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Radioactivity Neutralization Methods

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Dematerialization Devices A, B, C and D Using Highest Powered Positive Ions Ever
Mike Hanson’s dematerialization devices A, B, C and D using the highest powered positive ions ever transmute any waste into its lowest possible harmless form by passing it through a dematerialization spherical boundary – an extremely active boson field kinetics area of plasmatic surface tension/extreme heat.
Physics: The physical interacting nature of particles. If this were common knowledge, making things like anti-gravity as a form of silent thrust without fuel, would not be so difficult. It may, in fact, be incredibly easy.
Just as Einstein was becoming known, another set of physicists were trying to make it big utilizing a projectively geometrical concept, as it is the root of all geometries and may encompass the true meaning of space/time. Projective geometry does not use math – such as the Euclidean branch in which Einstein based his work on. The latest and ‘best’ physics theory to date is the ‘M-theory’ which uses ‘p-branes’ to explain the atom and the forces of nature such as gravity. I will not go into this, but to make a long story short, physics to them is based on something which has no basis/ no logical meaning. Projective geometry, which uses line projection (no numbers), can be the only way to describe reality. To leam more about this projectively geometrical concept, I would refer you to "Olive Whicher's Projective Geometry, Rudolf Steiner Press, London".
Based on this concept to explain everything at once in a unification of fields theory, though limited to projective, I have assembled what can be the only key to unlocking any mathematical conversion of this. (Necessary to relate the theory to experimental evidence.) This originated as I looked for an alternative to string theory based on this concept in 1995. In short, what the great physics professors of our time have been missing, is a ‘boson format’. With this, any element in the periodic table is explained with ease, as well as any of the forces. The theory goes like this: Space is an infinite sea of bosons, the largest particles ever estimated to exist by super-collider experiments [atom smashers]. Space everywhere would be like this, without other particles, if it weren't for the presence of black holes. A dual funnel black hole will inhale bosons through the funnels which aim at each other. These collide at a point to make smaller parts of a boson. Quarks, leptons, mesons, pions, kaons.... these are all parts of a boson. As a sea of bosons moves in, a sea of its parts move out. This flow opposition is what makes time's passage. At a point away from the galaxy, many particles fuse again to become bosons (a never-ending cycle in a never-ending universe). As flow opposition is minimal away from the galaxy, the format is 3, while closer in to the center you will get up to format #9. (This grouping is brought about by a pressure increase between bosons and their parts in flow opposition.)

As the galaxy has its nine parts, so does the periodic table. Each element will surround itself, and is bound by, a particular number of bosons – thus giving it time and space. This also gives it visible color, mass/weight/molecular bonding properties, etc....

PROOF! 1 believe there is already proof that all matter is influenced by, and sits in a sea of bosons. One proof is this: Take graphite dust for example. Place it in a vacuum of air within a glass container. Expose this dust to direct sunlight. The dust will spin in well-defined recurring trajectories in a clover-leaf pattern. Each element in the periodic table will give a different result. So depending on the molecular bonding arrangement, light from the sun will cause the element(s) to shed leptons off in one manner or another, as the bosons, which contain this atom between its format, will be influenced differently by light which oscillates them in ‘boson kinetics’. This is the only explanation which could be deduced as a projectively geometrical solution to the unified theory. The elements will each have a level of, and angle of execution for, an ionic thrust created by this radiation as it deforms the natural ‘dead’ state of the atom, into an oscillation of the format.
Yet another proof:
Going up in atomic number on the periodic table of elements, the ‘charge’ of the nucleus increases. Here are the ACTUAL #'s for the atomic RADII MEASUREMENTS IN ANGSTROMS...
[From Nebergall, Holtzclaw, and Robinson, ‘General Chemistry’ 6th cd., DC Health, Lexington, MA. 1980]
Lithium Beryllium Boron Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen Flourine
1.52 1.11 .88 .77 .70 .66 .64
If the radii change as overall atomic nuclei ‘charge’ counts increase (which they do), and the charge may be proven to be directly related to the boson count for atoms, who could possibly argue with this theory? [Keep in mind that ‘charge’ is a word used by physicists to explain how certain particles attract or repel. The charge of the nucleus doesn't really attract more by itself and the interaction of photons, but allows bosons to assemble about the quark matter creating a much greater assembly of particles overall – and a higher form of atomic mechanics/higher count of centrifuge mass.] In reality, no particle may ‘attract’ another, but larger particies do have the ability to cluster in a sea of waves made by smaller particles, just as soap bubbles would on the surface of turbulent water. This happens with mesons in thermal centrifuges in format 4, and with pions and kaons in centrifuges of higher formats. Lithium works well in watch batteries.

