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Radioactivity Neutralization Methods

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Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR)/the ‘red shift’ 

This is not a shift evident of the universe rapidly expanding! It is a delay and slowing of field waves made possible by the presence of galaxies which have higher boson formats! Light is delayed by glass, right? You may recall how you will see only blue light through thick glass. Wouldn't this oppose the theory? No. The medium for all interactions is based on format 3, as Earth is at a distance from the galaxy to give its surrounding bosons and average of format 3. Microwaves do not pass through metal correct? If galaxies have format 4 as a minimum close-in, wouldn't it be assumed that this would at least delay such waves? 

Unifying Field Theory with Projective Geometry
This section is dedicated to making sense out of particle physics. For long, so many have theorized methods of explaining all particle interactions with one theory, yet have neglected the use of a projectively geometrical approach – which can be the only way to encompass the true meaning of space and time. I have made this website easy to understand for both the complete novice and advanced physicist.
The missing link is bosons. This is not a pseudoscience. Fermions only have spin because of bosons. The bosons are the medium for this, as they ‘FORMAT’ space, allowing time to happen. These particles, known to be the largest, have been neglected since until now fermions (obvious interacting particles such as quarks) interacting only with the totally theoretic and imaginary photons, have been used to explain too much. The same goes for strings with p and d branes. The illusion math gives is a near perfect solution. But to encompass the true meaning of space and time, how can one assume that any branch geometrical concept (think about this, really), can truly encompass the true meaning of space and time!!!!! If it works, it must be translatable to one simple sentence, as it was so well put by Einstein. 
Why haven't the bosons been introduced into the equations made by our so called ‘modern day’ physicists? In the shadow of the boson particles, all matter retains alignment with space and time, and while photons show a method of explaining interaction, fools forget to continue the pursuit of explaining particle physics with just particles. Euclidian geometric equations base this photon activity on dual geometric planes of movement – which have no basis for either their existence nor fuel for movement!!! 
On the left, you have our modern day physicist’s basic plan for an atom, utilizing ‘p branes’ in the ‘M theory’. On the right, you have my modification, wherein bosons surround the atom, and all interactions work through wave reflection only. The 2 ideas are close to being the same, yet one method may use ONLY particles. This theory doesn't sell with physics professors, since I've found it difficult to translate my projective idea into math without higher math schooling. The solution is however obvious, since the modification is basic in principle. The wave reflections form particle vortex centrifuges (a natural method of particle separation and confinement). No photons then, just waves through particle fields as neutrinos (initially) fuel the movement of this interaction. 
The vortex concept:

This describes the basic idea of a vortex: Two or more particle weights come in, are separated in a centrifugal action, and are released. Not shown here is how one or the other of the subjects may be routed to re-enter the flow. In particle physics, the smaller particles will constantly re-enter the flow in low radius groupings, while the large and heavy are either lost from the loop or simply continue looping at a larger radius with decreased speed.

The Higgs boson, largest particle known, has 0 spin. This shouldn't mean it does nothing! They are the MEDIUM for every interaction – a yang for the yin. These format space since neutrinos move through the universe in such a way to keep them in order/format (format explained below). Not only are bosons THE missing link to explaining absolutely everything, but in absolution, these also provide us with the necessary tool to make complete and logical hypothesis of methods for creating anti-gravity, and or, particle thrust machines, as well as final solutions in breaking down riddles in chemistry.
Any element in the periodic table is explained with ease, as well as any of the forces. The theory goes like this: Space is an infinite sea of bosons in an infinite universe (not expanding and no ‘Big Bang’. ) Space everywhere would be like this, without matter, if it weren't for black holes. Black holes inhale bosons, break them down, and exhale small parts which are all other particles. (Stephen Hawking once theorized this). The unequivocal proof of this, and the demise of ideological photon theorems are in part as follows:
Sideband emission from black holes, evidence that the fabric of space/time is stretched. 

(Links to article ‘Observing Lense-Thirring Precession’.)

