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Radioactivity Neutralization Methods

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Mike Hanson’s Flying Saucer Engine Explanation
Denise Gordon

From: Gary Vesperman []

Sent: Friday, February 19, 1999 1:59 PM

To: Denise Gordon

Subject: Mike Hanson's flying saucer engine explanation
Gary, that’s great. lt's amazing where communication can lead.
(The following text of this email (edited) was from Mike Hanson. I don’t remember who was Denise Gordon. Gary Vesperman)
The theory is very simple really. To first explain how the engine as you call it works, one must have a basic knowledge of physics – which isn't so difficult. Basically there are particles in space, both large

and small. These particles exert force upon one another. This force is measured as the ‘Planck’s constant’ to our popular ‘physicists’ today (my interperetation – that times constant is also a particle pressure constant).

What I've done is find a method of manipulating this pressure in the making of a new type of science altogether. This previously undiscovered science is based on my theory in physics which in a roundabout way explains how to convert superstring theory into the true unification of fields theory by introducing the idea of ‘boson format’ – making way for the following: Each atom has its own time, thus its own mass, color, etc....
Space has also its own time, depending upon how far you are from any black holes which sit at the center of each galaxy – and do in turn create that galaxy. Gravity is this; the atom/element in question which exists only between a particular format of bosons will make a ‘dent’ in space. When the space surrounding the atom is less in format than the atom (copper format 4 opposing format 3 which is the average for earth’s placement from the nearest black hole) . These ‘dents’ will attract one another because in the constant noise of space (particle noise in the passage of time) each gives a signature wave. These waves have the ability to influence the shape of the ‘dents’ made by other nearby elements/matter.
Now consider this: A machine with the ability to cause dead space of format 3 to convert suddenly into format 7. Such a machine would be making a temporary and artificial type of weight. This is possible by altering the ionization state of the bosons, closing them together – thus altering the pressure they exert upon one another in the ‘Planck’s constant’. The device made spherical will inhale sets of 3, and exhale sets of 7, which drain off the spherical device causing it to ‘float’ from the heavenly body anywhere in space which its format 7's being shed are moving to.
One simple device uses H2O contained between two metal spheres. The H2O molecules will align in stacks oriented away from the center of the device if electrons are forced to move into the center through the skin of the water. (The electrons are then expelled through a small hole away from the device in concentration.)
Now once the stacks of H2O molecules align, they will oscillate against one another, in the creation of ‘lines of force’. To begin, these are magnetic. However, bosons are being held at bay between lines of force outside the sphere, since the lines of force extended narrow the closer you arrive to center. At some point the lines of force absolutely must give in to making a vacuum of these bosons. Since neutrinos are everpresent, these attempt to bombard these bosons to fill spaces. However this will be a biased space. You should recall that every action requires an equal an opposite reaction. The lack of bosons within, creates a surplus outside.
Another way to explain this is that bosons, when they have their free particles taken from between them altering their natural ionization state, will end up locking together into sets of 7. These sets (based on a 2D plane) have virtually no gyroscopes; thus will prevent them from maintaining separation by the presence of smaller particles. These smaller particles, mesons, kaons, muons, etc... would normally allow the set to move like gears.
Moving on: A spherical device may alone ‘float’, however to maneuver laterally to and from heavenly bodies, will need to have a vacuum which maintains a lenticular shape/ or flattish. [Just as a flat bubble in water will have ability to maneuver laterally.] To accomplish this, you may either make your device a standing oval instead of a sphere, or you may simply place 3 spheres in close vicinity in triangular formation. These 3 oriented to the earth will now have the ability to maneuver lateralty.
(The following is reproduced (with some editing) from Gary Vesperman’s copy of one of Mike Hanson’s sites. Vesperman’s file is dated January 25, 1999.)
A note on free energy 
Electron photography performed in labs at the University of Texas of a pure air vacuum the size of a small jar, shows enough force in the form of electron clusters bounding through to run a nuclear carrier. What could be the key to tapping this energy battery of space?