Higher boson formats such as lithium which may sit at format 8 and even 9 in theory [updates on this soon] would have a greater radial measure because of the space occupied by bosons in that high format. Lithium's great ability to put thermal kinetic waves into orbit is already proven. (Lithium works better than any element for cooling bearing grease on your car.) Lithium has the ability to fuse heavy metals in nuclear reactions. You make the connection. Examining formats 8 and 9 closer, one should realize that the larger boson at center must oscillate to and from (through) the smaller bosons. This is a product of weight exchanging place as the format maintains a 3-d based interaction. Lithium's flow of electrons in such a case should look something like this...

Consider that the so-called ‘physicists’ today don't care about solving the mystery of this type of evidence. To date, there are only a vety few sources of all the experimental evidences being used to solve a unified field theory, and worse yet, they are only utilizing branches of the only root of all geometries. Why do they continue to build on a broken foundation? Every theory to date utilizes a concept based on branch geometry, of which it has no direct experimental evidence of its own existence!!! Perhaps they are trying to keep employed?

The following is an example of gobblygook. lt is not how anything can work. Yet it is not far off from what they are teaching in our nation's colleges. Not shown are the ‘photons’ which are supposed to relay between the particles shown and somehow ‘suck’ them together. The most modern M-theory utilizing p-branes is not much different. The atom still ‘sucks’ to maintain stability. lt is not possible for any particle/quanta to bound between two others and create an action of mutual attraction. The opposite would happen, as if time were acting in reverse. Kinetics is the key to solving how particles move and interact.

If one were to be closer in to the galaxy inside format 4, all light would orbit in every element but gold (Au). This is because gold traps light in a box, as it is made to orbit its format 5. Copper is format 4, though is not transparent here on earth unless you imitate the presence of an overall surrounding format #4 by passing current through the copper. This is of course uni-directional, not omni-directional, as would be a true format 4 environment. Within the galaxy's format #4 area, electrons are put into flow, as the K-mesons (specifieally, but not limited to) replace the electron (and other leptons) in flow. Not only does this agree with the mechanics of the copper atom, but also shows how there may be a ‘Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation’ shift; otherwise known as ‘The Red Shift’, without an ‘expanding universe’. If light is slowed down by glass, why can't microwaves be slowed by format #4? Format 3 simply allows mesons to sit around the nucleus, which is the crossing point for neutrinos bounding between bosons. Format 4 allows mesons to act like a set of ‘gears’ about the nucleus. (As waves would orbit.)

As shown above, format 4 allows for thermal flow, while format 3 holds mesons responsible for thermal activity in a battery as thermal entropy. Below is a depiction of format #5 based on a 3-dimensional plane, as it would house the gold (Au) atom. (Quark matter is not shown.)

Off the subject of physics; set the Way Back machine to 1994
In 1994 I was working on a project (on paper) which would convert thermal kinetics (heat in the air) to usable direct current. I thought, if electricity can make heat, why not vice-versa? I came up with plans for a device which used spherical layers of copper to delay a type of wave release from a medium of gold, which creates surface tension utilizing mesons. Without this surface tension, all mesons about the sphere having a particle vacuum made at center, would not move in sync. What they release as they move in sync, is a ‘pump z wave’. This wave will move in to the particle vacuum draw, which is a copper ball, at center. The following shows an example of what pump z-waves would look like on an oscilliscope...

This shows the guts of one type of z-wave folding medium as a hemispherical section. Realize that a

complete model would have copper spheres, and 8 layers for the thermal converter. [Radial ratio

measurements: 0-.5(ball) .75-1.25(spherical layer 1) 1.75-2.25(spherical layer 2) and so on ... to 8.25

for layer #8.]

Attached to the copper ball is a thin lead which removes electrons/etc... from the ball to a point outside the device. This pump z wave [energy in pulse form] would normally move through the center in focal passage, out to the other side, and attract mesons. However, if layers of copper delay the wave on the way in, the successive wave will be set in sync, yet out-of-phase with proceeding waves. The waves after focus in the ball will combine to become one higher frequency – capable of attracting smaller particles than mesons. If 8 layers are used, the particles attracted might be 8 times less massive than the mesons in question. The only force that would build (and something must), would be an electric charge. [Unlike other theories, electricity is more than just the movement of electrons. Electrical charge is directly dependent upon the separation distance of bosons in its surrounding format.]
I was still working on a good method to make the right kind of particle draw, in order to subtract capacitance evenly from all the 8 spherical layers at once, when I realized that a documentary of the crop circle enigma was on television. I previously thought nothing of these enigmas, though I was somewhat interested when I saw something which looked very similar to my thermal converter plan. In time, I was able to find this enigina again, and take its measurements. It was a perfect design for a device which would take the movements of thermal activity, and convert this to direct current! After this discovery, I began studying crop circles more and more. I found that people had already deciphered two languages. One language gives all the notes of the keyboard – based on fractals/projective geometry/white noise absorbing/white noise reflecting. The other language allowed cryptologists to decipher text from the inner walls of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This is common knowledge.

