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Project Document The gef small Grants Programme Fourth Operational Phase (gef-4) July 2007 – June 2010 The gef small Grants Programme Fourth Operational Phase (gef-4) Table of Contents

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Project Document
The GEF Small Grants Programme
Fourth Operational Phase (GEF-4)

July 2007 – June 2010

The GEF Small Grants Programme

Fourth Operational Phase (GEF-4)
Table of Contents

ANNEXES………………………………………………………………………………………………...45 2

Acronyms 3



Introduction 5

Contribution to the GEF mandate 6

Rationale for a new project document 7

Target partners 7

Country Programme structure and requirements of country teams 8

GEF SGP during the Third Operational Phase (March 2005 – June 2007) 9

Geographic expansion of the programme 9

Grants portfolio 10

Project impacts and global benefits 12

Links with full sized and medium sized GEF projects 13

Internal Strengthening 14

Monitoring and Evaluation 15

Resource mobilization 16


Goal of the Fourth Operational Phase: Global environmental benefits secured in the GEF focal areas through community-based initiatives and actions 19

Objective 1. Focal Area Results: Consolidate community-based interventions through focused GEF SGP country programme portfolios, in alignment with GEF-4 focal area strategic priorities 19

Outcome 1. Sustainable community protected area governance approaches recognized, strengthened, and adopted by national partners, protected area systems, and multilateral processes 19

Outcome 2. Sustainable use of biodiversity established in production landscapes / seascapes (including agriculture, forests, fisheries, and tourism) through community-based conservation, innovative approaches, and market mechanisms 20

Outcome 3: Intensify the replication, scaling up, or mainstreaming of climate change mitigation barrier removal models that have been successfully tested and practically applied at the local level, in national development priorities and plans 21

Outcome 4: Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) practices promoted and incorporated in national development priorities 23

Outcome 5: Demonstration of community-based approaches for the implementation of SAPs, and models replicated, scaled up and mainstreamed 24

Outcome 6: Innovative and adaptive community-based approaches demonstrated, piloted, and integrated into global efforts to address unsustainable agricultural practices, rangeland and forestry management, while promoting local livelihood 26

Outcome 7: Community-based approaches demonstrated on waste management to prevent open burning and Persistent Organic Pollutants pesticide management related to health issues, with good experiences disseminated to support the National Implementation Plans 27

Objective 2: Sustainability: Ensure that the benefits of the long term investment of the GEF are sustained 28

Outcome 8: GEF SGP Country Programmes that have benefited from the GEF SGP for more than eight years beginning in 2007 are able to sustain their activities beyond GEF-4 28

Objective 3: Resource Mobilization: Enhance the catalytic role of GEF through strengthened partnerships and resource mobilization 30

Outcome 9: Partnerships strengthened with bilateral and multilateral donors, government development programs, as well as with non-traditional funders, such as the business and financial sectors at the national and global levels 31

Objective 4: Capacity Building: Strengthen community and civil society constituencies for GEF priorities 33

Outcome 10: Strengthened capacity for implementing concrete actions and for networking on GEF priorities by communities, CBOs, NGOs, and other civil society 33

Outcome 11: Enhanced country institutional capacity by strengthening positive government and civil society partnerships in GEF SGP National Steering Committees and through GEF SGP participation in country RAF planning and coordination bodies, as well as in other bodies concerned with environment and sustainable development matters 35

Objective 5: Knowledge Management: Codification and exchange of good practice from GEF SGP activities to inform and influence wider sustainable development policy and practice 35

Outcome 12: Enhanced enabling environment for community involvement in addressing GEF priorities in both policy and practice 36

Outcome 13: Global Knowledge Platform for exchange, codification, and dissemination of community knowledge established 36


Institutional Structure 37

Reasons for assistance from UNDP 40

Acknowledgement of GEF funding 41





CBA Community Based Adaptation

CBD Convention on Biological Diversity

CBOs Community-based Organizations

CCA Community Conserved Areas

CO Country Office

COMPACT SGP Community Management of Protected Areas Conservation Project

COP Conference of Parties

CPMT Central Programme Management Team

CPS Country Programme Strategy

CSOs Civil Society Organizations

EA Executing Agency

FSPs Full-sized projects

GEF Global Environment Facility

GHG Greenhouse Gas

IA Implementing Agency

ISEAL International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling Alliance

IFC International Finance Corporation

IUCN World Conservation Union

LCBs Local Consultative Bodies

LDCF Least Developed Countries Fund

LDCs Least Developed Countries

M&E Monitoring and Evaluation

MDGs Millennium Development Goals

MOA Memorandum of Agreement

MSPs Medium-sized projects

NFGs National Focal Groups

NGOs Non-government Organizations

NCs National Coordinators

NHI National Host Institution

NSC National Steering Committee

NTEAP GEF Nile Transboundary Environmental Action Project

NZAID New Zealand’s International Aid and Development Agency

OP2 Second Operational Phase of GEF SGP

OP3 Third Operational Phase of GEF SGP

OP4 Fourth Operational Phase of GEF SGP

OPs Operational Programs

PAs Protected Areas

PICS Pacific Island Countries

POPs Persistent Organic Pollutants

PTF GEF SGP EU Promotion of Tropical Forests

RAF Resource Allocation Framework

RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

SAPs Strategic Action Programmes

SBAA Standard Basic Assistance Agreement

SCCF Special Climate Change Fund

SGP Small Grants Programme

SIDS Small Island Developing States

SME Small and Medium Enterprises

SPA Strategic Priority on Adaptation

SPs Strategic Priorities

STAP Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel to the GEF

TILCEPA Theme on Indigenous Local Communities, Equity, and Protected Areas

TORs Terms of Reference

TRAC Target for Resources Assignment from the Core

UNCDF United Nations Capital Development Fund

UNDAF United Nations Development Assistance Framework

UNDP United Nations Development Programme

UNCCD United Nations Convention to Combat Dissertification

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

UNEP United Nations Environment Programme

UNF United Nations Foundation

UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNIFEM United Nations Development Fund for Women

UNOPS United Nations Office of Project Services

UNSO UNDP Drylands Development Centre

WFP World Food Programme

WHO World Health Organization

WHS World Heritage Site


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