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Republic of Belarus Proposed Energy Efficiency Project Environmental Assessment

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E1974 v1 rev

Republic of Belarus
Proposed Energy Efficiency Project
Environmental Assessment

(Borisov and Mogilev sites)
Final Report

February 2009

Executive Summary

This environmental assessment was conducted in 2008 to evaluate possible impacts of an energy efficiency project proposed for World Bank financing. The main type of project intervention is the conversion of heat-only-boilers in two Belarusian cities of Borisov and Mogilev to gas-fired combined heat and power plants. An Environmental Management Plan has been prepared to mitigate and monitor the project’s adverse environmental impact.
The following conclusions emerged from the environmental assessment of the proposed EEP:

  • The environmental study confirms that the proposed EEP falls under the Category ‘B’ according to the provisions of the World Bank Operational Policy 4.01, ‘Environmental Assessment’.

  • The project will have predominantly positive impacts on the environment and human health from reduced air pollution at the national level from reduced amount of fossil fuels burned.

  • The anticipated adverse environmental impacts will occur during both, construction and operation stages. It is not expected that the project will affect human populations or involve significant conversion or degradation of natural habitats, or have significant negative impact on forest ecosystems. The proposed mitigation measures will reduce the adverse impacts and be readily designed.

  • Air pollution can increase at the locations of the Borisov and Mogilev sites due to the increase in the amount of fuel burned. However, according to the emissions modelling exercises conducted for the above sites, it is not expected that the increased local air pollution in the sites’ air shed will exceed the established national standards.


Executive Summary ii

Contents iii

List of Abbreviations iv

1. Introduction 1

2. Background 1

2.1.Project Description 1

2.2.Institutional Framework 2

1.3.Baseline conditions 6

3. Potential Environmental Impacts 7

3.1Mogilev. 7

3.2Borisov. 10

4. Consultations and Information Disclosure 13

5. Conclusions and Recommendations 13

6. Environmental Management Plan 14

6.1Mogilev 14

6.2Borisov 19


APPENDIX 1. List of Persons Consulted.

APPENDIX 2A. Map of Belarus, showing the location of the interventions proposed under the Borisov and Mogilev sites component.

APPENDIX 2B. Location of the Boiler House #3 in Borisov.

APPENDIX 2C. Location of the Boiler House #3 in Mogilev.

APPENDIX 3. EIA procedural framework.

APPENDIX 4. Minutes of a public consultation meeting dedicated to the Environmental Assessment.

APPENDIX 5. Detailed emissions modeling exercise: borisov CHP

List of Abbreviations


Combined Heat and Power


Environmental Assessment


Energy Efficiency Department of the Committee for Standardization


Energy Efficiency Project


Environmental Impact Assessment


Environmental Management Plan




Maximum Allowable Concentrations


Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus


Ministry of Housing and Utilities


Public Health Regulation


Project Management Unit


Public Utility Company


State Environmental Review


World Bank

  1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to provide an Environmental Assessment (EA) of proposed infrastructure investments to be undertaken under the Energy Efficiency Project (EEP).

The EA was carried out in March 2008– February 2009 and encompassed site visits, meeting with the relevant Belarusian specialists and WB environmental experts (see Appendix 1 for a full list of persons consulted), analysis of project’s related information available, review of the pertinent Belarusian legislation and public consultations on the EA findings. The results of environmental impact assessment (EIA), which included pollutants emission modelling exercise, studies conducted for the Borisov and Mogilev sites where used in this EA.
Based on the assessment’s results, Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been prepared for the Borisov and Mogilev sites. The EMPs contain summary of the project’s possible adverse environmental impacts, and measures proposed to mitigate these negative effects, along with plans for environmental monitoring

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