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Research Assessment Exercise 2007 University of Oulu

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2b. Complete list of publications

The ’OULUKirjasto’ codes are, [*] = KOTA-statistics:
Foreign or international

1. [*] scientific monograph published abroad,

2. [*] article in a foreign or international scientific journal (refereed journal),

3. [*] article in a foreign or international compilation or conference publication,

4. textbook published abroad,

5. patent published abroad,

6. article or book which doesn’t fit into any other group (for example newspaper article, popularized article, popularized book, lecture hand-out etc.) published abroad ,

7. videotape, audio tape, film, radio programme or computer programme for public distribution published abroad,

8. edited publication published abroad (the informant as editor), translation task published abroad,

9. printed abstract published abroad.


10. [*] scientific monograph published in Finland (except monographs in the university’s own publication series or departmental series) ,

11. [*] article in a Finnish scientific journal (refereed journal),

12. [*] article in a Finnish compilation or conference publication (except in the university’s own publication series or departmental series),

13. [*] publication in the university’s own publication series (other than dissertations),

14. [*] article in the university’s own publication series ,

15. publication in the own university’s departmental series ,

16. article in the own university’s departmental series ,

17. textbook published in Finland ,

18. patent published in Finland ,

19. article or book which doesn’t fit into any other group (for example newspaper article, popularized article, popularized book, lecture hand-out etc.) published in Finland,

20. videotape, audio tape, film, radio programme or computer programme for public distribution published in Finland ,

21. edited publication published in Finland (the informant as editor), translation task published in Finland,

22. printed abstract published in Finland.

2b.1 *Code 1

Year 2001 - None

Plant Ecology

Huttunen Satu, Heikkilä H., Bucher J., Sunberg B., Jarvis P. & Mayssek R. (Eds.)2001. Trends in European Forest Tree Physiology Research. Tree physiology Volume 2, 262 pp.

Year 2002 – 2004 None
Plant Ecology

Glenn, P. J. (Lead author); Barber, V.; Vaganov, E.; Sparrow, S.; Duffy, P. (Contributing authors); Berg, E.; D'Arrigo, R.; Eggertsson, P.; Furyaev, V. V.; Hogg, T.; Huttunen, Satu; Jacoby, G.; Kellomäki, S. et al. Forests, land management and agriculture. Cambridge University 2004, pp.781-862.

Callaghan, T. V. (Lead author); Björn, L. O.; Chapin III, F. S.; Chernov, Y.; Christensen, T. R.; Huntley, B.; Ims, R.; Johansson, M.; Riedlinger, D. J. et al. (Contributing authors); Elster, J. et al. Laine, Kari; Taulavuori, Erja; Taulavuori, Kari Arctic tundra and polar desert ecosystems. Cambridge University 2004, pp. 243-352.
Year 2005 – 2006 None

2b.2 *Code 2

Year 2001

Animal Ecology

Belda, Eduardo J. & Sanchez, A. Seabird mortality on longline fisheries in the western Mediterranean: factors affecting bycatch and proposed mitigating measures. - Biological Conservation, 2001, 98:357-363.

Bokma, Folmer Evolution of body size: limitations of an energetic definition of fitness. - Functional Ecology, 2001, 15:696-699.

Bokma, Folmer; Bokma, J. & Mönkkönen, Mikko Random processes and geographic species richness patterns: why so few species in the north. - Ecography, 2001, 24:43-49.

Forsman, Jukka T. & Mönkkönen, Mikko Responses by breeding birds to heterospecific song and mobbing call - Animal Behaviour, 2001, 62:1067-1073.

Forsman, T. Jukka; Mönkkönen, Mikko & Hukkanen, M. Effects of predation on community assembly and spatial dispersion of breeding forest birds. - Ecology, 2001, 82:232-244.

Härdling, R. & Kaitala, Arja Conflict of interest between sexes over cooperation: a supergame on egg carrying and mating in a coreid bug. - Behavioral Ecology, 2001, 12:659-665.

