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Press Release Libretto 110CT: Mini-notebook getting more powerful

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Press Release

Libretto 110CT: Mini-notebook getting more powerful

3. November 1998

Toshiba announced today the launch of the Libretto 110CT, setting yet another milestone in the new mini-notebook format. Since introducing the first Libretto in Japan in 1996, Toshiba has continuously expanded its mini-notebook offering.

“The Libretto 110CT is the highest performing mini-notebook in its class," says Karl Albrecht, General Manager PC European Marketing at Toshiba Europe GmbH. “To date, public response to our mini-notebook family has been overwhelming. With the Libretto 110CT, we are continuing our commitment to bringing not only main-stream processing performance into a small form factor.”

More processor performance

The heart of the new Libretto 110CT is a 233 MHz Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology running on 1.6 volts. The system is barely larger than a notepad and weighs slightly over 1 kg. Its 4.32 billion byte hard disk measures an astonishing 8.45 mm in height. With 32 MB RAM (expandable up to 64 MB), the Libretto 110CT is small enough to fit into a coat pocket and big enough to handle any standard full-sized Windows – whether Windows® 95, 98 or NT - applications.
“The Libretto 110CT shows what the future of mini-notebooks has in store for users,” says Albrecht. “More power and more storage in the smallest and lightest full-function Windows® PC. The Libretto is not only the ultimate in portable computing but also an interesting alternative for itinerant corporate workers.”
For further enquiries contact: Lee Koenig at Toshiba Europe.

Toshiba Europe GmbH
European PC Division
Hammfelddamm 8
41460 Neuss

Tel: +49 2131 158 422
Fax: +49 2131 158558

World-wide Web:

Libretto 110CT specifications


  • Intel Pentium ® processor with MMX™ technology, 233 MHz int./ 66 MHz ext., 1.6 volt core using Voltage Reduction Technology, 64 KB cache on chip, PCI architecture


Hard disk

  • 4.32 billion byte capacity (4.0 GB)

Diskette drive

  • External diskette drive (via PC Card): 3.5” 1.44 MB / 720 KB

CD-ROM drive

  • Optional 10-speed Mobile CD-ROM drive (via PC Card)


  • 7.1” TFT colour screen

Graphics adaptor

  • SVGA/VGA compatible, PCI Bus, BitBlT, 128-bit graphics accelerator, 2 MB Video RAM

Internal video mode

External video modes

  • 640 x 480 x 16.7 mill. colours

  • 800 x 480 x 16.7 mill. colours

  • 800 x 600 x 16.7 mill. colours

  • 1024 x 768 x 65.536 colours

  • Up to 85 Hz refresh rate non interlaced


  • 82 keys with 12 function keys,

  • 4 dedicated cursor keys,

  • 2 Windows keys

Pointing device

Sound system

  • 16-bit stereo Sound Blaster Pro compatible, MIDI & 3D sound support, full duplex support, built-in speaker and microphone


  • DMI 2.0, ACPI (1.0), DPMS


  • FIR (fast infrared port), head-phone, speaker port

  • With Mini Port Replicator: serial, parallel, RGB, PS/2 mouse/keyboard

  • With optional Mini Card Station: serial, parallel, RGB, PS/2 mouse and keyboard, USB


  • 2 x PC Card Type II or 1 x PC Card Type III, CardBus, ZV port support, memory expansion

  • With optional Mini Card Station: 1 x PC Card Type III and 1 x PC Card Type II

Power supply

  • Autosensing 100 – 240 V AC adaptor for world-wide usage


Size and Weight

  • 210 x 132 x 35 mm, 1 kg

Bundled software

  • Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 selectable installation, other Microsoft operating system upon request, Toshiba utilities and drivers, all pre-installed on the hard disk

Bundled hardware

  • Ext. diskette drive (via PC Card), Autosensing AC adaptor, Mini Port Replicator

Special features


  • Carrying case, Mobile CD-ROM drive (via PC Card), additional high capacity battery, battery charger, 32 MB memory module, PC Card High Speed modem, car adapter, Mini Card Station

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