The OTHER EVIDENCE (links to a Hubble telescope photo) to support this theory has come to light – a new class of black holes has been discovered [ref: NASA HQ Press Release, April 13th, 1999.] In our galaxy for example, dual funnels inhale bosons, while quarks, leptons, mesons, pions, kaons, etc... are all released from the center. As a sea of bosons moves in, a sea of its parts moves out much faster for equal weight exchange. This flow opposition is what makes time's passage, as most evidently neutrinos passing between atoms at light speed cause the atom to ocsillate from within!! Just because stars are swallowed by black holes does not mean the overall action of this excludes the galaxy's black hole from growing. This is only an example of natural growth. At a point away from the galaxy, usually at arm's ends, particles fuse/freeze again to become bosons (a never-ending cycle in a never-ending universe). Any body of matter in this theory then, should have an accompanying black hole, and based on this new evidence of the existence of black holes having a mass 100 to 10,000 times the mass of the sun *(click on link above ‘Latest Evidence’), it should be more than obvious that black holes not only make the galaxy, and make time as neutrinos and other particles are released to fuel the movement of atoms, but allow for 7 dimensions as well. (Dimensions explained below). Dimension number (number of dimensions or dimension number? Vesperman) rises closer in to the galaxy’s center. Galaxies put a dent in space and time (time moves slower within), and causes an inhalation of any wave passing the galaxy, which is why CMBR SLOWS WHEN PASSING THROUGH GALAXIES BECAUSE EACH GALAXY HAS A DUAL FUNNEL BLACK HOLE INSIDE.
Previously, there were only two known classes of black holes, the ‘supermassive’, and the ‘stellar’. Astrophysicists representing the Naval Research Lab. N.W. Univ. and the University of California at Berkley, who collaborated in the discovery of antimatter emission, appearing as a burst of steam spurting upward from the yolk of a fried egg, should have easily deduced then, that all galaxies have black holes within, and likewise, must consider these not as something which could only cause the demise of a galaxy, but could very well be what makes a galaxy work! 
As flow opposition is minimal away from the galaxy, the format is 3, while closer to the galaxy’s center, format 9 is present. The number of bosons in a 'format' rises when flow opposition between bosons and their smaller parts increases in pressure. The pressure may prevent electrons from orbiting in format 4, while replacing them with mesons responsible for the thermal spectrum. Format 4 fully active exists just at light speed. (The element copper is format 4, which is why it sheds light under current passing, as electrons are disrupting its synchronous meson interactions). Later I will mention more on the elements. Elements have formats based on how much they have to expand the format of bosons from within. Gluons, which DO NOT exist, would not in this theory because every particle orbits about a smaller particle, rather than the other way around, in the strong force – just another disproof for the Euclid-heads. 
The weak force acts as a gear attached to the strong force, and is not directly affected by the passage of time which is a count of particles passing through an atom at one time in fueling its oscillations/movements. The weak forces do have a direct connection to molecular bonding. The weak force is what remains of at atom which might surpass its ability to interact with surrounding space after passing a level of light speed, or format interaction. This is because the bosons arranging in sets of 4 for format of 4 for example, when passing light speed, will allow its molecular bonding waves to act without interruption. i.e.: K-mesons (over 600 x electron mass) replace the electron, and because of this the strong force of the atom shifts its geometry to work with other particle sets. The reason for this is simple; particles group because of orbital waves, which continue past light speed by mesons, not electrons. When passing light speed, the final particle sets left can only be those which are heavy enough to allow a wave through its own to orbit an elliptic about the boson which opposes the head on flow of the atom's greatest speed though all else. For a visual of this see the depiction of formats a few paragraphs down.

(Figure is missing although it could be a duplicate of a figure shown above.)

Shown below left are the two funnels of a supermassive black hole which inhale bosons. Shown below right I've depicted the flow opposition between bosons and their outbound parts, which is what creates time's passage. Note that some neutrinos are around a million times smaller than bosons, and these are responsible for time's passage/fueling the mechanics of the atom where earth sits relative to the center of its galaxy. That is, it would take about a million electron neutrinos to allow a boson to move just 1 space into the galaxy's black hole.

Galaxies are created by and can only exist about a black hole. This explains why the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation slows when passing through galaxies, since black holes would obviously slow passing microwaves. Once you consider this, doesn't it seem ludicrous to consider a ‘Big Bang’? In this case, there was no ‘Big Bang’. The universe is infinite. Stephen Hawking, the best black hole theorist to date, once theorized that black holes do in fact make particles.


[*The lines depict paths of particles which flow free between bosons in that particular format.]