Heino, Jani Regional gradient analysis of freshwater biota: do similar biogeographic patterns exist among multiple taxonomic groups. - Journal of Biogeography, 2001, 28:69-76.

Imbeau, L.; Mönkkönen, Mikko & Desrochers, A. Long-term effects of forestry on birds of the eastern canadian boreal forests: a comparison with Fennoscandia. - Conservation Biology, 2001, 15:1151-1162.

Jokela, Jukka; Niederegger, S.; Negovetic, S. & Mutikainen, Pia Mode of reproduction, ploidy and fluctuating asymmetry: comparison of co-existing sexual and asexual freshwater snails. - Evolutionary Ecology Research, 2001, 3:969-984.

Kaitala, Arja & Katvala, Mari Sexual interactions and conspecific exploitation in an egg-carrying bug. - Annales Zoologici Fennici, 2001, 38:215-221.

Kaitala, Arja; Härdling, R.; Katvala, Mari; Ordonez, R. M. & Miettinen, M. Is nonparental egg carrying parental care. - Behavioral Ecology, 2001, 12:367-368.

Kaitala, V. & Kaitala, Arja Altruism, intraspecific parasitism and reciprocity: egg carrying in the golden egg bug. - Annales Zoologici Fennici, 2001, 38:223-228.

Katvala, Mari & Kaitala, Arja Egg performance on an egg-carrying bug. Experiments in the field. - OIKOS, 2001, 93:188-193.

Katvala, Mari & Kaitala, Arja Male choice for current female fecundity in a polyandrous egg-carrying bug. - Animal Behaviour, 2001, 61:133-137.

Kinnunen, Heli; Huttunen, Satu & Laakso, Kirsi UV-absorbing compounds and waxes of Scots pine needles during a third growing season of supplemental UV-B. - Environmental Pollution, 2001, 112:215-220.

Komonen, A.; Siitonen, J. & Mutanen, Marko Insects inhabiting two old-growth forest polypore species. - Entomologica Fennica, 2001, 12:3-14.

Kvist, Laura; Martens, J.; Ahola, A. & Orell, Markku Phylogeography of a Palaearctic sedentary passerine, the willow tit (Parus montanus). - Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2001, 14:930-941.

Laine, Anne Effects of peatland drainage on the size and diet of yearling salmon in a humic northern river. - Archiv für Hydrobiologie, 2001, 151:83-99.

Laine, Anne; Heikkinen, K. & Sutela, T. Incubation success of brown trout (Salmo trutta) eggs in boreal humic rivers affected by peatland drainage. - Archiv für Hydrobiologie, 2001, 150:289-305.

Lummaa, V.; Jokela, Jukka & Haukioja, E. Gender difference in benefits of twinning in pre-industrial humans: boys did not pay. - Journal of Animal Ecology, 2001, 70:739-746.

Negovetic, S. & Jokela, Jukka Life-history variation, phenotypic plasticity, and subpopulation structure in a freshwater snail. - Ecology, 2001, 820:2805-2815.

Reif, Vitali; Tornberg, Risto; Jungell, S. & Korpimäki, E. Diet variation of common buzzards in Finland supports the alternative prey hypothesis. - Ecography, 2001, 24:267-274.

Rytkönen, Seppo & Orell, Markku Great tits, Parus major, lay too many eggs: experimental evidence in mid-boreal habitats. - OIKOS, 2001, 93:439-450.

Tay, Wee Tek & Crozier, R. H. Mating behaviour of Rhytidponera sp. 12 ants inferred from microsatellite analysis. - Molecular Ecology, 2001, 10:167-173.

Tornberg, Risto & Colpaert, Alfred Survival, ranging, habitat choice and diet of the Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentilis during winter in Northern Finland. - Ibis, 2001, 143:41-50.

Animal Physiology

Dezawa, M.; Mo, X.; Oshitari, T.; Takano, M.; Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno; Sawada, H. & Eguchi, E. Effects of light and darkness on cell deaths in damaged retinal ganglion cells of the carp retina. - Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis, 2001, 61:85-91.

