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Rotary club of beirut metropolitan (D2450)

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RI President: Ray Klinginsmith

District 2450 Governor: Assem Abdel Razek

RCBM President: David Zein

General Assembly

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Inn Dunes

Were present:

  • P David Zein

  • HS Ramez Hammoud

  • PDG Ignace Mouawad

  • IPP Bibi Kaddoura

  • PP Abboud Yafi

  • PP Reda Asmar

  • PP Rima El Kadi

  • PP Riad Shams

  • HT Naim Bassil

  • Rotarian Alfred Debbas

  • Rotarian Lina Fakhoury

  • Rotarian Celine Moawad

  • Rotarian Dalia Khoury

  • Rotarian Dalida Akl

  • Rotarian Doha Halawi

  • Rotarian Edouard Asmar

  • Rotarian Georges Ibrahim

  • Rotarian Haytham Yassine

  • Rotarian Nadim Mouawad

  • Rotarian Wajih Bou Habib

  • Rotarian Ziad Tabbara

Total Number: 20

Were absent:

  • VP Hassan El Khoury (by excuse)

  • SAA Wehbe Azar (by excuse)

  • Rotarian Jawad Abou Zahr (by excuse)

  • Rotarian Rima Zantout (Leave of Absence)

  • Rotarian Sanaa Hammoud (by excuse)


  • AG Yara Youness

Rotaracts (joint at 8:00 pm):

  • P Maysa Chehab

  • HS Leen Monzer

  • Rotaract Maysa El Yaman

  • Guest Jad Monzer

  • Guest Mohammad Ali Abboud

Meeting called to order by P David Zein, at 7:00 pm (Ended at 8:45 pm)
P David Zein welcomed the members and AG Yara Youness, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
P David Zein welcomed Rot Alfred Debbas, Rot Dalida Akl and Rot Haytham Yassine and congratulated him for his Hajj.
Rot Haytham Yassine explained that in October he was out of the Country and in November he was making the Hajj, which did not allow him to attend.
P David Informed the floor that as has been agreed in the first general assembly of the year, to have the past presidents nominate a candidate for the year 2012-2013; the nominating committee had selected HT Naim Bassil to be President in the Rotarian year 2012-2013; P David then asked any member if they would like to challenge the decision of the nominating committee and nominate a different member; no one suggested any other name, P David then asked if all agree on naming HT Naim Bassil as P for 2012-2013, and everyone agreed, P David and the floor congratulated Naim on the new responsibility.

P David then asked PE Ziad Tabbara if he would like to nominate anyone for the Position of HS during the coming year, PE Ziad nominated Rot Nadim Mouawad as his HS, and PP Abboud Yafi as his VP, the Floor agreed and they all congratulated Nadim and Aboud on the new responsibility.

Share a Toy to Bring Joy
PP Bibi Kaddoura stated that this is the 5th year that the club completed this project and it will be repeated every year.

They gathered 98 toys and distributed them for the orphanage of Dar El Elham at Souk El Ghareb.

Today they are making a big celebration with Santa, and they will get the gifts.
Luxor conference
PP Rima El Kadi informed the members to register for the conference, and those who didn’t settle their dues; they have till 31 December, because the prices will change after that.
She also informed them about the Cruise to Aswan that it will be followed after Luxor Conference.

For those who would like to register they have to do it before December 31, because the prices will also increase by 40%.

P David Zein thanked PP Rima EL Kadi for her efforts, and also thanked Rot Doha Halawi, Rot Celine Mouawad, and Rot Georges Ibrahim for their effort for today.
At the end PP Rima El Kadi presented the members with candles made by the prisoners of Romieh inorder to buy and encourage them, and candles where sold.

Rotaracts Presentation
P David Zein welcomed the Rotaracts and their P Maysa Chehab.
Rotaracts members presented their most recent activities and projects during the last 6 months.
Now they are 8 members and 3 active guests.
They asked an awareness sessions for the youth who would like to join Rotary but don’t know a lot about Rotary.
Their important project that they are working on during January and February is the music therapy room in the Juvenile Rehabilitation Center at Fanar.
They are making an avant premiere movie at city mall and the tickets are for 25000 LBP.
After the presentation they made a game for the club and offered gifts.
The meeting was followed by a buffet for Christmas and the club offered a gift for everyone.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2011

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Mobile: 009613602871


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