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Project Update: August 2009

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Project Update: August 2009
In 20 strips of 10 m by 100 m, we identified 82 cavities of different origins: 73 decay and nine excavated. Of the excavated cavities, two were made by Campephilus leucopogon and seven by Piculus rubiginosus. We were able to locate the home range of two pairs of C. leucopogon separated by around 3 km. One of the pairs was pecking on a live tree of Amburana cearensis and completed the cavity in 45 days (see photo); the other was excavating on a snag. We also inspected all the old excavated cavities that we found. Most of the excavated cavities were on Calycophyllum multiflorum. On July 19th 2009 we found a nest of C. leucopogon with one chick probably five days old in an exotic species Schizolobium parahyba. We also found a male with a larva entering a cavity, but since the cavity was higher than 15 m we were not able to inspect it.


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