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Biographies and Reminiscences of Individual MEN [HB.1]

ADAMS, Elizabeth HB.1/ADAM/A

Uncommon endeavour: the life and times of Thomas Adam, Hunter pioneer and citizen. No publishing details. ISBN 0-646-34952-x.

1.Adam, Thomas. 2.Hunter River District – History. 3.Pioneers – Hunter River district. #1999.025 (1437)


Some reminiscences of W.W. Alexander, 1905- . Lismore, the author, 1998.

1.Alexander Family History. 2.Alexander, W.W. – Reminiscences. 3.Eltham – History. #1998.57.1

The carpenter from Scotland: Robert Barron 1854-1924

Wahroonga, author, 2010. 13p, ill.

1. Barron Family History. 2. Barron, Robert #2010.48.1


Reminiscences of an Australian pioneer. Sydney, Tyrells, 1917.

1.Barton, Robert D. – Reminiscences. 2.Sheep Industry – Australia – History. 3.Australia – Biography. #1955.828d (460) (Can’t find mosaic entry)

Dr Ludwik Bernstein: a presentation made to the Richmond River Historical Society, March 2006. Lismore, RRHS, 2006.

1. Bernstein, Ludwik, Dr. 2. doctors – Lismore. 3. Lismore – History. #2007.35.1
BLACK, Albert Gordon HB.1/BLAC

Bert Black: his life story, 23 August 1910 to 23 August 1991, written from his notes, compiled by his family. Lismore, Black and Clark Families, c.1997.

1.Black, Albert Gordon. 2.Black Family history. 3.Clark Family history. #1997.51.1
BLAKERS, George Theodore HB.1/BLAK

A Useless young man? an autobiography of life in Australia, 1849-1864. Melbourne, Penguin, 1986.

1.Blakers, George Theodore. 2.Australia – History, 1849-1864. #2002.59.4

The Work of Frederick Johnson Board, 1877-1942: architect of Far North Coast of New South Wales. Thesis for the degree of Bachelor Of Architecture, University of Queensland, 1991.

1.Board, Frederick Johnson. 2.Architecture – North Coast Region. 3.Architects – North Coast Region. 4.Historic Buildings – North Coast Region. #1992.68.1

Note: Another copy at AR/BOAR

A Swiss settler in Australia: the diary of Etienne Bordier, 1849-1851. Translated by Kenneth Dutton. Newcastle, University, 1987. ISBN 0-7259-0583-2.

1. Immigrants, Swiss. 2. Bordier, Etienne. 3. Diaries – Bordier. 4. Clarence River District – History. I. Dutton, Kenneth, trans. #2005.13.1

The Colonel: a political biography of Sir Michael Bruxner. Canberra, A.N.U., 1969.

1.Bruxner, Michael, Sir. 2.Politicians – Australia. 3.Squatters – Northern N.S.W. #1977.15.1
BUCKLEY, John Joseph, 1900-1989 HB.1/BUCK/B

Through years of change. No publishing details.

1.Buckley, John Joseph, 1900-1989. 2.Murwillumbah – History. 3.Georgica – History. 4.Teachers – Richmond River District. #1990.33.1
BUSHELL, Edward James (Ted) HB.8/BUSH/B HB.1/BUSH

Growing up in Ballina during the 1930s and 1940s. Melbourne, the author, 2004.

1. Bushell Family History. 2. Ballina – History. #2004.149.1

Confessions of a larrikin, with Richard Sleeman. Sydney, Lester-Townsend, 1989. ISBN 0-949853-27-5.

1.Casey, Ron. 2.Journalists. 3.Lismore – Residents. 4.Casey family, Coraki. 5.Joubert, - . 6.Lismore Club – History. I. Sleeman, Richard. #2001.159.3
CAVE, John, Jnr. HB.1/CAVE

Reminiscences [about his father, John Cave, Snr who went to Newbold Station, Clarence River, 1840, with C.J. Walker]. Grafton, Clarence River Historical Society, n.d.

Originally published in Daily Examiner, 1934.

