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Request for the Attendance of the Mayor and/or Mayoress of Rochdale

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Request for the Attendance of the Mayor and/or Mayoress of Rochdale

Please complete the following and attach all requested information before returning this form. The attendance of the Mayor and/or Mayoress cannot be guaranteed if sufficient information is not supplied.

Please note that a minimum of 7 days notice is required for all engagements.

1. Do you require the attendance of: (please place a tick in the appropriate box)
The Mayor and Mayoress  The Mayor  The Mayoress 
(It is not always possible for the Mayor and Mayoress to attend together but every effort will be made to comply with your request)
2. If the Mayor/Mayoress are not available, do you wish your invitation to be extended to their Deputies?

(Please note that the Deputies may only attend if the Mayor and Mayoress are not already on an engagement. They may only double up in exceptional circumstances, in accordance with the Mayor’s Office).

Yes  No 

3. Details of Function:

Name of Event:

Full address where Event will be held:

Date of Event:

Time Event commences:

Time you require Mayor/Mayoress to arrive:

Time Event ends (approx):

Time Mayor/Mayoress may conveniently leave:

Location at which Mayor/Mayoress should arrive (e.g. front entrance):

Name of person who will receive Mayor and/or Mayoress on arrival:

4. Please give full details of Organisation/Association/Individual requesting Mayoral attendance:

Name of Organisation/Organisers:

Address of Organisation/Organisers:

Contact Person(s):

Daytime Tel No:

Mobile Tel No:

Email address:

Out of Hours No

(in case the Mayor’s Attendant needs to contact the organiser at the event):

Important: Please attach brief details/history of your organisation, where possible


Please state where the Mayor’s car can be parked:

Will a space be reserved for the Mayor’s car? Yes  No 

6. Dress Code:
Will any part of the event take place outside? Yes  No 
If yes, will there be shelter in case of bad weather? Yes  No 
Please state mode of dress required for ladies Evening Gown  Cocktail Dress  Smart 

Please state mode of dress required for men: Dinner Jackets Morning Suit  Lounge Suits 

Other, please specify:

7. Refreshments –

None  Light  Buffet  Meal 

Will the Mayor/Mayoress be required to purchase any refreshments? Yes  No 
Will the Attendant/Chauffeur be provided with food/refreshments? Yes  No 
8. Is the function being held in aid of charity? Yes  No 

If ‘yes’ please state name of benefiting charity:

9. Will the local press be in attendance? Yes  No 


Please state exactly what is required of Mayor/Mayoress:

eg attendance only, photoshoot, cutting a ribbon, tour of premises, presenting certificates etc

11. Do you wish the Mayor/Mayoress to make a speech/say a few words: Yes  No 

If your answer is yes, please see note below

Important: If ‘yes’ – please attach draft notes or a list of any points you would like the Mayor/Mayoress to mention in the speech including people who should be thanked/congratulated.
Please return this form to:

By e-mail:

By post: The Mayor’s Officer, PO Box 15, Town Hall, Rochdale, OL16 1AB

By fax: 01706 924848
Important: In order for you to receive maximum benefit from the attendance of the Mayoralty, please attach as much information as you can about your event, e.g. brief history of the event, reason why event is held, programme/itinerary for the day etc.

Please attach a map where/if necessary.

If you require any further information, please contact The Mayor’s Officer on 01706 924832.

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