Gal, J.; Horvath, G. & Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno Measurement of the reflection - polarization pattern of the flat water surface under a clear sky at sunset. - Remote Sensing of Environment, 2001, 76:103-111.

Gal, J.; Horvath, G.; Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Wehner, R. Polarization patterns of the summer sky and its neutral points measured by full-sky imaging polarimetry in Finnish Lapland north of the Arctic Circle. - Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A, 2001, 457:1385-1399.

Golozoubova, V.; Hohtola, Esa; Matthias, A.; Jacobsson, A.; Cannon, B. & Nedergaard, J. Only UCP1 can mediate adaptive nonshivering thermogenesis in the cold. - FASEB Journal, 2001, 15:2048-2050.

Hariyama, T.; Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno; Kawauchi, T.; Takaku, Y. & Tsukahara, Y. Diurnal changes in retinula cell sensitivities and receptive fields (two-dimensional angular sensitivity functions) in the apposition eyes of Ligia exotica (Crustacea, Isopoda). - Journal of Experimental Biology, 2001, 204:239-248.

Liukkonen-Anttila, Tuija; Kentala, A. & Hissa, Raimo Tannins - a dietary problem for hand-reared grey partridge Perdix perdix after release. - Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C, 2001, 130:237-248.

Mänttäri, Satu; Pyörnilä, Ahti; Harjula, Riitta & Järvilehto, Matti Expression of L-type calcium channels associated with postnatal development of skeletal muscle function in mouse. - Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility, 2001, 22:61-67.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno Crustacean eye: Dark/light adaptation, polarization sensitivity, flicker fusion frequency, and photoreceptor damage. - Zoological Science, 2001, 18:1175-1197.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno Light of my life - messages in the dark. - Biologist, 2001, 48:163-167.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Bobkova, M. V. Anatomical and ultrastructural comparison of the eyes of two species of aquatic, pulmonate gastropods: the bioluminescent Latia neritoides and the non-luminescent Ancylus fluviatilis. - New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 2001, 35:739-750.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno & Liddle, A. R. Some ecological and ethological observations on Hendea myersi cavernicola (Chelicerata: Arachnida: Opiliones), a seeing troglobite. - Natura Croatica, 2001, 10:133-140.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno; Au, D. & Keskinen, E. Photoreception in fishlice (Branchiura): The eyes of Argulus foliaceus Linné, 1758 and A. coregoni Thorell, 1865. - Acta Parasitologica, 2001, 46:321-331.

Meyer-Rochow, V. Benno; Royuela, M.; Fraile, B. & Paniagua, R. Smooth muscle proteins as intracellular components of the chromatophores of the Antarctic fishes Pagothenia borchgrevinki and Trematomus bernacchii (Nototheniidae). - Protoplasma, 2001, 218:24-30.

Säkkinen, Hannele; Stien, A.; Holand, Ø.; Hove, K.; Eloranta, Eija; Saarela, Seppo & Ropstad, E. Plasma urea, creatinine, and urea: Creatinine ratio in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) and in Svalbard reindeer (Rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus) during defined feeding conditions and in the field. - Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 2001, 74:907-916.


Fernandez-Escudero, I.; Seppä, P. & Pamilo, Pekka Dependent colony founding in the ant Proformica longiseta. - Insectes Sociaux, 2001, 48:80-82.

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Nilsson, J.; Gross, R.; Asplund, T.; Dove, O.; Jansson, H.; Kelloniemi, J.; Kohlmann, K.; Löytynoja, A.; Nielsen, E. E.; Paaver, T.; Primmer, C. R.; Titov, S.; Vasemägi, A.; Veselov, A.; Öst, T. & Lumme, Jaakko Matrilinear phylogeography of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in Europe and postglacial colonization of the Baltic Sea area. - Molecular Ecology, 2001, 10:89-102.

Päällysaho, Seliina; Huttunen, Susanna & Hoikkala, Anneli Identification of X chromosomal restriction fragment length polymorphism markers and their use in a gene localization study in Drosophila virilis and D. littoralis. - Genome, 2001, 44:242-248.