1.Cave, John, Snr. 2.Newbold Station (Clarence River). 3.Walker, C.J. I. Clarence River Historical Society. #2002.579 (1526)

CLARK, Alexander HB.1/CLAR

Letters of Alex Clark (“Cornstalk”) to Hewitt, 1937-1946. [Copies only]

1.Clark Family History. 2.Pioneers – Corndale. 3.Corndale – History. 4.Richmond River District – History. I. Hewitt, Norman Cowan. [Reference: Cornstalk, pseud.] #n.n. (1332)
COX, Keith William HB.1/COXK

70 years of working with cattle, edited by Robyn Nesbitt. Casino, Robyn Nesbitt, 1998.

1.Cox, Keith William. I. Nesbitt, Robyn (nee Cox), ed. #1999.38.1
NESBITT, Robyn, comp. HB.1/COXK/N

Recollections of Keith Cox, compiled by Robyn Nesbitt. Casino, the author, 1998.

1.Bentley – History. 2.Pioneers – Bentley. I. Cox, Keith William. #1999.38.2 (1584)
COX, Keith William HB.1/COXK

Water divining, edited by Robyn Nesbitt. Casino, Robyn Nesbitt, 1998.

1.Cox, Keith William. 2.Water Divining. I. Nesbitt, Robyn, ed. #1999.38.4
NESBITT, Robyn, comp. HB.1/COXK/N

Life history of Keith William Cox. Casino, the author, 1998.

1.Cox, Keith William. 2.Pioneers – Bentley. #1999.038.6

The Life of W.P. Crick. Sydney, the author, n.d.

1.Crick, W.P. 2.Politicians – Australia. #1953.399.23
DOOHAN, John (Jack)

Living and working in the 20th century HB.1/DOOH

Chermside, Qld, the author, 2006. 402p, ill, 21cm. ISBN 064646 7328

1. Doohan, John (Jack). 2. Social conditions – Australia. #2009.138.1

DOUGAN, Donald Hunter, 1902-1990 HB.1/DOUG

Recollections of Caniaba, Lismore, Gulgong and the R.A.A.F. service in World War II, edited by Lavelette McIntyre (nee Dougan). Turramurra, N.S.W., the editor, 1991.

1.Caniaba – History. 2.Dougan, Donald Hunter – Reminiscences. 3.World War, 1939-1945 – Reminiscences. I. McIntyre, Lavelette (nee Dougan), ed. #1992.1.1
DOUGAN, William Hunter HB.1/DOUG

Diary of a trip to North Coast 1928 and South Coast 1929, by William Hunter and Christina Dougan. Transcribed by their grand-daughter Margery J. White. Woollahra, M.J. White, 2006.

1. Dougan Family History. 2. Travel – Northern River District. 3. Travel – New South Wales. I. Dougan, Christina, jt. author. II. White, Margery J., ed. #2006.23.1
DOWNS, Ronald Clive HB.1/DOWN

Ronald Downs: a memoir, edited by Annette Potts. Lennox Head, Karma Press, 1997.

1.Downs Family History. 2.Lismore – History. I. Potts (nee Downs), Annette, ed. #1998.3.1

Battlers of the bush, 1851 to 2002, by Harry and Helen Flower. Kyogle, the authors, 2003.

1. Flower family history. 2. Kyogle – History. 3. Pioneers – Kyogle. I. Flower, Helen, jt. author. #2004.83.3
THOMPSON, Dorothy (nee GIBBON), comp. HB.1/GIBB

Kenneth Victor Gibbon, 1921-2005. Lennox Head, the compiler, 2005.

Contains Eulogy and other extracts mainly from funeral service.

1. Gibbon Family History. 2. Gibbon, Kenneth Victor. 3. Lennox Head – History. #2006.22.1


A Colonial Entreprenteur: Francois Girard (1792?-1859) [transcript] as published in Explorations No. 39, December 2005 - a bulletin devoted to the study of Franco-Australian Links.

Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations, 2005. 25p, 30cm. ISSN 0815-6158

1. Girard, Francois. 2. Clarence River District – History #2007.69.3

GLASCOTT, Richard Donovan HB.1/GLAS

Diary from 1st July 1867-23rd December 1867. Lismore, Richmond River Historical Society, n.d.

