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Leonberg, 16th July 2015

Photo: GEZE GmbH

Inauguration of the production hall on the GEZE premises in Leonberg on 15th July 2015.

Centre: Marc Alber, assistant to the management and project leader for the new production hall construction,

left: Lufti Bozkurt, divisional manager for production planning, right: Markus Lang, divisional manager for production
Investments at the Leonberg site:

GEZE inaugurates new production hall and increases production capacity.
With the launch of a new production hall, another building project at the GEZE headquarters in Leonberg is complete. It was opened this Wednesday in the presence of the management board and staff. In a record construction time of eleven months and with an investment amount of around six million euro, GEZE is expanding its production capacity with the additional 6,500 m² hall. The plant expansion increases the importance of the headquarters as an international production site and at the same time is an answer to the globally increasing demand for individual GEZE solutions for door and window automation.
With the new building, GEZE has increased the production area on the company premises by around 5,000 m². The remaining 1,500 m² provides office and social space.
"With the new production hall, we will be able to continue to optimise our production process, significantly increase our efficiency and boost our international competitiveness. The hall comprises of a factory for manufacturing customised solutions, an individual production line for revolving and round arch sliding doors and an area for order-related production of automatic sliding door systems. Consequently, in the future we will be able to respond to our customers' needs in a more individual and flexible way", says Marc Alber.
In addition to the production capacity for line production, the expansion of production facilities for individual product solutions is a part of the corporate growth strategy. The extension also confirms GEZE's success as a global specialist and system provider. More and more countries in Europe and the world are being supplied with GEZE solutions for doors and windows from Leonberg. The new building also meets the planned growth for highly qualified staff.
Fully-automatic storage - increased efficiency, even in logistics

For material supply, there is a fully automated honeycomb long good warehouse available for raw material storage in the new hall. It provides the production of automatic sliding doors with the necessary profiles and also takes over their worldwide dispatch. The storage system is thus the third automated main warehouse together with the GEZE distribution centre and the small parts warehouse and is completely controlled and managed by the corporate software

Germany: GEZE number one production location

GEZE has invested around fourteen million euro in expanding buildings and modern production and logistics plants in Germany over the last five years. Germany is the most important production and development location for products and solutions in "Made in Germany" quality. About 60 percent of the products manufactured here are delivered to overseas destinations. In order to facilitate further natural growth and to be able to handle the growing demand for GEZE products, the company is also expanding its international distribution and service network with 27 foreign subsidiaries and on-site production schemes. A subsidiary in China that has an attached production facility and which employs more than 400 people and another production facility in Serbia which employs more than 125 people satisfy the growing demand associated with the Asian and East European markets. Furthermore, a specialist team for customised solutions in Sant Feliu de Llobregat near Barcelona supplements production capacity at the Spanish subsidiary, GEZE Iberia.

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