south Russia café

  • RIA: Russian tabloid hacked, loses entire archives, interface

  • A fire to light - Andris Piebalgs, the outgoing EU energy commissioner, told a conference last month that while he believed the Commission had done everything to avoid another crisis with Russian supplies, “There are issues which are not settled and I believe there is a possibility that we could have a crisis and that is why we are taking [further] measures.”

  • The Kremlin has long been setting the scene for Stalin’s rehabilitation

  • Russia and Georgia Go to War Again — on Screen

  • Russians Are Collecting Used Czars - Buyers are back, trolling for Romanov heirlooms like Fabergé cigarette cases and gilded porcelain

National Economic Trends

  • RIA: Russian monetary base down $1.9 mln in week to $140.528 bln

  • Prime-Tass: Russian GDP Indicator signals slower contraction in November

  • Bloomberg: Russian Economy Shrinks at Slowest Pace in 11 Months, VTB Says

  • Bloomberg: Russia Won’t Cut Rates in December as Easing Ebbs (Update1)

Business, Energy or Environmental regulations or discussions

  • Reuters: Russian markets -- Factors to Watch on Dec 4

  • Bloomberg: Lukoil, Norilsk Nickel, Polyus Gold: Russian Equity Preview

  • Bloomberg: Russia Banks Ignore Government Calls to Raise Lending (Update2)

  • Russian Banks Showing Double Digit Growth

  • Boradband Tv News: CTC Media dispute resolution in sight

  • Bloomberg: Mobile TeleSystems Raises Rates for ‘Dead Souls,’ Vedomosti Says

  • Bloomberg: MTS Wants to Buy Eurotel

  • The Moscow Times: Evraz Says Bonds Approval Expected

  • Bloomberg: Deripaska Discusses Economy, Aluminum

  • Tycoon brushes off potential Rusal delay - Oleg Deripaska yesterday insisted it was "no problem" if the $2bn initial public offering of UC Rusal, the Russian tycoon's aluminium group, was delayed into next year.

  • Reuters: RusAl Closes Guyana Plant, Workers Still on Strike

  • Former Deutsche wealth head surfaces at Third Rome

  • 2nd UPDATE:Fiat,Sollers Could Consider Jeep For Russia-Source

  • Russia Today: Battered SME’s look for government support

  • RBC: X5 Retail Group closes Paterson deal

  • Bloomberg: Russian Tax Police Won’t Close Nestle Plant, Vedomosti Says

  • Food Business Review: International Flavors & Fragrances Opens New Facility In Russia
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