Typewritten from original.

1.Glascott, Richard Donovan – Diaries. 2.Emigrant Creek – History. 3.Cedar Cutters – Richmond River District. 4.Aldertown Farm (property). #2002.572 (522)

GLASCOTT, Richard Donovan HB.1/GLAS

Daily memorandum kept by Richard Donovan Glascott, September 1872-February 1878. Lismore, Richmond River Historical Society, n.d.

Typewritten from original.

1.Glascott, Richard Donovan – Diaries. 2.Emigrant Creek – History. 3.Cedar Cutters – Richmond River District. 4.Aldertown Farm (property). #2002.573 (523)

GLASCOTT, Richard Donovan HB.1/GLAS/L

The Glascott diaries: the diaries and account books of Richard Donovan Glascott, a timber getter on the Richmond River in the 1860s and 1870s, edited by Marlene Lester. Ballina, Marlene Lester, 2001.

1.Glascott, Richard Donovan – Diaries. 2.Emigrant Creek – History. 3.Cedar Cutters – Richmond River District. 4.Aldertown Farm (property). I. Lester, Marlene (nee Pickup), ed. #2002.6.1

Shimpu-San Healer of hate: the life of Father Tony Glynn. Iluka, the author, 1996. ISBN 0-646-27658-1

1. Glynn, Tony, Fr. [books about] 2. Marist Fathers – Biography. 3. Missionaries – Japan. 4. Australian-Japanese Relations. I. Healer of Hate… #2003.157.1
GLYNN, Paul 271.79092/GLY HB.1/GLYN/G

“Like a samurai": the Tony Glynn story.

Hunters Hill, N.S.W.: Marist Fathers Books, 2008. 185 p; ill.; 22 cm. ISBN: 9780958184427

1. Marist Fathers -Australia – Biography. 2. Priests - Australia - Biography. 3. Glynn, Tony. 4. Lismore – History #2008.103.1

THOMPSON, Jack 929.2/GOL/T HB.1/GOLD/T(a)-(b)

The Jack Golding story: [a bullock driver]. Lismore, the author, c.1988. (2 copies)

Note: Copy 2 has additional information.

1.Golding, Jack. 2.Bullock Drivers. 3.Baryulgil – History. #n.n.; #1996.17e2 (524)

GONINAN, Alfred 929.2/GON/F HB.1/GONI/F

A cousin Jack in Australia: the memoirs of Alfred Goninan, engineer. Newcastle, Jetar, 1992. ISBN 0-646-09494-7.

1.Goninan, Alfred. 2.Engineers – Newcastle. I. Fredman, L.E., ed. #1999.130 (1530)
GRAY, George Abner, 1846-1941 HB.1/GRAY(a)-(c)

The Journal of George Abner Gray, 1846-1941: [journal commenced on 9 April 1915]. 2nd ed. Grafton, Clarence River Historical Society, 1975. (3 copies)

Note: Copy b. photocopy only on shelf. Other copies in stack.

Original Journal held by Clarence River Historical Society.

1.Gray, George Abner – Journal. 2.Aborigines – Race Relations. 3.Diaries (Gray). #1994.30.17 & photocopy; #2005.35.1

Lawrence Hargrave of Stanwell Park: a sketch of his life and work.

Wollongong, Illawarra Historical Society, 1974.

1.Hargrave, Lawrence. 2.Aviation – Australia – History. 3.Stanwell Park – History. I. Illawarra Historical Society. #2000.88.8

HENDERSON, Cunningham HB.1/HEND(a)-(c)

Main Camp: reminiscences of Cunningham Henderson. Bound photocopy, n.d. [3 copies]

Incomplete: p.1-134, 577-585.

1. Main Camp Station. 2. Henderson, Cunningham. 3. Squatters – Richmond River District. 4. Henderson Family History. #2006.64.1(a); #2006.64.1(b); 2007.26.1 (c)

BOWERS, Marie Hepburn 929.2/HEP/B HB.1/HEPB

Roy Hepburn: transcript of a taped interview made by Roy and Norma Hepburn’s youngest daughter, Marie Hepburn Bowers, Lennox Head, 12 December 1997.