I will continue to update this site weekly. The point of this page is to introduce a concept of ‘super-magnetics’ by monopolar magnetics force building, made possible by the spherical magnet. This ‘magnet’ extends lines of force on one side of the bias to a central spherical medium. Magnetics are first of all made possible by particles moving along the lines of magnetic force IN A CONSTANT LOOP, so if this ‘experiment’ were ever taken seriously, one would find that the ‘mach angles’ of magnetism, once reached, will in fact cause another force to arise, due to the suffocation of magnetic – as nothing can keep the spherical device from operating. The outcome of this you will have to decide for yourself, based on the following paragraphs.

A note on physics

What physics theory today really lacks, is how the atom maintains stability in a co-existence with gravity. My theory is that the atom does not contain itself, but is trapped between the largest particles known, Bosons. These ‘Bosons’ maintain nuclear strength (prevent the atom from flying apart within) as they are always in extreme pressure against one another in an infinite sea throughout an infinite universe. Ask yourself this... ‘What is reality?’ Is it something cooked up by a professor in a lab utilizing branch geometries?... or could the reality of physics only be explained by utilizing ‘Projective Geometry’ to encompass the true meaning of space/time? Projective geometry is the root of all geometries. It uses line projection to explain reality, rather than some Euclidian concept for example. Say you're trying to explain the passage of time, and you had no idea what it was, or what it was caused by. Would you want to assume that it works off Euclidian math, which bases the atom on one central point for all interactions? NO!!! The latest theory physicists have concluded upon is ‘The M-Theory’, which uses P-branes in its makeup (explains how the atom is made of multiple bubbles stuck together.) This is their basis of reality. But what is it based upon? A branch geometrical concept! Useless, as logical deduction would state that reality is simply particles in action against each other, having no relation to anything else. No Mickey Mouse wearing a wizard cap is going to tell me that his basis for time's passage, or anything else, is caused by anything but a kinetic reaction. Particles will flow always by paths of least resistance, not to obey any concept of a ‘bubble’ or a dual geometric plane, of which it has no experimentally evident proof. I will update this page with more on the subject in time, but for now ... this provides the necessary ingredient, though based solely on a projectively geometrical concept, what we've been missing in physics theory...

Based on my theory, outer space near earth, I would rate at a ‘Boson Format #3’(more on this later). Closer in to galaxial center, you can reach up to a format #9. This is how bosons arrange themselves in sets as they oppose the flow of smaller particles which exit from the center of the galaxy where a dual funnel black hole forces bosons to decay. Atoms can have their own format, as they noticeably fit a specific number of bosons around them to have their own ‘space’ and time, evident color, mass, etc.... This is what a format 3 atom would look like: 
(Figure not included)

This is a format 4 atom:

(Figure not included)

Note that in the FORMAT#4, the meson environment previously spherical in nature, now has the ability to move in pathways similar to a 4-leaf clover, or 4 gears. Try to imagine 3 gears turning together at once. [won't happen]. Stepping up to format 5, mesons responsible for thermal kinetec exchange will actually orbit. This is already proven, evident Au[gold]atom, which traps one large boson in between the quarks and smaller bosons in the shape of a box.

Two languages of the crop circle enigma have already been recognized well by the world of common science. I have deciphered yet another two. One is the key to a unified field theory in physics. The other gives plans for various devices, all working off a ‘boson particle vacuum technology’. Relate any UFO sighting you can find to this...

When you see a UFO your first reaction is of course, that it is an unidentified flying object. I'm not going to explain balled lightning here, just those flying objects which are assumed to have living entities inside. There are 5 main categories...

1) Triangular craft having sets of 3 lights, sometimes with one large one at center. 

2) Disc craft having an inverted cup brim on the underside with something round within this. 
3) A single light, usually in the shape of a sphere, but in some cases a standing oval or a disc shape, with nothing attached. 
4) A metal disc having 3 visible metal spheres on the underside [notoriously known as the ‘Drone’ craft] as once sighted over or near Mexico City during the Olympics. 
5) A disc, or somewhat disc shaped craft, having a non-luminous body, with a ring or rings of spherical lights and one large spherical light at center. 

