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Table of contents

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Inmartech 2008 Proceedings Introduction

Inmartech 2008 Organization

Inmartech 2008 Introduction

Welcome Address – Gérard Riou, Director of Ifremer Mediterranean Centre

Ifremer Toulon Operational Base and CETSM – Vincent Rigaud (Ifremer)

Session 1: AUVs/Gliders

First Science Missions for Autosub6000 AUV – Stephen Mc Phail (NOC)

AUVs Fleets Exploitation Feedbacks – Jan Opderbecke (Ifremer) and Volker Ratmeyer (MARUM)

Daurade: an AUV for Rapid Environment Assessment – Jean Meyrat (SHOM)

AUV Abyss – Friedrich Abegg (IFM GEOMAR)

Experiences with different underwater gliders - Thierry Terre (Ifremer)

Session 2: Manned Submersibles

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Method Applied to a HOV Design – Weicheng Cui (CSSRC)

Introduction to Design and Construction of Deep Manned Submersible “Harmony” – Feng Liu (COMRA)

Nautile status and trends – Jean-Pierre Lévêque (Ifremer)

Session 3: New Vessels

A new Norwegian Ice Going Research Vessel – Hans Petter Knudsen (Institute of Marine Research)

AURORA BOREALIS - Development of a new European Research Icebreaker and Deep-Sea Drilling Vessel - Lester Lembke-Jene (AWI)

R/V L'Atalante Modernization - Sébastien Dupont (Ifremer)

New Research Vessel in China - Song Sun (Institute of Oceanology)

Haliotis: An Easy-to-use Survey Launch for Very Shallow Waters – Hervé Bisquay (Ifremer)

Session 4: ROV/AUV Deployment and Interoperability

ROV Kiel 6000 on R/V L'Atalante : Experiences and Results - Friedrich Abegg (IFM GEOMAR)

Using Victor 6000 on board R/V Sarmiento de Gamboa - Arturo Castellon (UTM/CSIC)

QUEST 5 and 7 LARS system - Friedrich Abegg (IFM GEOMAR) and Volker Ratmeyer (MARUM)

Underwater System Deployment from R/V Pourquoi Pas? – Olivier Lefort (Ifremer)

MeBo Drill Rig: Mobilization on Celtic Explorer, Status and Lessons Learned - Bill Dwyer (P&O Maritime Services Ireland Ltd) and Volker Ratmeyer (MARUM)

CALMARS: a Solution to Facilitate the Interoperability and to Increase the Operational Capacities of Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles - Marc Luccioni (Ifremer)

Session 5: Instrumentation and Methods

Hydrostatic Pressure Actuated Cable Cutter - Christopher Griner (WHOI)

SUGAR – Submarine Gas Hydrate Deposits as Sites for CO2 Sequestration: Prospection, Exploitation and Transport - Joerg Bialas (IFM GEOMAR)

The TVHD on Victor 6000 - Pierre Léon (Ifremer)

Session 6: Acoustic and Seismic Tools

Ultra Deep Low Frequency Sub-Bottom Profiler for AUV and ROV - Yves Le Gall (Ifremer)

SYSIF: A New Tool for Near-Bottom Very High-Resolution Profiling in Deep Water - Pierre Léon – (Ifremer)

Session 7: Buoys-Moorings-Observatories Installation

GITEWS Deep Mooring Deployment In Med Sea - Swen Roemer (GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam)

ANTARES Installation - Marine Means and Methods - Jean Roux, Vincent Bertin, Stephan Beurthey (CNRS/CPPM)

Session 8: Data treatment, Network and Communication

HiSeasNet in 2008 - Steven Foley (SCRIPPS)

Facilitating the Access to Marine Research Infrastructures in Europe through Dedicated Information e-Tools - Laurent d'Ozouville (EurOcean)

Session 9: Lessons learned

A Revised Rosette and CTD System Built around a SBE 9Plus Underwater Unit - Michel Hamon (Ifremer)

A Dropping Box for ARGO Profiler Launches - Stéphane Leizour (Ifremer)

Water and Bottom Sampling Combined in One Cast - Jack Schilling (NIOZ)

ISIS Deployment - TMS and “live boating” - Dave Turner (NOC)

Air Bubbles and Hydroacoustic Equipment - Olivier Lefort (Ifremer)

Poster session

Glider Operation : A Technical Facility - Laurent Beguery (DT INSU)

Discovery Replacement Project - Edward Cooper (NOC)

Closing remarks


Inmartech 2008 Proceedings Introduction

The 2008 International Marine Technician (Inmartech) Symposium was hosted by Ifremer in Toulon, France on October 8-10, 2008.

The Inmartech 2008 programme agenda is included as Appendix A of these proceedings.
The symposium was attended by 82 participants representing 16 different countries and 36 organizations. An attendance list is included as Appendix B.
Inmartech 2008 consisted of 9 technical sessions:

  • AUVs/Gliders

  • Manned Submersibles

  • New Vessels

  • ROV/AUV Deployment and Interoperability

  • Instrumentation and Methods

  • Acoustic and Seismic Tools

  • Buoys-Moorings-Observatories Installation

  • Data Treatment, Network and Communication

  • Lessons Learned

Inmartech 2008 also included a visit of Ifremer facilities where submersibles (Nautile, Victor 6000, Asterx and Idefx, SAR/SYSIF) could be seen, posters were exposed (see Poster Session) and local companies (Semantic-TS, Sirenha, Subsea-tech) presented their activities. The Pôle Mer PACA, which participated in the organization of the exposition, was also represented.

This Proceeding document is a compilation of all the presentations that were made during the symposium. The document is organized by session; an abstract of each presentation and a photograph of the presenter(s) are provided when available.
A satisfaction survey was distributed during the symposium: 21 participants answered. The results can be read in Appendix C.


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