1.Hepburn, Roydon Colin. 2.Hepburn Family History. 3.Earth-moving Contractors. #2000.60.2
HULL, Rita 929.2/HOD HB.1/HODG/H

James Hodgkinson and his life at Woodstock Station. Maiden Gully, Vic., the author, 1996. ISBN 0-646-29197-1.

1.Hodgkinson, James. 2.Woodstock Station (Victoria). 3.Pioneers – Lennox Head. #1997.100.1
HOFFMAN, Clarence Edgar 929.2/HOF HB.1/HOFF/H

The Early home in the bush. Warwick, Q., the author, n.d.

1.Hoffman, Clarence Edgar. 2.Urbenville – History. #1977.4447 (537)

Riches to ruin: a man, a mansion and a lake. Port Macquarie, Hastings District Historical Society, 1993. ISBN 0-646-16405-8.

1.Innes, Archibald Clunes, Major – Biography. 2.Port Macquarie – History. I. Hastings District Historical Society. #1994.46.1
JARRETT, Charles 920.71/JARR HB.1/JARR

The Jarrett papers [retyped from RRHS files by Ernie Simons]. Lismore, the Society, 1999.

Contents: (1) The Pioneers, by Charles Jarrett [originally published in Ballina Pilot, 1902]. (2) Tales of the Richmond [from Reminiscences of Charles Jarrett]. (3) Murdering Reach, by Charles Jarrett. (4) Methods of the cedar cutters [from Reminiscences of Bernard Jarrett, published in Northern Star, 1924]. (5) Family history and obituaries.

1. Cedar Cutters – Richmond River District. 2. Jarrett Family History. 3. Richmond River District – History. I. Jarrett, Bernard. Reminiscences. #n.n. (2158)


Extracts from notebook of Mr James Johnson, Gundurimba, 1877-1883. Typed from the original notebook by Janette Childs, Lismore, 2001.

Original Notebook held in Stack Area.

1.Johnson, James – Notebook, 1877-1883. 2. Pioneers – Gundurimba. #2002.581 (1868)


Yarns of the rivers of northern NSW: recollections of Peter Jones with Stuart Wales.

Lismore, the author, 2001.

1. North Coast district – Recollections. 2. Jones, Peter. I. Wales, Stuart. #2002.99.1

JUDGE, Jack 929.2/JUDG HB.1/JUDG

A Look over my shoulder: the first twenty years. Mullumbimby, the author, 2004. ISBN 0-646-44455-7.

1. Judge Family History. 2. Great Depression – Richmond River District. 3. Mullumbimby – History. #n.n. (2136)

Letters of Harry Kerle held by the R.R.H.S., transcribed by Michael Gourlay. Brisbane, Queensland University, 1996.

1.Kerle, Harry – Letters. 2.Engineers – N.S.W. 3.Railways – N.S.W. I. Gourlay, Michael, ed. #2001.187.1
EDWARDS, Dorothy Estelle (nee WOTHERSPOON) HB.1/KING/E

Dorothy Edwards papers. Lismore, R.R.H.S., 2005.

Contents: 1. Life of Dorothy Edwards. 2. My grandfather’s diary: Frederick Cecil King. 3. Life of Frederick Cecil King. 4. Plan of Frederick Cecil King land, Wyrallah Street, Lismore. 5. Dad’s diary: Harold Lyle Wotherspoon, 1944-1953. 6. Photographs.

1. King Family History. 2. Edwards Family History. 3. Wotherspoon Family History. 4. Nurserymen (King). 5. Florists. I. King, Frederick Cecil. Diary. II. Wotherspoon, Harold Lyle. Diary. #n.n. (2137)

TAIT, Thomas HB.1/LANG/T

John Dunmore Lang: a fighter for the right. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1923.

1.Lang, John Dunmore, Rev. Dr. 2.Presbyterian Church – Australia. 3.Australia – History. #1955.789 (472)

Excerpts from my diaries: Ivan Livermore, grazier and cattle buyer, plus racing activities.