Almost a year later, I was studying ‘superstring theory’ when I found that if it were converted to a projectively geometrical concept, it would have meaning. I worked on this for a short week before I realized that some of the enigmas looked similar to my projective solutions to physics. This was January 1996. Three years later now, I've found every enigma linked to this theory in physics, and in addition, have found more plans in addition to the thermal converter. The circles give the key to antigravity, free energy by other force conversions, and even dematerialization as witnessed in the Philadelphia Experiment, which Albert Einstein himself was witness to.

A note on free energy: Electron photography performed by two head professors at the labs in the University of Texas, of a vacuum, shows enough power bounding through a space the size of a small jar to run a nuclear aircraft carrier. What could be the key to tapping this energy battery of space?
The true ‘state-of-the-art’ technology: manipulation of space/time format for purposes of anti-gravity, free energy by force conversion, and dematerialization...

H2O molecule stacks

in unparalleled alignment

Key to ‘boson format changing’ by particle type separation

when oscillating about a spherical device
Progressing past the idea of folding z waves off thermal kinetics to form electrical current, I began a theory on how to fold time/space into a frequency which would build static charge during focal passage. The key is ionization states of matter. All matter has this, and keeps well in balance with neighboring matter. This is why you can't just shove a wire into a vacuum of air and expect to derive free power in the form of electrons. To convert this to something useful, the bosons must be removed. To do this, I've found it is, at the same time, the key to anti-gravity. A spherical device consisting of copper layers, having a thin coat of either H2O contained within metal, or a quartz/gold lattice grown in an operating H2O sphere, will emit lines of force which prevent bosons from entering, while the free space in the form of leptons, including electrons, is taken from between the bosons. This is accomplished by inducting current in one way or another from the copper ball placed within the spherical copper layers, and getting rid of it through a hole or seams in the sphere smail enough not to be noticed by the spherical vacuum. Just as meson kinetic force may be folded, so may bosons. Bosons, in sets of 3, will move together and lock into sets of 7 [gyroscopically inert], in the most extreme peak of positive (+) ionization possible. Their energy has been removed, and so long as they don't come into contact with the device again, free energy has been made. The best way to prevent this from happening is to allow the sets of 7 to simply drain off the skin of the device, as they are a form of artificial weight. You may recall that any UFO has this weakness: It must expose metal or light-emitting spheres on its underside. You may recall how crop circies have formed. This is a direct result of a hovering UFO [or IFO in this case] releasing this artificial weight [+ions], which will not only smash wheat, barley, and/or corn flat to the ground, but will also align the minerals in the earth when it suddenly re-formats by taking in free particles. The crop circle enigma have been noted to give accelerated growth of plants in their centers, where I would estimate the bulk of these positive (+) ions (7 set bosons) to fall. The direction of wheat lay I would assume to be purely coincidental, and not have any bearing on what the enigma means to represent.

