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Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House

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Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House

ABN: 33 220 574 847

104A Reynard St Coburg, VIC 3058

Ph: 9386 7128 Fax: 9386 0728


Annual General Meeting

Saturday October 19 2013, 1pm

(Held at Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House)


The AGM commenced with refreshments being served from 12.45pm.


* = member **= member eligible to vote

Jaime de Loma Osorio Ricon**

Meri Carnovale**

Vera Joosten**

Anne Holland**

George Kesselbach**

Moira Walsh**

Jill Grevatt**

Michael Riley**

Luke Bresolin**

Rebecca Heffernan**

Maria Larubina**

Raymond Woodman**

Daniela Fusca**

Jeremy Kesselbach*

Lyn Giles**

Shruti Dahal*

Annmarie Zahra*

Trevor Scott**

Anthony Woodruff**

Aaron Brenneman**

Kim Leicester

Ekaterina Shchukina

Shivani Sehrawat

Paula Jorgensen (Moreland City Council)

Monica Rogers (House Business and Administration Coordinator)

Greg Thorpe (House Coordinator-Manager)
Introduction and Welcome
The meeting was opened with an Acknowledgement to Wurundjeri Country and a general welcome to all present.

The Chair then called for Apologies with the following being tabled for the record.


Sally-Rose Carbines

Minutes Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2012

Minutes of the previous AGM having been distributed and read, a motion to endorse the minutes of the 2012 AGM as a true and accurate account was tabled.

Moved: Moira Walsh Seconded: Aaron Brenneman Carried
Chairperson’s Report

The Chairperson referred to the written report on page 3 of the Annual Report distributed amongst those present, and highlighted the House’s strong financial position, the strategic plan developed by the Committee of Management earlier in 2013, and the significant amount of outreach work the House is doing. She thanked staff, volunteers and members for all their contributions.

Coordinator’s Report

The Coordinator referred to the report contained in pages 5-8 of the Annual Report circulated amongst members present. He acknowledged the support of key partners and the presence of their representatives, noting the attendance of Paula Jorgensen from Moreland City Council.

He thanked the Committee of Management, staff, volunteers, members and stakeholders for their support.
Financial Report

The chair called the meeting’s attention to the financials and auditor’s report contained within the Annual Report document. She then called on the Assistant Treasurer, George Kesselbach, to speak to the report. George pointed out the strong financial health of the organisation, and also discussed his presence at the 2013 financial audit.

A motion to endorse the audited financial report was put:
Moved: Jaime de Loma Seconded: George Kesselbach Carried
Appointment of Auditor

A motion to appoint our current auditor, J L Collyer & Associates, as auditor for the 2013-14 financial year was put:

Moved: George Kesselbach Seconded: Anne Holland Carried
Determination of Membership Subscription

The Chair proposed that the Membership Subscription remain as is, at $2 per annum.

A motion to endorse the Membership Subscription as $2 per annum was put:
Moved: Aaron Brenneman Seconded: Moira Walsh Carried
Nominations/Election for Committee of Management for 2013/14

Vera Joosten then announced she would vacate the Chair and hand over to Coordinator Greg Thorpe to conduct the election of the new committee.

The Coordinator announced that 5 nominations had been received for 5 positions on the Committee of Management in accordance with the rules. These were from:
Anne Holland

George Kesselbach

Daniela Fusca

Maria Larubina

Shruti Dahal
He added that one nomination had been withdrawn on October 16 2013, from Kerri Wellington, who is going to perform some casual administration work at the House in the near future and wished to avoid a conflict of interest. He also added that Vera Joosten, the previous Chair, has expressed her willingness to be co-opted on to the Committee.
The Coordinator then announced that, as the number of vacancies for the Committee was equal to the current number of nominations, the positions would be filled uncontested. He therefore announced that all five candidates were “duly elected” and congratulated those candidates present.
The Coordinator expressed special thanks to Jaime de Loma and Anthony Woodruff, as well as Paul Hirst (not present), who had retired from the Committee of Management.
Other Business

As none had been declared, the Coordinator declared the official AGM proceedings closed for 2013 and invited all to enjoy the refreshments and the Mellow Music event happening in the park.

The Meeting closed at 1.20pm.
The coordinator then invited the new committee to form a meeting prior to leaving the building to establish executive positions and a date for the first meeting. This invitation was accepted.
These draft minutes were endorsed by the Committee of Management at the meeting of November 20, 2013.

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