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Restaurant’s with Gluten Free Menus, or that accommodate a gluten free diet

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Disclaimer: The owners, moderators and members of the Las Vegas Celiac Disease Support Group (LVCD SG) are not responsible for the validity of any information on this list or on the LVCD SG website. This information is volunteered to our group to assist members, visitors and newly diagnosed Celiac’s to find a starting point when traveling to Las Vegas, or eating out in the Las Vegas Valley or Henderson. The information is found through members experience and it is the users responsibility to make certain their meal is safe for them to consume.

Restaurant’s with Gluten Free Menus, or that accommodate a gluten free diet.

It’s always a good idea to call ahead and speak with management or a head chef prior to your visit. Updated 8/30/08
The Rainforest Cafe in the MGM near the Lion exhibit. Ask for the head chef.


AJ's at Hard Rock


Nobhill at MGM


Joel Robichon at MGM (get concierge help and these MGM places will cater to ya!)


IN N OUT Burger on Tropicana and I -15 -- (Order a Double Double Cheeseburger, Protein Style, no sauce and cheesy fries well done - YUMMY!...just make sure they put YOUR food in separate bag from others) - Fast Food~


Mesa Grill in Cesar's Palace (Bobby Flay's restaurant)


Joe's Stone Crab and Steakhouse in Cesar's Forum shops

PF Chang’s is in Planet Hollywood as well as locations off the Strip (Flamingo & Paradise)

Pei Wei has locations around the valley including in Henderson 

Outback is just north of Harrah’s - other locations throughout the Valley

Maggiano's in Fashion Show Mall (they have GF Pasta) They don't have a
gluten free menu, but if you talk to the chef they prepare your meal themselves.
To make sure there is no contamination and they will make you fresh gluten free
pasta. It is a little pricey, but well worth it for fresh pasta. You can also ask for the Chicken Parmesan to be made with potato chip crust…it is AWESOME!
Mix Zone Café – Let them know you need Gluten Free they are very knowledgeable and understand the need to use a separate wok and utensils.

2202 W Charleston Blvd, #5, Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-388-0708

Cafe Ba Ba Reeba in Fashion Show Mall


Capitol Grille in Fashion show Mall (they have a GF menu)


Call ahead and talk to the manager or concierge of any of the below places - they will help!!!!!


At the restaurants at the Mirage (Samba, Stack, Kokomo's), the chef will usually come out to the table (as long as you don't come in during peak times)


FIX Steakhouse in Bellagio Casino

Potato Valley Café – On Las Vegas Blvd 702-363-7821 Speak w/ Chef or manager


Stack in Mirage Casino


Samba in Mirage Casino

San Francisco Shrimp Bar & Deli – On Fremont Street Las Vegas 702-385-1906 Speak w/ Chef or manager


The Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay Casino

Trattoria Del Luppo in Mandalay Bay Casino (A Wolfgang Puck Restaurant)
Verandah at The Four Seasons Hotel keeps GF pasta on hand, but if you call in advance and speak with a chef they can accommodate your requests. They also order GF bread and can have it with as little as one day’s notice. View the sample breakfast menu under bakery to see GF bread listed.
Fleming’s has a GF menu on their website, you kinda have to search for it.
Here is a link:
Sir Galahad’s at the Excalibur can accommodate GF

Aureole at the Mandalay Bay can accommodate GF, but call for reservations and let them know ahead of time.

Burger King is in Harrah’s Casino and McDonald’s is just north of Harrah’s

2 places in the Mirage (I think) Wolfgang Puck's grill and

Emmett's Fish house - both are expensive but very knowledgeable and accomodating.
In N Out Burger is on Tropicana and I-15 - their fries are gluten free and yummy - get the burgers "protein style" - they wrap it in lettuce leaves and serve it or you can order it "flying dutchman style", which is just meat and cheese. In any event, tell them to get a manager and that you need your burger cooked away from the grill as they also put the buns near there.


For breakfast: I would either stick to poached eggs, cheese omelets (except IHOP - they put flour in their omelets) or buy from the grocery store. There are grocery stores on Flamingo and on Tropicana - your concierge should be able to assist. If you are willing to drive a bit, we have two whole foods markets in town. Both are around 20 minutes from the hotel (the one in green valley is likely closer). OR - View the sample breakfast menu under bakery to see GF bread listed


Pei Wei

Mimi’s Café

Buca Di Beppo call for gf list

BJ’s Restaurant in Summerlin - Developing a GF Menu 702-853-2300 

Bonefish Grill

Claim Jumpers

Chili’s email for current info

Macaroni Grill email for current info

Market Grill Café

Mix Zone Café

Red Robin America’s Gourmet Burger’s and Spirits, email for info

Tony Roma’s email for up to date info

Denny’s look online for up to date info

Taco Bell look in Nutrition file, then under allergies

McDonalds Look on line for most up to date information

El Polo Loco email them for up to date info

Burger King look online for up to date info

Dairy Queen look online for up to date info

Baskin Robbins look online for up to date info

Wendy’s look online for up to date info

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