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Project/ scenario name: e-mandi (electronic -vegetable market)

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Project/ scenario name:

e-MANDI (electronic -vegetable market)

Custom scenario description:

its a elctronic vegetable market making the vegetable market more convenient for the use of civilian and even to keep the transparency in the whole market system from retailer to the whole seller.

Objective/ vision:

The main objective of this project is build a website which will help civilian , retailer ,whole seller and even the framer to get the best from his inputs.
with the help of this a farmer will be able to know the best value for his vegetable and will not be fooled by the marketers.
it will help in keeping the transparency between the whole seller and retailer and also the selection for civilian for his requirement become easy .so this will help in eradicating black marketing and inflation .

Users of the system:

2.user-farmer, whole seller, retailer,civilian
3.Computer professionals
4.any other users

Functional requirements
(include at least 8):

1.people can register to have a complete view of the market including the pricing of vegetables,pricing difference between whole seller and retailer,actual pricing stated by government, best possible retailer in the market for civilian in his area,revenue generated last month and a period of time
2.non registered can have a overview of these facilities excluding some. or complaint facilities directly connected to government bodies to keep a view on the market .but mentioning the unique id of the complainer
4.Admin should be able to see all record from any users. The records shown for selling should be available in a format of Quantity name , Quantity available, price
6.The database should be robust enough to handle all the online transactions which will be happening will be available in regional languages
8.people will have facility of viewing the price difference between different regions and the inflation rate also.
9.person have facility of booking vegetables for commercial use on a large scale online through bigger marketers section for those who are unable to understand the website or any of its part

Non-functional requirements
(include at least 4):

Optional features:

User interface priorities:


i.Daily report of enrollment to Admin.
ii.Monthly report of enrollment as per states to Ad-min
iii.Work hours uses of Computer professionals on a monthly basis to Admin

Other important issues:

Technologies to be used:

UML, J2EE, XML, e-Forms, AJAX, Web 2.0, Web-services, SOA

Tools to be used:

  • Eclipse/ RAD / Lotus Forms Designer / Portlet Factory

  • WebSphere Portal/ WAS/ WAS CE / WPS

  • DB2 Express – ‘C’ or DB2 UDB

  • Tivoli CDP/TSM / Tivoli Directory Server

  • Linux will be the preferred OS.

  • RSA/Rational Rose

Final deliverable must include:

1. Online or offline help to above said users, Application development executive and developer

2. Application archive (.war/.ear) with source code

3. Database backup and DDL Script

4. Complete Source code

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