As the galaxy has its 7 parts, so does the periodic table. Each element will surround itself, and is bound by, a particular number of bosons – thus giving it time and space. Formats 3 to 9 (7 total) give time and space for either the element, or the space near a black hole within a galaxy. The disruption of particle flow/time's flow between bosons gives any format the ability to have permanent weight, molecular bonding ability, color, etc... just as any element would. That is, the disruption is the matter which is trapped between the bosons and disrupts the flow of free particles traveling between bosons, These free particles may be any lepton, meson, pion, or kaon. The higher formats have a higher ‘vortex’ ability. That is, these allow storage of larger particles, and more of them. Pure evidence of this is lithium, and how it suppresses heat so well. It may act as a living vortex when linked with other elements. (Good reason for its use in thermonuclear reactions.) 
Another proof of the theory of bosons composing time/space formats; Take graphite dust for example. Place it in a vacuum of air within a glass container. Expose this dust to direct sunlight. The dust will spin in well-defined recurring trajectories in a clover-leaf pattern. Each element in the periodic table will give a different result. So depending on the molecular bonding arrangement, light from the sun will cause the element(s) to shed leptons off in one manner or another, as the bosons, which contain this atom between its format, will be influenced differently by light which oscillates them in ‘boson kinetics’ – which is the only explanation which could be deduced as a projectively geometrical solution to the unified theory. The elements will each have a level of, and angle of execution for, an ionic based thrust created by this radiation as it deforms the natural ‘dead’ state of the atom, into an oscillation of the format. Each element maintains ion state by surrounding particle aura density/size.
Yet another proof:
Going up in number on the periodic table of elements, the ‘charge’ of the nucleus increases. Here are the ACTUAL numbers for the atomic RADII MEASUREMENTS IN ANGSTROMS...
[From Nebergall, Holtzclaw, and Robinson, ‘General Chemistry’ 6th ed., DC Health, Lexington, MA.1980]
Lithium___Beryllium___Boron___Carbon___Nitrogen___Oxygen___ Flourine
If the radii change as overall atomic nuclei ‘charge’ counts increase (which they do), and the charge may be proven to be directly related to the boson count for atoms, who could possibly argue with this theory? [Keep in mind that ‘charge’ is a word used by physicists to explain how certain particles attract or repel.]

Click here for a useful link; "Atomic Nature Of Matter".
The charge of the nucleus doesn't really attract more by itself and the interaction of photons, but allows bosons to assemble about the quark matter creating a much greater assembly of particles overall and a higher form of atomic mechanics – [higher count of centrifuge mass.] In reality, no particle may ‘attract’ another, but larger particles do have the ability to cluster in a sea of waves made by smaller particles, just as soap bubbles would on the surface of turbulent water. This happens with mesons (responsible for thermal kinetics) in format 4, as the mechanics of format 4 will allow thermal waves to orbit internally. You may find pions and kaons use other orbital waves in higher formats, as it is all by rule of the size of the bosons.
Consider that the so-called ‘physicists’ today don't care about solving the mystery of this type of evidence. To date, there are only a very few sources of all the experimental evidences being used to solve a unified field theory, and worse yet, they are only utilizing branches of the only root of all geometries. Why do they continue to build on a broken foundation? Every theory to date utilizes a concept based on branch geometry, of which it has no direct experimental evidence of its own existence!!! Perhaps they are trying to keep employed? 
The following is an example of gobblygook. It is not how anything can work. Yet it is not far off from what they are teaching in our nation's colleges. Not shown are the ‘photons’ which are supposed to relay between the particles shown and somehow ‘suck’ them together. The most modern M theory utilizing p-branes is not much different. The atom still ‘sucks’ to maintain stability. It is not possible for any particle/quanta to bound between two others and to create an action of mutual attraction. The opposite would happen, as if time were acting in reverse. Kinetics can be the only reality of real particle physics. If time were acting in reverse for any of the forces they have described, this would mean they've got that part of the atom inside-out. The force I speak of is gravity. Using string theory, gravity works backwards when passing light speed, or when entering the event horizon of a black hole. Containing the atom with bosons fixes this problem, while still allowing the center of the atom to ‘suck’ as it would seem, but only because kinetics forces strong and weak force ‘centrifuges’ to attach themselves to the ‘string like’ flow of particles passing between bosons. Obviously these centrifuges are held in place as they are caged by surrounding bosons in kinetic resistance.
You may wonder how the bosons conform to the element/atom while the atom is subject also to containment between bosons. The answer is simple. Time's passage (free particles flowing between everything) gives all like sized particles surface tension between one another, so long as there exists a smaller particle sea where this can happen. The modification is as simple as 123. The latest M theory shows atoms as an arrangement of particles in a p-brane group which forms a ‘diamond’ shape, and what would a shape be between 4 bosons? Go figure.

Inertia: A comparison with Schrodinger's cat; an approaching object will seem to shift to the blue spectrum, while leaving shifts to red. What is different, however, is that non-stationary objects, relative to surrounding bosons only, complete their cyclic interactions non-uniformly. Time is altered on two sides of the sphere initially, and once inertia is set, as particle weight moves, nothing can prevent this but ion exchange by one of a number of methods. One would be molecular pressure from another object, as in maintaining the correct count of all particles between bosons in time's passage. This exchange of kinetic force must influence the bosons directly to do so. The other would be for the object itself to change ion states from one side to the other, as ions are directly relative to weight since they are set by bosons counts in grouping and separate distances. In a matter of speaking, all matter is always in motion in all directions simultaneously. Understanding this will prove useful for the section on ‘dematerialization’. 



