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Lori M. Shula, MA, LMHC
43 Barkley Circle 825 E Cowboy Way

Suite 102 Suite 106

Fort Myers, Florida 33907 LaBelle, FL 33935

Phone: 239.292-4458

FAX 239.936.4413

Offering extensive and varied background in Individual and Group counseling, administrative experience and case management. Emphasis is on brief, solution-focused therapy toward earliest return to maximal functional status. Professional area of expertise: Domestic Violence Intervention program.


1979-1981 AS in Dietetic Technician, Harper College, Palatine, Illinois

1985-1988 BS in Consumer Science, California State University, Northridge

1989-1991 MA in Rehabilitation Counseling, University of South Florida, Tampa

1995-pres Licensed as Mental Health Counselor MH3617

2001-pres State Certified Domestic Violence Evaluator and Facilitator

2011-pres HHA Training and Certification completed

1/95-present Mental Health Counselor, Private Practice. Ft Myers and LaBelle Florida.

Assisting clients in developing a strategic plan of action with goal

setting behaviors focused on functional outcomes. Specializing in

grief and loss issues, weight management, pain management, career counseling

and testing, facilitated Batters Intervention Program assessment and group training. Providing Smoke Cessation training using hypnotherapy techniques. Utilizing Cognitive and Behavioral theory to effect psychodynamic alteration.
2009-2013 Instructional Assistant: Edison State College, Ft Myers Florida.

Responsible for instructional support for Composition and other writing intensive classes, assisting students in improving essay development, designing workshops, collaborating with faculty, promoting Writing Lab thru development of PR materials including handouts and power point presentation.

6/99-2008 Mental Health Educator, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Cape Coral Hospital Cape Coral Florida. Desigining and presenting multi-media lecture series on Stress Management issues structured for the needs of the designated population.
8/98-2008 Adjunct Professor, Edison Community College, Ft Myers Florida

Teaching in Humanities, responsible for syllabus development and implementation.

Teaching 9 contact hours of classes per semester

Lori M Shula

2002-present Medical Reserve Corps. Active member participating in trainings, and drills, and providing support to medical team providing community outreach services. Liaison member with Edison State College, LaBelle (Hendry-Glades Counties), FL,.

1/96-present Mental Health Counselor and File Review Coordinator for Waterworks Physical

Therapy, Naples Florida. Responsible for identifying and directing treatment of

clients with mental health or social issues which may restrict maximum benefit from

physical therapy regimen and goals. Client file review to assure mental health and

social issues are being considered in the treatment plan development.

1/98-present Chart Review Coordinator for Bonita Springs Medical Center: Physical Therapy Department, Bonita Springs, FL . Responsible for bi-monthly chart review to assure Psychological and Vocational holistic issues are addressed in the process of providing Physical or Occupational Therapies in accord with industry standards.

6/97-1998 Providing Comprehensive Batterers Intervention Program using Duluth

Model, Making victim contact and support. Active in providing mental

health counseling to victims of rape.

1998/present DCF-Certified Assessor of Batters Intervention and Anger Management

Treatment for Abuse, Counseling and Treatment Center’s BAN Program .

6/97-4/98 Vocational Counselor – Veterans Administration, St Petersburg, Florida

Responsible for evaluation of veterans seeking educational benefits as to

the appropriateness and success indicators of their proposed educational

plan. Presentation of their files to VA decisionmakers and monitoring activities

with documentation to measure compliance.

11/92-11/96 Case Manager. Rehabilitation Case Management, Miami Florida. Providing

integrated case management for injured workers and interfacing with medical,

psychological and vocational resources. Performed client evaluation at their homes for

long term insurance eligibility.

7/92-10/95 Vocational Counselor at Naples Rehabilitation center, Naples Florida.

Providing psychometric testing and guidance to injured workers as a method to

assess level of job readiness. Maintained client files interacting with community

interacting with community resources and insurance carriers.
6/92-12/95 Internship providing individual and couple therapy under supervision at Genesis III

Counseling Center, Ft Myers Florida. Responsible for treatment, record keeping

and insurance form preparation.

6/91-6/92 Rehabilitation Counselor/Case Manager to workers sustaining job-related

injuries at The Body Works: Industrial Rehabilitation, Fort Myers Florida.

Providing individual and group therapies with the goal of returning the client to

appropriate level of work status. Employed relaxation response therapy for relief of

physical pain and hypnotherapy to increase goal-centered focus.

Lori M. Shula
12/90-6/91 Employment Specialist to citizens with mental illness or restrictions. Goodwill

Industries-Southwest, Ft Myers Florida. Case management of client files in all aspects

that impacted employability. Assessment of job skills present or teachable to client and

review of prospective job tasks to evaluate good match that would suggest success.

Job coach activities which trained client on identified tasks. After-care via periodic

follow-along reviews.

Past Accomplishments:

Internships included Florida Department of Blind Services and Deaf Service Center.

Past President, Southwest Florida Rehabilitation Association (1993-94)

Developed program to assess and educate mentally challenged workers for specific

skill sets required by employers, making the match and actively training individuals

on-the-job and thereafter monitoring performance.
Motivational/Workshop Speaker on topics of stress management, womans empowerment, self-hypnosis

Other Skills:

Motivational Speaker developing and presenting seminars to

professional and business groups .

Professional Storyteller utilizing multi-cultural stories which

entertain as they inform for adult audiences. Skilled in selecting

story sets which engage the interests of each unique audience.
Community Volunteer active with various organizations, including FGCU Radio

Reading Service, Lee County Library (Friends of the Library), Member: Firehouse

Theater of LaBelle, FL, OHOR of Lee Memorial Hospital;

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