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Rössing Uranium Limited Registered in Namibia No. 70/1591

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Rössing Uranium Limited

Registered in Namibia No. 70/1591

28 Hidipo Hamutenya Avenue

Private Bag 5005



T +264 (0)64 520 1081

F +264 (0)64 520 1078

Head of Program

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

333 Seventh Avenue, 14th floor

New York

NY 10001

09 June 2009

Dear Annabel

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the sensationalized LaRRI report which preyed on the vulnerability of some patients purported to have been interviewed.
Without wanting to dignify the report, it is our considered view that the report is simply a polemic write up that has no scientific base. This is not surprising given their funding base, which is primarily from the quarters who still remain opposed to any form of nuclear energy.
For the record, as a responsible mining company, Rössing has over 33 years experience in managing health, safety and environmental (HSE) issues. Our proud records can be attested by international and national standards that underpins our operations.
The report conveniently ignores the material facts that Rio Tinto and Rössing Uranium have always placed the highest priority on health and safety, using both local and international standards. Over the years, Rössing has been recognized by independent consultants as one of the world's safest mines. It has been used as a model for others, as the radiation, safety, occupational safety and medical surveillance programmes at Rössing Uranium Limited meet or exceed accepted norms for this type of industry.
Regrettably, the report contains various serious factual inaccuracies and misunderstandings, both in relation to scientific facts about radiation, as well as in relation to Rössing’s operations and its occupational health and safety programmes, standards and track records.
Rössing workers have excellent health benefits, and are entitled to consult their own doctors for independent assessment at any stage while employed by the company. The company keeps detailed records of the health status of its workforce from the day of employment to the day they leave the company. It therefore does not need to speculate on health issues of its employees.
Yours sincerely

Jerome Mutumba


Directors: RR Hoveka* (Chairman), MD Leech* (Managing), EHT Angula*, SN Ashrafizadeh****, BH Beath**, JA Bester**, PD Carlson*, PS Chiaro*** (alt. A M Lloyd******) , EJ Dorward-King***,

F Fredericks*, EA Genis*, A Iilende*, AV Kalantari****, MM Kapia*, ZK Kasete*, CJ Kinnell*****, JS Louw** (alt. HP Louw**), VB Moll**, WJ van Rooyen*,

Company Secretary: GD Labuschagne*
*Namibian **South African ***American ****Iranian *****British ******Australian

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