Grafton, the author, n.d.

1. Livermore, Ivan. 2. Horse Racing. 3. Squatters & Squatting – Clarence River District. 2006.43.1

ROBERTS, Leslie, Dr. HB.1/LONG/R

Roland Edward Longworth: Mulvey Oration delivered [by Dr. Leslie Roberts] in 1965 to the Federation of Country Local [Medical] Associations. Tyescript, 1965.

1. Longworth, Roland Edward, Dr. 2.Medical Practitioners – Lismore. 3.Gallipoli Veterans. I. Mulvey Oration, 1965. II. Federation of Country Local Medical Associations. #1996.104 (1285)

John Macarthur. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1978.

1.Macarthur, John. #2002.146.2

The Diaries of John Mackinnon, 1881-1899. Coraki, Richmond River Herald, c.1900.

1.Mackinnon, John – Diaries. 2.Diaries (Mackinnon). #n.n. (551)

Lachlan Macquarie: his life, adventures, and times. 4th ed. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1970.

1.Macquarie, Lachlan. 2.Australia – History, 1808-1825. #2001.168.3
MARTIN, Leith, comp. 929.2/MAR/M HB.1/MART/M

A Link in the chain: the history of Francis Dutton Long Martin, 1882-1961, [together with updates to 2001 and 2002]. Lismore, the author, 1999.

1.Martin Family History. 2.Pioneers – Clarence River District. 3.Glenreagh – History. #1990.21; #2001.106 (556); #2002.8 (1888)
ALLEY, Susan 929.2/MCKI/A HB.1/MCKI/A [LEA.3?]

The Battle of the Bar, based on the diaries of Lachlan McKinnon. Coraki, the author, 2002. ISBN.0-646-41942-0

1. McKinnon, Lachlan – Fiction. 2. Ship Captains – Richmond River. 3. Richmond River District – History. I. McKinnon, Lachlan. Diaries. #2002.153.1

Diaries: 1914, 1915, 1918: [Wonga Farm, Tuckurimba]. 3 vols. Handwritten.

Held in Stack Area.

1.McPherson, Hector – Diaries. 2.Diaries (McPherson). 3.Wonga Farm (property, Tuckurimba). #1958.2226a (554)

MOORE, J. Sheridan HB.1/MICH/M

The Life and genius of James Lionel Michael, with fifteen years experience of literary life in Sydney…[a lecture given at the School of Arts, Sydney, 16 July 1868]. Sydney, Ferguson, 1868. Photocopy from Mitchell Library.

1.Michael, James Lionel. 2.Australian Poetry. 3.Solicitors – Grafton (Moore). #1974.80.3

One of the likely lads: the memoirs of a migrant. No publishing details, 1987.

1.Monsen, Norman – Reminiscences. 2.Presbyterian Church – Australia. 3. Gibson Family History. #1994.39b (473)
NELSON, Earl Keith (Keith) HB.1/NELS

Keith Nelson remembers. Edited by Helen Trustum. Bentley, Trustum, 2005.

1. Spring Grove – History. 2. Nelson, Earl Keith. 3. Nelson Family History. I. Trustum, Helen, ed. #2005.265.1
NEWTON, Henry, Bishop of Papua HB.1/NEWT/D(a)&?

The Life of the Rev. Frederick Robert Newton, edited by Robert Leycester Dawson. Private Publication, n.d. (2 copies)

1.Newton, Frederick Robert, Rev. I. Dawson, Robert Leycester, ed. #1974.116.2; #n.n. (Hewitt) (1399)

Happy days and sad years. Lismore, the author, 2004.

1. Newton, Lloyd. 2. Newton Family History. 3. World War, 1939-1945 – Reminiscences #2004.59.1

My Dad, the ice man: [Marmaduke Adolpaus (Duke) Newton, the Furlonger family, and pioneer ice-making]. Lismore, the author, 2002.

1.Newton Family History. 2.Furlonger Family History. 3.Pioneer Ice and Cold Storage. 4.Ice-making – Lismore. #2002.56.2

Cornelius O’Brien, pioneer of Bulli. Wollongong, Illawarra Historical Society, 1965.