Pirk, D. W. W.; Neumann, P.; Moritz, E. F. A. & Pamilo, Pekka Intranest relatedness and nestmate recognition in the meadow ant Formica pratensis (R.). - Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 2001, 49:366-374.

Ritchie, M. G.; Saarikettu, Mari; Livingstone, S. & Hoikkala, Anneli Characterization of female preference functions for Drosophila montana courtship song and a test of the temperature coupling hypothesis. - Evolution, 2001, 55:721-727.

Ruokonen, Minna; Kvist, Laura; Tegelström, H. & Lumme, Jaakko Goose hybrids, captive breeding and restocking of the Fennoscandian populations of the lesser white-fronted goose (Anser erythropus). - Conservation Genetics, 2000, 1:277-283.

Vieira, J. & Hoikkala, Anneli Variability levels, populations size and structure of American and European Drosophila montana populations. - Heredity, 2001, 86:506-511.

Wang, X-R.; Szmidt, A. E. & Savolainen, Outi Genetic composition and diploid hybrid speciation of a high mountain pine, Pinus densata, native to the Tibetan plateau. - Genetics, 2001, 159:337-346.

Yu, N.; Zhao, Z.; Fu, Y-X.; Sambuughin, N.; Ramsay, M.; Jenkins, T.; Leskinen, Elina; Patthy, L.; Jorde, L. B.; Kuromori, T. & Li, W-H. Global patterns of human DNA sequence variation in a 10-kb region on chromosome 1. - Molecular Biology Evolution, 2001, 18:214-222.
Plant Ecology

Aflatuni, A.; Heikkinen, K.; Tomperi, P.; Jalonen, J. & Laine, Kari Variation in the extract composition of mints of different origin cultivated in Finland. - Journal of Essential Oil Research, 2000, 12:462-466.

Bråthen, K. A. & Oksanen, Jari Reindeer reduce biomass of preferred plant species. - Journal of Vegetation Science, 2001, 12:473-480.

Dudle, D. A.; Mutikainen, Pia & Delph, L. F. Genetics of sex determination in the gynodioecious species Lobelia siphilitica: evidence from two populations. - Heredity, 2001, 86:265-276.

Haapala, A.; Muotka, T. & Markkola, Annamari Breakdown and macroinvertebrate and fungal colonization of alder, birch, and willow leaves in a boreal forest stream. - Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 2001, 20:395-407.

Härdling, R.; Smith, H. G.; Jormalainen, V. & Tuomi, Juha Resolution of evolutionary conflicts: costly behaviours enforce the evolution of cost-free competition. - Evolutionary Ecology Research, 2001, 3:829-844.

Hautala, H.; Tolvanen, Anne & Nuortila, Carolin Regeneration strategies of dominant boreal forest dwarf shrubs in response to selective removal of understorey layers. - Journal of Vegetation Science, 2001, 12:503-510.

Huhta, Ari-Pekka; Hellström, Kalle; Rautio, Pasi & Tuomi, Juha Test of the compensatory continuum: fertilization increases and below-ground competition decreases the grazing tolerance of tall wormseed mustard (Erysimum strictum). - Evolutionary Ecology, 2001, 14:353-372.

Huhta, Ari-Pekka; Lennartsson, T.; Tuomi, Juha; Rautio, Pasi & Laine, Kari Tolerance of Gentianella campestris in relation to damage intensity: an interplay between apical dominance and herbivory. - Evolutionary Ecology, 2001, 14:373-392.

Huhta, Ari-Pekka; Rautio, Pasi; Tuomi, Juha & Laine, Kari Restorative mowing on an abandoned semi-natural meadow: short-term and predicted long-term effects. - Journal of Vegetation Science, 2001, 12:677-686.

Juenger, T.; Lennartsson, T. & Tuomi, Juha Evolution of tolerance to damage in Gentianella campestris: natural selection and the quantitative genetics of tolerance. - Evolutionary Ecology, 2001, 14:393-419.

Kinnunen, Heli; Huttunen, Satu & Laakso, Kirsi UV-absorbing compounds and waxes of Scots pine needles during a third growing season of supplemental UV-B. - Environmental Pollution, 2001, 112:215-220.

