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Registration forms must be received by April 20t

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Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in the Rio Salado M1 Highpower Clinic.

If you would answer the follow questions & return this page with your fees & Affidavit we will add you to the Clinic.

We will need this form filled out for each person you are registering.

Registration forms must be received by April 20th. 2016.

If you can not attend the class & you notify us before the 20th so that we can contact people on the waiting list we will refund your entry fee.

1. Name      

2. I will need to use a club gun. Yes  M1 Garand  AR15 

If you use a Club gun you must purchase Club Ammunition
3. I will use my own rifle and bring my own ammunition (kind/model)


(No Tracer or Armor parsing)
4. I will be purchasing Club Ammunition. Yes  30-06  223 
5. Are you between 14 and 18 years of age Yes? 

$35 for Adults

$20 for Juniors

$30.00 for 35 rounds of Ammunition

You must have the Affidavit Form filled out and notarized and mailed in prior to the class.

E-mail a copy of this form to Michael Kohrs so you get on the list pending the receipt of you payment & Affidavit!!!

Postal Mail fees check and registration form(s) to address below.
Fees must be paid at time of registration by check made out to Rio Salado highpower.

Send check to:

Rio Salado Highpower

P.O. Box 12692

Chandler, AZ 85248
Thank You

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