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Press release 16 September 2004 Presses-Solar-Belfond (Editis Group) rises to third place in the French travel sector

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Press release 16 September 2004
Presses-Solar-Belfond (Editis Group) rises to third place in the French travel sector
On 1 October 2004 the licensing agreement with Lonely Planet with Presses-Solar-Belfond will come into force. In a global market worth an estimated €120m for the year 2003 in France (retail price value, source: GfK), Presses-Solar-Belfond will become the third largest publisher in the travel market (62% tourist guides, 16% theme guides, 22% illustrated travel books) with:

 7.2 % of the travel publishing market;

 almost 10 % of illustrated travel books market;

 8.2 % of the tourist guides for specific destinations market

(World, Europe, France);

 16.7 % of “World” guides market;

Lonely Planet is the largest independent publisher of travel guides (over 1000 titles in fourteen languages, with a presence in Australia, USA, UK, Italy, Spain and in France through Presses-Solar-Belfond). In France, French overseas territories and also in Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec, the new partnership grants Presses-Solar-Belfond control of:

 publication and distribution of Lonely Planet publications in French;

 translation, adaptation and distribution of the “World” guides in accordance with Lonely Planet’s publishing schedule (new titles and new editions);

 updating the “France” guides created by the French subsidiary

and the creation of new titles;

 distribution of the English-language Lonely Planet catalogue in France;

 the possible use of the Lonely Planet brand on other types of publication,

such as conversation guides, travel journals, and illustrated books.

Presses-Solar-Belfond has accordingly set up a new travel unit. This represents a practical implementation of Editis Group’s development strategy, which is to maximize the potential of its individual houses and talents and make strategic alliances with the best names in each sector and geographical area.

This deal signed by its subsidiary also illustrates Editis’s dynamism in expanding the Interforum operation.

For Tony Wheeler, co-founder of Lonely Planet, headquartered are in Australia :

it’s a great opportunity for Lonely Planet to grow in the French market by being at the heart of a dynamic group such as Éditis. We are very confident about the future as Presses-Solar- Belfond has understood perfectly the essence of Lonely Planet and its guidebooks for independent travellers.’’

For Alain Kouck, CEO of Editis : "I'm very happy with this agreement. Its originality opens a new type of relationship between publishers, based on each other’s strengths."
For Jean Arcache, CEO of Presses-Solar-Belfond:

This is an important step for Presses-Solar-Belfond, which will put its talent and know-how at the service of the most internationally-recognized brand of travel guides, with unrivaled coverage of destinations world-wide. Lonely Planet’s reliability and values correspond to those of Presses-Solar-Belfond. This licensing agreement reflects our ambitions in the bookshops and in B2B and will definitely contribute to our development”.

Press contacts :
Editis – Marie-Françoise Laget-Martinez – - Tél. : 01 53 53 38 20

PSB – Anne Chamaillard – - Tél. : 01 44 16 07 32

Lonely Planet France – Christophe Corbel – - Tél. : 01 55 25 33 00

Lonely Planet World – Simon Westcott – Tél : ++ 61 3 8379 8000

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