1.Pioneers – Bulli. 2.O’Brien, Cornelius. I. Illawarra Historical Society. #2000.88.3

Squatter’s castle: the story of a pastoral dynasty. Melbourne, Lansdowne Press, 1973. ISBN 0-7018-0255-3.

1.Ogilvie, Edward David Stewart, 1814-1892. 2.Yugilbar Castle – History. 3.Squatters – Clarence River District. 4.Clarence River District – History. #1973.53.1

Diary of Sergeant Joseph O’Rourke, 1890-1892: [diary of journey from Ireland to Australia, and early days in Australia where he later joined the Police Force and became a sergeant]. Photocopy of manuscript.

1.Police – N.S.W. 2.Diaries (O’Rourke). 3.Voyages to Australia, 1890-1892. #2000.43.1
PAGE, Earle, Sir HB.1/PAGE

Truant surgeon: the inside story of forty years of Australian political life. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1963.

1.Page, Earle, Sir. 2.Politicians – Australia. 3.Doctors – Northern Rivers Region. #1997.74.1
MARTIN, Allan William HB.1/PARK/M

Henry Parkes: a biography. Melbourne, M.U.P., 1980.

1.Parkes, Henry, Sir, 1815-1896. 2.Politicians – N.S.W. 3.Federation – Australia. 4.New South Wales – Politics and Government. #1998.15.1
ANDREWS, Brian J., comp. HB.1/PEAR/A

By sail and steam: Pearson’s travels, emigrant’s diaries [William Pearson], 1878 and 1884 [Special edition of Sugarloaf]

1.Pearson Family History. 2.Earl Dalhousie (ship). 3.Angerton (ship). 4.Diaries (Pearson). I. Pearson, William – Diaries, 1878 & 1884. #1999.69.4

John Perry: from Big Scrub pioneer to politician. Typewritten.

Major assignment for a Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies, Local & Applied Studies, U.N.E., 1991.

1.Perry, John. 2.Perry Family History. 3.Politicians – N.S.W. 4.Alstonville – History. #1992.40.1


Reminiscences of early Queensland dating from 1837 recorded by his daughter. Brisbane, Watson Ferguson, 1904.

1.Queensland – History. 2.Oral History – Queensland. 3. Aboriginals – South Eastern Queensland – History. 4. Aboriginals – Photographs. #1953.399.1

Diary: trip to Richmond River with his brother, Robert, 1901. Typed.

1.Richmond River District – History. 2.Playford Family History. 3.Diaries (Playford). 1959.32.1
RAMSAY, David, Dr. HB.1/RAMS

Dr David Ramsay: a sketch of his history and family. Private publication.

1.Ramsay Family History. #1969.24.1

Goodwood’s oak: the life and times of the third Duke of Richmond, Lennox and Aubigny. London, Threshold Books, 1987. ISBN 0-901-366-23-4.

1.Great Britain – Biography. 2.Charles, Duke of Richmond, Lennox & Aubigny [Reference: Duke of Richmond, Lennox and Aubigny]. #1992.108.3

End of an era: the changing face of Lismore. Lismore, Dragonwick, 2005.

1. Robertson Family History. 2. A.G. Robertson Pty. Ltd. 3. Taylor Family History. #2005.135 1
RONAN, Ernest Maurice HB.1/ RONA/R

Memoirs of Ernest Maurice Ronan.

28p, 30cm

1. Ronan Family History. 2. Ronan, Ernest Maurice #2008.79.1


Moving forward, looking back. Lismore, the author, 2005.

1. Rose, Brian – Reminiscences. #2005.11.1
ROSS, Edmund, 1826-1908 HB.1/ROSS

Diary of Edmund Ross, senior J.P., Richmond River. 13 volumes [v.1-v.12: 1892-1908; v.13: Reminiscences of voyage from England to Australia, September 1864-1855, written by author, January 1907]

Originals held in Stack Area.

