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Ref. No. Date 25-04-09

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Ref. No.___________ Date 25-04-09


ABC University

Subject: National Conference on “Role of Libraries in creating knowledge Society”, being held from 11-12 May 2009 at Islamabad.
Dear Member:

It is an excellent tradition of the Pakistan Library Association to organize a national conference by the PLA Headquarters at the end of two years term. Although PLA Headquarter was at Quetta, Baluchistan, but due to security reasons, they decided to continue the tradition and requested PLA, Federal Branch to organize the conference at Islamabad on their behalf.

In this perspective, PLA, Federal Branch feels pleasure to accept this responsibility and come forward to organize the National Conference 2009 in accordance with the aspirations of the members of this august body. Theme of the Conference is “Role of Libraries in creating knowledge Society. The venue for this conference is the International Islamic University, Faisal Mosque Campus, Islamabad. It will be held from May 11-12, 2009.
The objectives of the Conference are, to bring together library professionals to a common platform, promote the cause of the library profession, improve capacity building, meet the present and future needs of knowledge society and to further develop professional competency.

You are invited to attend this conference and avail the opportunity to share with your fellow professionals under one roof. We are expecting more than 500 hundred delegates from all over the country representing all types of intuitions. We are writing special recommendatory letters to the heads of the Institutions to facilitate the member’s participation in this unique event. Members are requested to inform the organizers, if they need to approach their institutional heads in case of any lapse.

All necessary information about the conference has been updated on the PLA (FB) Website at: For further queries, please contact:

Mr. Muhammad Shafique Cell: 0333-5216165

Miss Sidra Shan Cell: 0334-5444918 E-mail:
Looking forward for your participation in the conference.

Yaqub Ali
PLA Conference2009
Tel: +92 (51) 9257955 Fax: +92 (51) 9258054

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