These all have one thing in common, whether they shed light or not. They all have to expose their spheres to the naked eye. Why must they have this weakness? These must be exposed, because they are no different than a rocket's red glare, or any other form of thrust. These ‘float’, in a matter of speaking, and without the underside exposed, the thrust produced will counter the effect, preventing the hunk of matter from ever taking off. Another thing to keep in mind, they are always oriented parallel to the earth. Sets of 3 lights, or standing ovals, will tilt slightly to maneuver laterally. They work opposite direction to a helicopter blade's tilt-path-plane. You may recall an upstate New York sighting in the 1980's, where a triangular craft slowly moved over the city at night. Some of the 3-light sets, included in a set of 9 in the craft, would rotate slightly... which gave the impression that this was an aircraft formation. This was not the case. They adjusted to perfect direction of movement, as sets of 3 spheres in any case, are not able to simply tilt to move in a specific direction and have maximum accuracy, as would a standing oval. These spheres are creating ‘boson particle vacuums’ within. By mutual influence only can spheres have 'flattish' or 'lenticular' bubbles within, which are very necessary if you want to maneuver laterally. What good is it without this? The craft which have spheres of light are high output, high thrust capability types.

While the spheres of metal are not so productive, and would not be good in combat for example, a standing oval light, or standing metal egg within a metal disc craft, creates within itself a disc vacuum for lateral maneuverability. This may sound great, but isn't for variable thrust/floating, because only with the sphere can efficient ‘Force Conversion’ take place.

This is the schematics for one of the crop circle enigma, which I believe to be plans for a craft capable of anti-gravity, and dematerialization.

(Figure is missing although it could be a duplicate of a figure shown above.)

And a rough depiction of any one of the three anti-gravity spheres shown cut open here... layer thickness not to scale.

(Figure is missing although it could be a duplicate of a figure shown above.)
Prelude to force conversion for ‘free energy’ and...
This is something you don't see every day: How to make kilowatts of direct current without fuel (other than the fuel of time's passage). Our society is controlled by high prices in, what should be ancient now, sales of fossil fuels...and nuclear power by ‘reactors’. You can get the same power without the plasma heat, and nuclear waste. Most of what you need is just copper! You may think you know a lot about science, but tell me this, have you ever heard of an experiment undertaken to find what happens when you try to create a true ‘particle vacuum’? Not an air vacuum. As you might recall, electron photography of a vacuum, shows enough power bounding through in the form of these so called 'electron clusters' to run a nuclear carrier from a space the size of a ladel jar. My point is that bosons, the largest particles, format space everywhere.
Whenever a space is created big enough for a boson to fill, it is instantaneously pushed there by neutrinos which pass through the spaces between bosons for vast distances. Neutrinos do this because they are light, small, and have been shot out of a galaxy somewhere, which has been busting bosons into bits as small as neutrinos. This force is what drives neutrinos to move as they do. Earth is at a distance from galaxial center to allow it times passage by way of neutrinos only. Closer in, where larger particles are more present, time's passage is caused by electrons, and so on. There are 9 levels of time/boson format. Graphics are on the way. 

Free energy by force conversion

Time/space is nothing more than boson format, kept constant by nature's flow of free particles from dual funnel black holes within galaxies. Bosons will arrange themselves in sets of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, depending on the pressure they can maintain to stick together. When I say ‘stick together’, I mean by mutual wave attraction, not any different than how two bubbles of like size on the water's surface, will attract to one another. This is a common rule anywhere in reality, either 2d, 3d, 4d, or etc.... Elements on the periodic table exhibit higher formats than the format natural for that distance from the galaxy in question. This is what gives them weight, mass, color, as they have their own time, and their own space they have created as they fit between a higher number of bosons than surrounding space. A sphere of H2O, or a specially made quartz/gold lattice grown in operation of H2O on the atomic scale in the shape of a sphere, allows one to create lines of force extending outward from all directions at once – like an omni-directional gyro. ONLY this can cause bosons to lack within a space, as this disallows a return flow. Small particles are taken from a central point, where they are shot from the sphere, while outside the sphere larger bosons are held at bay between lines of force they have created for themselves. The ion state is what is in question here, and this is the answer: Boson format is equal to ion state. Matter's presence will battery this state, or it may be left in a state of unparalleled format, until the boson sets in question slowly or quickly find their natural state for the constant format held for that area of space.