The 4 forces of ‘Mu’
I doubt the ancients of Easter Island (the Mu) actually meant the four forces to be gravity, electromagnetics, weak, and strong forces of the atom. But outside the kinetic reaction of light (boson kinetics/lepton battery oscillation) it is the first recorded possibility of real intelligence outside of ancient Egypt's technology of making direct current from the ‘energy grid’. (You can read about the world grid from Borderland Sciences, Arcata, CA.) Gravity is nothing more than a mutual attraction between like ‘higher’ formats in an overall surrounding low-formatted space. The presence of bosons in format 4 (ex.) grouped about the quarks which make up copper or steel, for instance, will have a space which maintains a balance of internal kinetics. The passage of time feeds an operation of particle shedding for an atom given altered shape by the presence of another like or higher format giving wave-field attraction. This is no different from explaining how two soap bubbies in water will move to one another. Mesons (ex) push through the atom to the space between the two format 4's (two like attractors). Mesons will return to the inner atom after moving around the outside of the format. During this process the atom/format's overall shape is squeezed to be slightly convex on one side, and biased to concave on the side away from the two like-attracting format 4's. The process of moving mesons will cause a lepton ‘thrust’ by shedding particles away from the two attracting format 4's, as the shape of the particle set will move it through space like wind moves those ‘multi-cup windmills’.
Argon gas is not conductive as metal, since metal uses format #4, which allows electrons to move fluidly between bosons. Now picture two metal plates both extremely flat. Scientists once conducted the experiment of moving two such plates close together... and just before contact was made, the two plates slammed into one another with great force. This is now known as the ‘Casimer effect’. The forces of magnetism and the forces involved in the experiment were no different. Bosons from each metal plate made an attempt at molecular bonding when the final complete layer of bosons between the two plates were expelled. These could not expel through the metal, as they are too large. Neutrinos constantly bounding about must have pushed the bosons sideways out through the space left between the two plates. In magnetism, metal molecules are aligned unparallel. This causes the compiled sets of metal molecules to fuse together, i.e., to expel any large particies contained between the alignments more so in one direction than the other. The ionization state is biased from one side of the magnet to the other, but doesn't drive the object through space if the ionization is allowed to return to its original point in space, making a constant loop. If you have questions on this, I would be glad to respond. Graphics update to follow.
The strong and weak forces of any atom
First consider that bosons are absolutely everywhere in space, maintaining pressure against one another. Now consider how galaxies expel the smallest decayed particle bits, e.g., neutrinos, from their centerpoints. These are small enough to travel between bosons, in the electron neutrino's case – for millions of miles without having suffered much loss in speed – even when traveling through lead. The crossing points of multiple paths, where the particles small enough to travel between the format in question exist, maintain a strong force for any atom. This is where the ‘up’ and ‘down’ quarks are trapped, as the frequency created by this path crossing will contain them between wavepeaks.
The weak force sits between the strong force, and the boson, within the boson set. lt is nothing more than a centrifuge. Its movement is fed by the same which infiuence the nucleus, while it is held in place from the other side by a large boson. This second form of entrapment in the ‘centrifuge’ causes particles of varying size and relative mass to separate into categories. Too much of one category, and the stability of the overall format is biased. This could mean thermal kinetics, or anything. In the case of format 3 atoms such as nitrogen, it would be a bias of mesons. Refer to the format diagrams for a better realization of how varied boson formats will hold different particles in differing centrifuges beween themselves. For example, the copper would be allowed more centrifuges, while nitrogen can have only so many in format 3. Lithiums carry the highest formats I know of, thus have ease in moving from one ‘dimension’ (placement from galaxial center) to the next without going into fusion or fission. DNA contains a good amount of lithium. Could it be this is our connection to another type of existence?
Dematerialization: (Shrinking all matter within time/space format surrounding a spherical area.)
A dematerialization device is constructed of copper only. lt has the capability of suspending vapor from the air at a specific radius from the device – if it can be surrounded with vapor at that radius. The vapor (H2O) will create its own spherical vacuum, and unlike the other vacuums, has the ability to physically ‘shrink’ both its own tension layer (not unlike any bubble), and all matter within the given radius. This is possible as the stacks of H2O in oscillation against one another have the ability to move closer together in a type of self-correcting perfection. Once a craft is dematerialized, it has the ability to move anywhere at light speed – since all it needs to do this, is to change the shape of this vapor layer ever so slightly by emitting more free space (leptons) on one side than the other. (Bending time/space around itself.) This is what happened in the Philadelphia Experiment, to which Albert Einstein was a witness. The ship may have lost its mast as it extruded from the dematerialized space. Unlike the movie made about the incident, nobody ever traveled back in time.
Here is an inaccurate example of any one of the 3 anti-gravity spheres, shown without the lattice coat.
Layer thickness not to scale...

This Enigma Shows Format #5

An Enigma Schematic of a Format #3 Atom

This Enigma Shows Transmission and Reception of a Lightwave

An Example of Format #6?

More on dematerialization
Witnesses of the Philadelphia Experiment described a US Navy ship becoming enveloped in some sort of ‘steam cloud’ which made a perfect spherical layer about the ship. Just as it appeared, it began to change color, most noticeably green, just before it disappeared and left a big hole in the water which quickly filled making a splash. I don't believe this could be much different than what my own father saw with a telescope in broad daylight in 1971. He was in our yard in Klamath, California, in the heart of the redwood forest. He noticed a bright Iight passing overhead the nearby radar base on the coast in Requah, moving to the southeast. He happened to be near his scope, and decided to take a look. What he now saw was 3 red lights in triangular formation, each brighter than the sun. Just as it passed over his location, it appeared to envelop with a spherical light, which emitted sparks down to the earth. As it began to move away, he noticed the sparks were increasing with speed drastically (like 20 times) the closer they were to the ground. lt is my theory, that since the device in question absorbs all kinetic activity in order to make power in denting space/time's format, the ‘sparks’ were being slowed down in time when near the device/craft. lt would be assumed that they were a form of miniature balled lightning. Moving on.... The craft then disappeared. Years later in 1998, some friends and I were camping up the creek, and noticed two spherical lights dancing about the night sky. The lights acted as if they were playing hide and seek. At one point they moved to the mountain, and we thought they would crash. But in an instant they vanished just before reaching the side of the mountain. I’ve heard many logger stories about the same lights in the hills, and wouldn't doubt a connection between these lights, and the same lights over Mount Shasta, where some tourists have reported seeing aliens.
Source: Scanned and edited hard copy snail mailed by Mike Hanson to Gary Vesperman in 1999.
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