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Pumps increase efficiency of wind energy systems

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Pumps increase efficiency of wind energy systems
At Husum WindEnergy 2012, the trade fair held in Husum from 18 to 22 September, German pump and valve manufacturer KSB will present its products and services for suppliers and original equipment manufacturers of wind energy systems.
Etaseco canned motor pumps will be one of the highlights at the fair. They are installed in the wind turbines’ cooling circuits where they take care of efficiently cooling the power electronics. Because of its compact design and low weight, but above all, because of its no-leakage feature, this pump type is ideally suited for the confined space conditions of a wind turbine nacelle and has proven its worth in numerous applications.
On display in Husum will be another type series whose special design has made it the pump of choice in many offshore systems: The UPA submersible borehole pump operates fully immersed in seawater. It is used in fire-fighting, pressure booster as well as cleaning systems and ensures reliable seawater extraction in offshore wind parks and transformer stations. Its robust design makes for long service intervals.
Besides a number of other products intended for use in wind power applications, KSB will also present its portfolio of services for wind energy systems at Husum WindEnergy 2012. KSB’s subsidiary gear-tec GmbH is specialised in overhauling the gearboxes of wind turbines. Based in Eggebek, gear-tec has a full range of customer-oriented services on offer. The company’s specialist technical staff provide support for components of gearboxes of any make which can weigh up to 65 tonnes each, with power ratings ranging from 100 kilowatts to 6.5 megawatts.
They have the necessary skills and know-how to recondition every type of submegawatt and megawatt category gearbox, including exotic gearboxes and specially engineered assemblies. The experts overhaul approximately 100 gearboxes per year.
At their service centres around the country, KSB Service GmbH offers all-in service packages for generators and other components of wind energy systems. Services range from generator repairs to maintenance and repair of drive trains, oil pumps and fans.
Photo : KSB at Husum WindEnergy 2012

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