1.Ross, Edmund – Diaries. 2.Diaries (Ross). 3.Ballina – History. 4.Richmond River District – History. #1995.94.1; #1953.60; #1966.3297 (169)

ROSS, Edmund, 1826-1908 HB.1/ROSS (v.1-13)

Diaries of Edmund Ross, Senior J.P., Richmond River, transcribed by Kevin Olivieri. 13 vols. Computer printout, 1999-2002.

vol.1. 3 Apr 1892-13 Mar 1893; vol.2. 19 Mar 1893-17 Feb 1894; vol.3. 7 Dec 1894-21 Oct 1895; vol.4. 19 Jan 1895-19 Apr 1896; vol.5. 20 Apr 1896-8 Jan 1897; vol.6. 9 Jan 1897-18 Oct 1897; vol.7. 2 May 1898-3 Apr 1899; vol.8. 4 Apr 1899-31 Dec 1900; vol.9. 1 Jan 1901-29 Nov 1902; vol.10. 8.11.1903-30.6.1905; vol.11. 17.9.1906-25.9.1907 (incomplete); vol.12. 1.1.1908-26.11.1908; v.13. England to Australia, September 1854-February 1855, written by Ross January 1907.

Note: Transcription not as yet completed.

1.Ross, Edmund – Diaries. 2.Diaries (Ross). 3.Ballina – History. 4.Richmond River District – History. #1995.095.1 (v.1); #2002.585-#2002.592 (v.2-9) (1290)


My Balgownie; my memories of my childhood in Balgownie, incorporating many memories of historical interest. Duplicated, n.d.

1. Ryan Family History. 2. Balgownie – History. #2005.259.1
SCOTT, James, Sgt. HB.1/SCOT

The diary of Sergeant James Scott of the marine with First Fleet. News cuttings.

Extract from diary published in Sydney Morning Herald 24 & 31 July 1954.

1.First Fleet – Diaries (Scott). 2.Diaries (Scott). 3.Australia – History. #1787 (766)


Letters of the late Dean Selwyn of Newcastle, chiefly to his wife. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1902.

1.Selwyn, Arthur E., Bishop of Newcastle – Correspondence. #1989.47.1

My life. Ballina, the author, 1994.

1.Simons, Ernest R. 2.Ballina – Residents – Reminiscences. #1994.58 (465)
SIMPSON, Pearson Hudson HB.1/SIMP

The Story and letters of P.H. Simpson of Uralba. Retyped from R.R.H.S. files by Ernie Simons. Lismore, R.R.H.S., 2000.

1. Simpson Family History. 2. Uralba – History. 3. Richmond River District – History. #n.n. (2198)

Teamstering, edited by Jack Thompson. Casino, Jack Thompson, c.1970.

1.Timber Industry - Northern Rivers District. 2.Small, Joe. I. Thompson, Jack, ed. #1996.17e1 (171)

Memoirs from Green Pigeon, 1930: [My black horse, Midnight; The school pine forest]. Casino, the author, n.d.

1.Green Pigeon – History. 2.Thompson, Jack – Reminiscences. I. My black horse, Midnight. II. The School pine forest. #1996..17.12
TOWNER, George HB.1/TOWN(a)-(b)

Diaries: extracts from the diaries of George Towner, 1856-1920. Typewritten by Ernie Simons.

Copy of diary in Compactus Bay 6 Shelf 4 Box 5. Index to George Towner’s diary, 1881-1920 prepared by Margaret Playford in Compactus.

1.Towner, George – Diaries. 2.Diaries (Towner). #1955.174.1

TREVAN, Bob 920.71/TREV HB.1/TREV(a)-(b)

Lismore memories…and some of the personalities from the thirties to the sixties. 3rd ed. Lismore, the author, June 2004. (2 copies in stack)

1. Lismore – History. 2. Trevan Family History. #2004.99.1
TREVAN, Bob 920.71/TREV/5 HB.1/TREV©

Lismore memories…and some of the personalities from the thirties to the sixties. 5th ed. Lismore, the author, June 2004.

1. Lismore – History. 2. Trevan Family History. #2004.151.1

Virtue in flying: a biography of pioneer aviator Keith Virtue. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1975.

