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References from First Edition of ‘Voluntary Food Intake and Diet Selection’ by j m forbes, published by cab international, Wallingford, uk, 1995

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References from First Edition of ‘Voluntary Food Intake and Diet Selection’ by J M Forbes, published by CAB International, Wallingford, UK, 1995

This list is provided for the benefit of readers of the Second Edition (2007) in which fewer references are quoted. Using Word’s find facility it should be possible to identify references of interest as long as the original authors were careful to use appropriate words in the titles of their articles.

The list has been scanned from the original text and checked for errors in character recognition. However, this checking has not been rigorous and the reader is urged to use common sense should any unexpected characters be found! If you’re going to quote one of these references you should check the bibliographic details as well as looking at the original paper or book!

This list is made available with the permission of CAB International

J Mike Forbes, Leeds, July 2007


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