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Kytöviita, Minna-Maarit; Le Thiec, D. & Dizengremel, P. Elevated CO2 and ozone reduce nitrogen acquisition by Pinus halepensis from its mycorrhizal symbiont. - Physiologia plantarum, 2001, 111:305-312.

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Mustajärvi, K.; Siikamäki, Pirkko; Rytkönen, S. & Lammi, A. Consequences of plant population size and densit for plant-pollinator interactions and plant performance. - Journal of Ecology, 2001, 89:80-87.

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Puustinen, S. & Mutikainen, Pia Host-parasite-herbivore interactions: implications of host cyanogenesis. - Ecology, 2001, 82:2059-2071.

Roitto, M.; Strömmer, R.; Ahonen-Jonnarth, U.; Hyvärinen, Marko & Markkola, Anna Mari Does the lichen mat alleviate the effects of wet deposited nickel on soil microorganisms and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings. - Plant and Soil, 2001, 230:267-277.

Salminen, J.; van Gestel, C. A. M. & Oksanen, Jari Pollution-induced community tolerance and functional redundancy in a decomposer food web in metal-stressed soil. - Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 2001, 20:2287-2295.

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Virtanen, Risto; Muotka, T. & Saksa, M. Species richness - standing crop relationship in stream bryophyte communities: patterns across multiple scales. - Journal of Ecology, 2001, 89:14-20.

Plant Physiology

Jaakola, Laura; Pirttilä, Anna Maria & Hohtola, Anja cDNA blotting offers an alternative method for gene expression studies. - Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 2001, 19:125-128.

Jaakola, Laura; Pirttilä, Anna Maria; Halonen, Minna & Hohtola, Anja Isolation of high quality RNA from bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) fruit. - Molecular Biotechnology, 2001, 19:201-203.

Jaakola, Laura; Tolvanen, Anne; Laine, Kari & Hohtola, Anja Effect of N6-isopentenyladenine concentration on growth initiation in vitro and rooting of bilberry and lingonberry microshoots. - Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, 2001, 66:73-77.

Pirttilä, Anna Maria; Hirsikorpi, M.; Kämäräinen, Terttu; Jaakola, Laura & Hohtola, Anja DNA isolation methods for medicinal and aromatic plants. - Plant Molecular Biology Reporter, 2001, 19:273a-273f.

Taulavuori, Erja; Hellström, Eeva-Kaisa; Taulavuori, Kari & Laine, Kari Comparison of two methods used to analyse lipid peroxidation from Vaccinium myrtillus (L.) during snow removal, reaclimation and cold acclimation. - Journal of Experimental Botany, 2001, 525:2375-2380.

Taulavuori, Kari; Taulavuori, Erja; Niinimaa, Ahti & Laine, Kari Acceleration of frost hardening in Vaccinium vitis- idaea by nitrogen fertilization. - Oecologia, 2001, 127:321-323.

Year 2002

Animal Ecology

Bergström, J.; Wiklund, C. & Kaitala, Arja Natural variation in female mating frequency in a polyandrous butterfly: effects of size and age. - Animal Behaviour, 2002, 64:49-54.

Bokma, Folmer Detection of punctuated equilibrium from molecular phylogenies. - Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 2002, 15:1048-1056.

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Wiehn, J.; Kopp, Kirstin; Rezzonico, Stefano; Karttunen, Satu & Jokela, Jukka Family-level covariation between parasite resistance and mating system in a hermaphroditic freshwater snail. - Evolution, 2002, 56:1454-1461.

Wullschleger, E. B. & Jokela, Jukka Morphological plasticity and divergence in life-history traits between two closely related freshwater snails, Lymnaea ovata and Lymnaea peregra. - Journal of Molluscan Studies, 2002, 68, p. 1-5.

Wullschleger, E. B.; Wiehn, J. & Jokela, Jukka Reproductive character displacement between the closely related freshwater snails Lymnaea peregra and L. ovata. - Evolutionary Ecology Research, 2002, 4:247-257.

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