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Leonberg, 18th February 2013

Sustainable management at GEZE – certification of environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001
From product development to production and sales, GEZE works in accordance with the latest environmental standards to guarantee and continually optimise the responsible and sustainable management of natural resources. At GEZE, the prevention of environmental pollution is taken into consideration not only in the development of new products, but also in all environment-related work. Now the GEZE environmental management at the company’s headquarters in Leonberg has been certified in accordance with the international norm for environmental management systems ISO 14001.
As a company for which sustainable management represents one of its guidelines and one which makes an active contribution to energy efficient building with its products, environmental protection is for GEZE an essential part of its daily work. The leading provider of door, window and safety technology has dedicated itself to the continual improvement of the ecology of its products and production facilities as well as the responsible management of natural resources. “For GEZE, sustainability is an issue which affects us all, which is why the certification of our environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001 is an important step and, at the same time, evidence of our commitment to environmental protection,” says Brigitte Vöster-Alber, Chief Executive Officer of GEZE GmbH.
The ISO 14001 standard is valid worldwide and outlines the requirements which an environmental management system should meet in order to receive certification. GEZE’s environmental management system was examined for compliance with the standard requirements of ISO 14001 and certified by the Dekra Certification GmbH.
The environmental management of GEZE coordinates and outlines environmental activities across all company divisions, whereby the goal is to achieve sustainable environmental compatibility and a continual improvement in the environmental performance. Important environmental aspects were defined and evaluated for this. With its own environmental management representative, the company continually strives to reduce energy consumption and guarantee the responsible management of limited resources. This occurs with e.g. the aid of modern light controlling, energy efficient production and conveyor facilities and, not least, through the responsible behaviour of all employees.
The company’s full commitment in environmental protection is also reflected in further current measures: as part of the continual improvement of the ecology of the GEZE products, the door closer series TS 4000 and TS 5000 were assessed in accordance with the challenging regulations of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) on the basis of ISO 14025 and awarded the EPD sustainability certificate. With its products, GEZE also helps to achieve points in LEED and DGNB certification which contributes to successful building certification. The list of GEZE products in the databank offers an overview of the evaluation-related product details.

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The company headquarters in Leonberg certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

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About GEZE
GEZE GmbH is one of the leading providers of systems for door, window and safety technology in the world. As one of the market, innovation and design leaders, the independently-managed family company has decisively influenced facility engineering and building technology with pioneering developments. GEZE door closers and sliding systems open up numerous technical and optical possibilities. The door closers from GEZE are some of the best known in the world. Daily, millions of people pass through doors with the overhead GEZE TS 5000 door closer and enjoy the obvious conveniences of automatic door systems from the Slimdrive range. The integrated all-glass systems provide architectural design freedom in discerning building projects. In addition, GEZE offers a comprehensive range of products including ventilation systems, smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA), safety technology as well as a new access control system, and technical building management systems. Product solutions from GEZE can be found in renowned buildings across the world. With 30 subsidiaries, the company is represented across the globe by a flexible and highly efficient sales and service network, which has 2.500 employees, and generated a turnover of about 326 mill. euros in the 2011/2012 financial year.

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