1.Virtue, Keith Allison. 2.Aviation – Australia – History. 3.Aviators – Richmond River District. #1991.27 (466)

Captain Waldron, deceased. Wollongong, Illawarra Historical Society, 1972.

1.Pioneers – Illawarra District. 2.Waldron, Captain. I. Illawarra Historical Society. #2000.88.2
DE JONG, Ursula M., ed. HB.1/WARD/D

W.W. Wardell, the architect and his era. Geelong, Deakin University, 2000.

(Centenary Papers)

1.Architects – Australia. 2.Wardell, W.W. #2001.75.1


Thomas West of Barcom Glen, his life and times and family. Bowral, the author, 1982. ISBN 0-9593593-0-3.

1.West Family History. #1982.31.1

Robert White, pioneer [retyped from RRHS files by Ernie Simons]. Lismore, the Society, 1999.

Contents: (1) Alderman Robert White, Mayor of Lismore 1914 (newspaper article). (2) Notes made during an interview with Mrs Robert White by Louise Daley, 1954. (3) Radio broadcast made by Mr D.R. Tucker 1963.

1. White, Robert. 2. White, Robert, Mrs. 3. Lismore – History. I. Daley, Louise. Interview with Mrs Robert White, 1954. II. Tucker, D.R. Radio broadcast, 1963. #n.n. (2161)


The Mullumbimby kid: a portrait of the poet as a child. Sydney, Woodbine Press, 2000. ISBN 0-949557-18-8.

1.Wilson, Edwin. 2.Wardell – Residents. 3.Mullumbimby – Residents. #2001.78.1

Inre; a gentleman, one: the rise and fall of Francis Woodward, sometime M.L.A. for Illawarra. Wollongong, Illawarra Historical Society, 1972.

1.Woodward, Francis. 2.Illawarra District – History. 3.Politicians – N.S.W. I. Illawarra Historical Society. #2000.88.7
WOTHERSPOON, Noel, comp. HB.1/WOTH/W (a)-(b)

The Life and times of Andrew Wotherspoon, 1811-1887. Alexandra Headland, the compiler, 1988. (2 copies)

Compiled for Family Reunion, 2nd October 1988.

1.Wotherspoon, Andrew, 1811-1887. 2. Wotherspoon Family History. 3.Teachers – Lismore. 4.Schools – Lismore. #1988.40; #1998.097 (467)

YABSLEY, William, 1812-1880 HB.1/YABS

Diary of W. Yabsley, Coraki, Richmond River, 1863-1902 [bound photocopy of original].

1.Yabsley, William, 1812-1880 – Diaries. 2.Diaries (Yabsley). 3.Coraki – History. 4.Ships and Shipping – History. #1976.20.1
YABSLEY, William, 1843-1922 929.2/YAB HB.1/YABS

Log-book of William Yabsley, Coraki House, Coraki, N.S.W.: [copy of original].

1.Yabsley, William, 1843-1922. 2.Sheep Breeding. 3.Timber Industry. #n.n. (606)

A Summary from the diary of William Yabsley, Snr., the year 1868. Sydney, the author, 1982.

1.Yabsley, William, 1812-1880 – Diaries. 2.Diaries (Yabsley). I. Yabsley, William, 1812-1880. II. Diary of… #1982.50.1

Some events from the diary of William Yabsley, Jnr., 13.3.1863 to 28.5.1922. Sydney, the author, 1982.

1.Yabsley, William, 1843-1922 – Diaries. 2.Diaries (Yabsley). I. Yabsley, William, 1843-1922. II. Diary of… #1982.50.2

Diary of William Yabsley, 1868: index. Sydney, the author, 1982. Typewritten.

1.Yabsley, William, 1812-1880 – Diaries – Index, 1868. 2.Diaries (Yabsley). I. Yabsley, William, 1812-1880. II. Diary of… #2002.175.1

William Yabsley, Master of Coraki, 1812-1880: a biography, [from] research by Louise Tiffany Daley. Manilla, T.J. Yabsley, 1983.

1.Yabsley, William, 1812-1880. 2.Coraki – History. 3.Timber Industry. 4.Ships and Shipbuilding. I. Daley, Louise Tiffany. #1983.45.1

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