The varying formats and how they affect matter trapped between them

What is a format? And why have I displayed them based on a 2d plane? A format of bosons is nothing more than how many bosons may collectively pair at a time, based on a 2d plane, as this is the key reference for velocity/pressure – as bosons oppose flow of small particles such as neutrinos in format 3. 

Format 3 as shown will have neutrinos bounding through it, allowing the center point where they cross paths to make up the atomic nucleus of light gasses, such as nitrogen. 

Format 4 allows for something greater; electrons may now move constantly. Copper is a format 4 atom. Every time a format is stepped up, the lightest particles move to flow in a constant cycle, while those previously left stagnant and non-interacting will become part of the atom's mechanics. Copper is conductive, while it is also the greatest thermally disapating element (that is, has the greatest amount of thermal conductivity). K-mesons, responsible for thermal kinetics, flow in a 4-leaf clover fashion here within the set of 4 bosons. This works just like geared wheels. A set of 3 would not turn. A set of 4 would. 

Format 5: The only atom having perfect format 5 is Au/gold. It puts K-mesons into flow, while it also allows for (just pions?) to orbit a larger centrally based boson. You will notice the graphic depiction of this having 5 bosons, but when applied to gold, one large boson sits at center, while 8 smaller surround this. (4 on two separate 2d planes) in the existence of the 3d atom. 

Format 6: Just another step up. Exact details/specs on this to come. 

Format 7: The locked set. Imagine these as gears... it wouldn't work well. The set of 7 is gyroscopically inert. In nature, I believe this is one of the Li/lithium atoms, which has the best overall ability to cool, as it prevents any thermal kinetic storage even. Lithium is used in lubrication of wheel bearings. It is used to prevent instant landing gear lubrication boil off in outer space on NASA Space Shuttles. 

Format 8: Almost there.... 

Format 9: The last possible format. To my knowledge, this does not exist, unless as a heavy radioactive element, which would only last if the overall format for surrounding space is format 7 or above. It is the 'universal joint' of atomic mechanics. You should be able to see, that if another boson came into the picture, the format would not hold onto the center boson anymore. Perhaps there is a place in the Universe where the large central format 9 ‘Higg's’ bosons will group into 3's...? Neutron stars perhaps.

If you've read and somewhat understand the above, you should now be able to comprehend this: 

Anti-gravity as it relates to the extraterrestrial craft previously outlined, is a form of thrust. It is silent. It is made possible by a spherical device which inhales small particles such as electrons to a centerpoint, and then jettisons these from the sphere through a small hole or seams. (Don't jump ahead of me yet)... Meantime, you have large amounts of the largest particles known to exist, building up outside the skin of the sphere. The sphere will use either H2O or a specially made quartz/gold lattice to extend lines of force (lines of oscillation) from a central spherical point to all points outside the spherical device. These lines of force will hold bosons at bay, preventing them from entering with the smaller particles – as they are held at a specific distance from the sphere in operation. Bosons naturally separate themselves at a standard distance in nature, this is their ‘ionization state’ [they exist everywhere], but in this case, they pack together as free space is taken from between them. When this happens, surface tension between the bosons which have now locked together into sets of 7, will cause ‘free space’ to pulse through the boson shell in the form of a ‘pump z wave’. This can happen in a fraction of a second. These sets of 7 bosons are now extremely positively charged ions. They are also heavy, almost like water.

At this point, if the base in which the spherical device is mounted, is out of the way of a downward flow of positive ions, the spherical device will weigh less, as it is now producing a form of thrust. This ‘thrust’ isn't much different than a flow of water. It can smash wheat flat to the ground in the formation of ‘crop circles’, for example. When you see a UFO, consider that it is floating. You will soon come to realize that there is no other explanation. 
More on pump z waves and how ‘space’ is folded to become energy

Not shown here would be more copper layers and a medium which extends lines of force, such as H2O or a quartz/gold lattice. Gold plus other crystalline structures work as well. Lithium may be ideal. 

