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Presents “Drop Control” Impeccable wine service

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Drop Control” 

Impeccable wine service
The talent and expertise of Mikasa Oenology continues to stun the oenological world. After a period of research, the company has invented Drop Control, an innovative treatment. Applied to a minute surface of a decanter, Drop Control guarantees an impeccable wine service, exalting for an eternity the wine-tasting experience.

Drop Control is invisible

The translucent coating is invisible to the human eye and the crystal decanter loses none of its brilliance, sparkle and transparency.

Drop Control is neutral

Although in close contact with the inside of the decanter, Drop Control remains in place and has absolutely no effect on the wine as it is poured out of the decanter. It helps maintain the colour, nose, aroma and bouquet of the most prestigious wines.

Drop Control is precise

Applied on the neck of the decanter, Drop Control manages in a spectacular fashion to prevent any wine drops from falling outside the decanter.

Drop Control is resistant

Numerous tests have demonstrated that this device is extremely durable. Drop Control will only wear out if it gets scratched! It can be washed carefully using a sponge and water.

Drop Control in the future

At present, Drop Control is reserved for the luxury decanter of our collection – the Grand Finale blown glass decanter. In the near future, Drop Control will become a feature of all Mikasa Oenology decanter collections – guaranteeing an impeccable service not only to passionate amateurs and perfectionists, but also to professionals who expect the highest standards of excellence.

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