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Present: Dayle Cosway (President), Laurie Hardy (Secretary), Christina Nikolic (Events Co-coordinator), Phil Nauta (Treasurer & Web Master), Michael Hermary (Technical Support), Heide Hermary (Education Committee) Regrets

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Society For Organic Urban Land Care

At 1744 Lee Ave, Victoria BC

Minutes of the Board Meeting

10th May 2008

Present: Dayle Cosway (President), Laurie Hardy (Secretary), Christina Nikolic (Events Co-coordinator), Phil Nauta (Treasurer & Web Master), Michael Hermary (Technical Support), Heide Hermary (Education Committee)

Regrets: Lisa Atkins. (Membership) via Vancouver, Michael Cowan (Vice President); David Greig (Newsletter and Historian)
Dayle opened the meeting at 12.15pm.

  1. The minutes of the 12th April 2008 were approved. Michael/Phil. Carried.

  2. President’s Report.

  1. Dayle reported that the Earth Walk was successfully attended but numbers were down due to the cold weather.

  2. Dayle and Marisa represented Soul at Swan Lake at a joint table with Saanich Environmental Committee. Turnout was poor due to adverse weather.

  3. The Victoria Soul Branch had its first organization meeting. Marisa Herrera chaired the meeting with Tanya Kendall, Nancy Brown, Dayle Cosway and Laurie Hardy in attendance. Discussions on branch structure and possible events to be undertaken by the new branch.

Action: Phil will check the link on the web regarding the information on branch formation, as the new information needs to be in place.

Action: There is a need to consult the Bylaws and determine if they are consistent with Branch changes. This is tabled till next meeting.

Action: A Sub committee is needed to review present Bylaws. This is tabled till next meeting.

  1. There was a discussion around who should speak on behalf of Soul as members in Vancouver have been developing their own Power Point Presentations. There is a need to ensure that information given reflects Soul mission and standards and that information adheres to Soul standards and Bylaws. Should authorization to speak on behalf of Soul be limited to Board members or should certain people be designated on the Soul Central and Branch Boards to speak. Dayle to look into how other organizations resolve this issue.

Motion: It is moved that people speaking on behalf of Soul are limited to the board members of the branches and Soul Central Phil/Laurie Carried.

  1. Financial Report

Phil presented the financials. We need to pay for T-shirts and for the Organic Island Festival event.

The Victoria Branch now has a separate bank account and Phil will arrange for signing authority through Van City for designated branch members.

Phil has compiled a list of potential Soul Central Library books that may need an expenditure of $1000. A discussion will be needed with Vancouver Branch as to whether they will have their own library branch or use Central Branch on a rotating/borrowing basis.

Action: It was hoped that David Greig upon his return would speak with Lisa regarding the library.

Phil reported that Kendra is to send more logo drawings to the Board for consideration when possible.

  1. Membership Report

Lisa’s report showed membership at 113 with a new member, Reagan Colby.

Four people have taken the certification exam. (April 21/08)

T-Shirts have been received; some sold already, and half have been delivered to Soul Central.

  1. Upcoming Events

  1. The Green Living event in Colwood (May 31st) will need volunteers to man the booth. Christina to follow up with Marisa. The event is 10-3pm.

  2. Soul visioning meeting is on May 31st as well.

Action: Michael Hermary to organize content of visioning. Suggested: “What do we want Soul to be?” and “How do we get there?” Use small group discussions.

Michael or Heide to speak on “How Soul came to be” and Dayle on “What is happening now.”

Soul Central to assist with Vancouver branch participants ferry costs. Potluck and Video to follow meeting.

  1. Business.

    1. Christina will approach the ELD students regarding Soul memberships.

    2. Municipal workshops. Two weeks notice is required to allow for advertising. The June workshop schedule was requested for May 12th/08.

    3. Workshop presentations. Heide will do an outline by May 12th/08 and Christina will show the revised PP presentation Saturday May 17th at 1pm at Lee Ave.

    4. There is to be 2 fact sheets and Tina Frazer to be commissioned to do third fact sheet on food.

Motion: Soul withdraws from making of the fact sheets. Michael/Heide. Carried.
Meeting Adjourned at 3pm.

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