The oscillating lattice or liquid allows for pulses of energy to bound inward to spherical center. As these pump z waves move in, they are delayed by the presence of copper. This will set the successive waves in sync yet out of phase with proceeding waves. Once the focusing point within the copper ball is reached, waves combine to form one higher frequency. In a way, this is how laser light is made, as infrared waves combine to become light waves. Nikola Tesla utilized wave folding from a low frequency to a high frequency in some of his work. 

Now the waves lost off bosons outside the H2O or otherwise, which would normally continue out the other side to attract bosons, are now forced to attract smaller particles with this higher frequency. This builds ion charge in the copper ball. A thin copper rod may extend from the ball to a point outside the device to enamate power in the form of direct current. Any questions???

The 4 forces of ‘MU’

I doubt the ‘MU’ of Easter Island really knew about gravity, electromagnetism, or the strong and weak forces that keep atoms together. But they did leave some script behind which could point to the possibility. In any case, here it is:

Gravity: Local molecular bonding of an atom may give it a lower or higher format than overall surrounding space. This bonding requires either larger or smaller particles to bound in and out of it. If these are larger, such as electrons which copper has put into flow, they are what is lost ‘upward’ when the matter or simply highly formatted ion, is pushed downward. This format ‘falling down’ now, attains more electrons as they are ever present. The electrons would be lost ‘up’, because the high format (higher than overall surrounding space) is mutually attracted to the large mass of higher format (such as an Earth.) This mutual attraction is the direct result of naturally enamating waves from both objects. It causes the gyroscopes of each to change, which make them both slightly teardrop shaped with their shell of surrounding electrons, and etc....

Electromagnetism: Say you have an assembly of format 4 atoms which create between them holes large enough for mesons, pions, kaons, and even bosons, to travel through. [This is a theoretical estimation of the particles involved in magnetics and may not be correct.] If the metal has its tunneled holes aligned to bunch close together on one side, and far apart on the other, the passing free particles such as neutrinos, will have a hydraulic advantage of pushing these pions/kaons/bosons etc... through the tunnels in the metal. This is possible only because the bosons which surround each metal atom, create a surface tension than involves the use of gyrating/orbiting mesons/etc... And this tension may prevent the entrance of larger particles into the metal if the holes on that side are spread apart more than the opposing. 

Strong force of the atom: Many theories have come and gone as to how this works with everything else, especially the co-existence of gravity. It is simple though. Bosons having immense kinetic pressure against one another everywhere throughout the infinite universe, keep close to one another. Only this can allow for the smallest particles for that particular format number of assembly, to enter and exit. As the neutrinos for example, bound between a format 3 for nitrogen, the point at which paths cross is the point where the ‘up’ and ‘down’ quarks will sit. They cannot go into flow, and they cannot move too far from this assembly, as any attempt to do so, would be a move away from the field waves created by the crossing paths of neutrinos.

Weak force of the atom: Between any format, a very interesting thing happens. Larger particles [e.g. mesons] are pushed around by small particles passing through the format. This, in one way or another, causes everything trapped between the boson format to separate into categories, like a centrifuge would separate white and red blood cells. As these ‘centrifuges’ sit, they act like gears. A format 4 will have 'gears' which make space for quarks large enough to create a copper atom, if the quarks are present. In time, I hope to have a revision of the periodic table of elements for this, but for now I have only a few of the elements categorized... Light gasses= format 3. Most metals= format 4. Gold= format 5. Lithium 6 and 7 are categorized as formats 6 and 7, though may not be correct. But must be close, as they do not conduct heat as copper would, and don't reflect it as gold does so perfectly. The degree of thermal reflection is directly evident their degree of separation which points directly to the number of smaller bosons surrounding the larger boson. This concludes the 4th ‘weak’ force.

Light: I would not prefer to categorize this as a 5th force, as it performs just like magnetism, though it uses smaller particles in use of its field waves. It does utilize boson kinetics more directly than anything, as electrons are put into surplus or deficit as an amount contained between a boson format, on one side or the other of the light wave. Light from distant stars shows just how great the pressure is maintained between bosons. 

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