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Revised Procedures for Travel Arrangements

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Revised Procedures for Travel Arrangements
Starting 2008, All Nippon Airways (ANA) contributed tickets from the U.S. to Japan for American grantees. JUSEC just learned from ANA that it will contribute 30 one-way tickets for 2011 American Fulbrighters. JUSEC is most appreciative of this support from the private sector which enables it to award more grants than normally possible. While the limitations placed by these tickets may cause some inconveniences, your cooperation and appreciation to ANA as a Fulbrighter are requested.
A. All travel benefits for grantees (and primary dependents, if applicable) are provided in the form of actual tickets.
B. The primary dependent who is entitled to receive travel from JUSEC must be identified on the Travel Request Form. (Please see Terms and Conditions p.8)
C. The entire or a major portion of flights to arrive in Japan will be on All Nippon Airways (ANA) contribution tickets.
D. U.S. domestic travel portions: If there is a portion(s) within the travel entitlement that cannot be covered by an ANA ticket due to unavailability of ANA flights, JUSEC will provide a ticket arranged through JUSEC’s contracted travel agent.
E. When all 30 one-way ANA donation tickets have been used, grantees will receive air tickets through JUSEC’s contracted travel agent. In this case, the grantee may not be traveling on an ANA ticket since JUSEC travel regulations stipulate issue of a ticket on the most economical and direct flight.

ANA Donation Ticket Regulations

1. The ANA ticket to be issued will be a direct flight ticket originating from one of the 4 gateway cities listed below to Tokyo. No stopover is permitted en route. If a grantee wishes to make stopovers en route for personal or professional reasons, s/he will receive an ANA ticket only from the final point of departure to Japan.

ANA donation tickets are available only from the following gateway cities:

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Washington, DC

Chicago, IL

2. Donation tickets may not be used for flights departing the U.S. on Fridays and Saturdays and during the Embargo periods (5/2-5/8, 8/13-8/20 and 1/1-1/3). If grantees must depart the U.S. during the above period, JUSEC will arrange tickets through JUSEC’s contracted agent.

3. The ANA ticket to be issued to the grantee will be for "economy" class, not "business", "executive", or "first" class. The nature of the ticket will be (1) non-refundable (non-cashable), (2) non-transferable (unable to give to another person), (3) non-reroutable (unable to change the route), and (4) non-upgradable (unable to change the class by adding personal funds).
4. Once an ANA ticket is issued, any changes are NOT permitted.
5. ANA requires the grantee to list three possible departure dates due to availability. ANA may ask grantees to change the departure airport if all three possible departure dates are fully booked.
6. JUSEC will NOT cover domestic travel for grantees making stop-over(s) for personal reasons and only the ANA donation ticket from the final point of departure to Japan will be provided (see above list of gateway cities).
7. If a grantee resides in Boston, s/he may fly from Chicago or Washington, D.C. In this case, JUSEC will provide a separate ticket for Boston-Chicago or Boston-Washington, DC. If the Chicago-Tokyo or Washington, DC-Tokyo flights are fully booked, then the grantee residing in Boston may be asked to fly from San Francisco, in which case JUSEC will provide a ticket for the Boston-San Francisco portion.

Procedure for Arranging Japan-Bound Travel

1. Grantees must submit the Travel Request Form to JUSEC at least 3 months prior to the expected date of departure. Since transportation on alternate carriers will NOT be reimbursed, grantees must make certain that s/he receives the ANA ticket by the departure date, or s/he will automatically lose the benefit.

If the primary dependent is eligible for dependent travel with the grantee, s/he should be included in Form 1 (a). If s/he traveling separately, Form 1 (b) should also be submitted. When submitting the travel form (Form 1), please send copies of the biographic page (page with your photo) in the passport for each individual whose travel arrangements are to be made by JUSEC. This is in order to avoid confusion on the name of the reservation. The name on the reservation and ticket must be exactly the same as it appears on the passport.
2. After authorizing the travel plans requested on the Travel Request Form(s), JUSEC will submit the form (s) to the ANA Los Angeles office which will make reservations in accordance with the itinerary indicated on the form(s). The ANA Los Angeles office will not contact grantees directly.
3. When reservations on the preferred flights are impossible or extremely difficult, grantees will be asked to fly on another day or fly from a different international airport.
Delay in submitting Travel Request Form(s) may result in unavailability of a ticket for the desired departure date and a subsequent loss of the travel benefit.

  1. Issuance of ANA e-ticket: After flight reservations are confirmed, an e-ticket will be issued by the ANA Los Angeles office. JUSEC will then inform grantees regarding the reservation number and website for a downloadable e-ticket. Once an e-ticket is issued, the grantee cannot change the departure date/departure airport. Therefore, an e-ticket will not be issued until about one month before the grantee’s departure date.

Seat assignments and a special requests for meals should be made by the grantee after the e-ticket is issued. After the e-ticket is issued, JUSEC will inform the grantee of the telephone number to ANA’s U.S. operation office.

5. For the portion(s) within the travel entitlement that cannot be covered by an ANA ticket, a connecting ticket will be provided through Kintetsu International (see below) after the ANA portion is confirmed. Kintetsu International will send an e-ticket to the grantee directly.
KIE/Kintetsu International

1290 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 900, New York NY 10104

Tel: 212-259-9640 Fax: 212-259-9655

If the grantee has more than one dependent (e.g. children) and wishes for all family members to travel together, Kintetsu International can arrange ANA discount tickets for additional family members.

Procedure for Arranging Return Travel
1. For grantees whose grant period is shorter than 6 months, JUSEC will negotiate with ANA to issue a roundtrip ticket.

  1. For grantees whose grant period is longer than 6 months, arrangements for international portions of return travel will be made by JUSEC through Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. in Tokyo. Grantees must submit Return Travel Request Form (Form 11) to JUSEC 2 months before the departure date. Return travel may NOT necessary be on an ANA flight since JUSEC travel regulations stipulate issuance of a ticket on the most economical U.S. or Japanese carrier.

3. With JUSEC's authorization, Kinki Nippon Tourist (see below for contact information) will arrange the grantee's (and the applicable dependent's) return travel.

Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd.

Global Business Management Branch

Sumitomo-Shoji Kanda-Izumi-cho Bldg.,12F

1-13 Kanda-Izumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0024

TEL: 03-6891-9600 FAX: 03-6891-9599


4. JUSEC will provide a ticket for the most direct route from Tokyo to the grantee's U.S. address indicated in the grant authorization. If the grantee wishes to make stopover(s) in cities in the U.S. or other countries, s/he can do so by paying an extra charge.
5. Japan domestic travel will be provided separately in yen cash.
(June 2011)

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