As shown above, format 4 allows for thermal wave orbits, while format 3 holds mesons responsible for thermal activity in random flux as a state of thermal entropy.
Below is a depiction of format 5 based on a 3-dimensional plane, as it would house the gold (Au) atom.
(Quark matter is not shown.)
Strong: The force inside the center of an atom; this is possible as particles which continually pass in succession through the atom's bosons will allow 3-dimensional crossing points of its own. About these points particles will oscillate faster than anywhere in the atom, and since bosons are difficult to displace, just as difficult then to displace would be the matter held in oscillation of one of these junctions in oscillation.
Weak: This force is an allowance of both local time and space granted to it by the preoccupying strong force. Becuase of the strong force, particles (for ex: the mesons in copper in F#4), will internally form orbital waves in, for example, 4-leaf clover patterns. These patterns though based on 2d planes, are in fact 3-dimensional, and thus create a spherical particle vacuum in their oscillation which in a ‘sea’ of particle noise and waves, much like bubbles on the surface of water, will internally contain for example quarks – strange, charmed, bottom, and top.
Electromagnetic: This classification shows how over either very short or very long distances, particles of specific weights are exchanged, as elements in particular molecular bonds have the ability in their formations to use time's passage in moving them a particular direction. This is only possible by molecular bonds of successive atoms aligned to strain ion compression between themselves from one point to the next. This may be as little as two differing elements.
Gravity: The 4th force to be set by the rule of ion states. This force is possible because atoms are all living vortexes, processing passage of many particles – especially neutrinos. Any element nearby emits waves relative to its own molecular bonding orbital waves which dampen a field between the two attractors. This dampening field of relatively lower frequency, or at least not random, makes the atoms lose its neutrinos away from each other, as their unstable groupings will simply fly off, and in this exchange allow the atoms/attractors to 'push' towards each other.
Source: There is no direct link to Mike Hanson’s website which hasn’t been active since August 15, 2001. I, Gary Vesperman, lost contact with Mike Hanson many years ago, and I haven’t been able to find him using various people finder websites. He was in Texas (?) and then moved to Portland, OR? There is an entry from or about him in a 2010 anti-gravity website.
To access his site, first Copy Then click on Paste into’s Wayback Machine. Then first click on ‘2001’, and then click again on ‘August 15’. The proceeding article will appear. At the top of the page are links to his pages (reproduced below) on anti-gravity, dematerialization, and DNA/RNA. Not reproduced here is his interesting page re earth axial shifts, how the Siberian mammoths were quick frozen, etc.
The Anti-Gravity Page
Once you understand the basics of particle physics, and what my modification does, you may read on. I've also mentioned how each element surrounds itself with a particular number of boson particles based upon its ability to disturb and use ‘free’ particles, such as electrons, mesons, leptons, kaons, and pions – thus giving it weight, color, its own time, molecular bonding properties, etc....

To an atom, its weight is allowed only by its increased format number surrounding by boson group numbers. The amount of quark matter within determines how much the atom inducts time's passage (neutrino flow) and vortexes its force (transforms). Now what if you can make these bosons group without the quark matter long enough to use the altered weight state as thrust? This would mean that anywhere in space, really anywhere, you may create grouped bosons to use as thrust.

In the simple design of an anti-gravity device, it is required to have ion transformation. This means the boson particles which by their own separation distance and number in a group, are this level of ionization. This is what ionization is, as the free particles which fill the gaps are the yang for the yin.

To make a boson kinetic force or ion transformer, you need 6 spherical layers of copper, a copper ball at center, and a micro-thin lattice of quartz/gold grown on the skin of the outermost spherical layer, accurate to .7 microns. The process to create this is beyond any earthly technology, but with the help of monopolar magnetism, you may grow this lattice to scale within H2O, as the gold spikes need to orient to spherical center within the lattice of quartz.

This simple plan, if followed correctly, will produce for you at least 20 times the thrust needed to lift its own weight, and copper is heavy!
Copper spherical layers must be complete, and welded from hemispheres to a mirror finish or close to it. General surface tolerance for error = 15/10,000'ths in machinists’ terms.

You must use a conductive copper alloy, not pipe alloy. Zinc and aluminum may be in the mix minimally. Copper used in wire is comparable.

Separate copper layers with a non-conductive. 

If made actual size, suggest a copper rod of 2/16 to 3/16 inches width, which contacts the copper ball at center, and is separated from spherical layers by a coat of plastic, or glass.

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