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Prepared for: John & Joan Smith March 5, 2010 The Real Pro Success Team (416) 642-6948

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Informed Seller Package 2010

Value Quality Innovation

The key to getting LISTINGS is all in the PRESENTATION

Prepared for:

John & Joan Smith

March 5, 2010

The Real Pro Success Team

(416) 642-6948


Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves and the Real Pro Success team. The information provided in this package will help you successfully acquire more listings.

Not all agents are the same, but the prospective client you are about to meet with doesn’t really know that. Sending them this package in advance of your meeting with them will immediately differentiate you from your competition because so few realtors do this.

The main purpose of this package is to EDUCATE and PREPARE them for the journey they are about to embark on. When prepared correctly it will help rid any reservations they have about hiring you or about the entire process altogether. After reading through it they will know who you are, what makes you most qualified to sell their home, and what they can expect throughout the entire process.

Now, for the purpose of creating this sample for you we make reference to our company Real Pro Success in order to illustrate how certain sections should appear and what the content should look like. However, when you are creating your package you will use your name or the name of your team instead when making these same references.

We hope that you find this prepared seller package useful and thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your listing needs.


The Real Pro Success Team

Contents of this package include:


Contents of this package include: 2



Pro Presenter 6


GABRIELLE JEANS – Co-founder 6

ADIL ESMAIL - Co-founder 7

CHRIS CUMMINS – Speaker & Trainer 7

JANICE ZEPPIERI – Business Development Manager 8


Value 8

Quality 8

Innovation 9







After reviewing the best of the best informed seller packages, here are the common elements:

  1. Information about You

  • Biography (200 words or less)

  • Letter of Introduction (250 words or less)

  • Background: family, education, successes, awards, achievements, group associations

  • Business background: Tenure, specialty, passion, awards

  1. Information about Your Company/Team

  • Market Share

  • Sales Records

  • Awards/rankings

  • Company promotion/exposure

  • Company Comparison Chart

  1. Information about the Market

  • Most recent Market Watch Update

  • Newspaper articles on the market

  1. Marketing Plan (Exposure, Features, and Benefits)

  • Marketing Plan Outline of Process

  • Service Guarantee

  • 5 Ways You Attract Buyers

  • Example Advertisements:

  • Just Listed, Just Sold, Feature Sheets, etc.

  • Example of Internet tools/resources you use

  • Your Personal Website

  • Last 50 homes sold

  1. Seller Information

  • Helpful Selling Tips

  • Preparing Home For Sell

  • Remodelling Information

  1. Homework for seller

  • List of what the seller should have ready for appointment

  • Land Survey

  • Home Warranty Information

  • Utility bills for the last year

  • Tax bills for the last year

  • Loan Information

  • 2 Keys

  • Completed 10 best features of my home (see page 14)

  • 10 questions sellers should ask when interviewing other realtors (see page 15)


Two real estate minds are better than one. In the case of Real Pro Success those two minds belong to Gabrielle Jeans and Adil Esmail. Gabrielle is President of two businesses; e2000 Training Institute Inc., a RECO approved education provider specializing in Real Estate web education, and WebTech Dezine Inc., a web development company. WebTech Dezine Inc. has developed a website and online marketing product called MONEYMAKER™ that is currently being used by thousands of Real Estate agents across North America. Adil constantly found there was a real shortage of quality real estate marketing material that could be used in today's world. Realizing the need, Adil teamed up with Gabrielle Jeans to develop the highest quality listing presentation on the market. Agents using Pro Presenter would now be able to WOW their clients with value and no longer fear the once dreaded commission objection because it could be so easily overcome.

As a result Real Pro Success was formed in 2006 and has been essential in changing the way agents are doing business today. Real Pro Success is passionate about helping agents confidently use technology to communicate with clients the way they are expecting in today’s high-tech world.

Pro Presenter

  • Downloads to your laptop so you don't need the internet to present

  • 4 unique presentation style templates included

  • 58 slides filled with proven objection prevention methods written by experienced real estate professionals

  • 3 blank "bullet list" slides allow for the insertion of text

  • No monthly recurring fee

  • Only listing presentation of its kind in the WORLD!


  • Cumulative experience training realtors across Canada for 18 years

  • 53 years combined industry experience as active realtors selling 100+ yearly

Achievements & Results

  • 2010 – Real Pro Success experienced record breaking numbers after growing 45% in Q1 alone

  • 2010 - facilitated training sessions in over 15 offices across the GTA

  • 2006-2009 – Real Pro Success experienced average annual growth of 45%



Gabrielle Jeans is a Real Estate icon throughout North America. Her knowledge and natural leadership ability have put her in a number of key positions since her career began in 1973. As General Manager for an independent, multi-branch company, she oversaw 400 Real Estate professionals, in seven offices. She then opened her own Real Estate company, where she oversaw all day-to-day operations of two offices and more than 100 sales agents. Her highly successful Real Estate business earned a net commission income of $6,800,000 in one year. From 1992 to 2000, Gabrielle was Vice- President and Chief Operating Officer for a large Real Estate Franchise organization with over 300 offices across North America. She has also authored numerous Real Estate Training publications, written and contributed for REM magazine, the Real Estate Council of Ontario and served as a Trainer for the Ontario Real Estate Association.

ADIL ESMAIL - Co-founder

Adil is Gabrielle's partner in Real Pro Success and a top producing real estate agent since 1991. A strong believer in the power of marketing, Adil constantly found there was a real shortage of quality real estate marketing material that could be used in today's world. To remedy this situation, he started developing and using a more progressive listing presentation of his own design, the results were outstanding. Clients were extremely impressed and his business grew dramatically. Any real estate agent who saw the presentation immediately wanted one for their business. In order to make this happen, Adil teamed up with Gabrielle Jeans. The result was Real Pro Success, which is Adil's way of being able share his presentation with agents who are genuinely driven to be successful.

Since Adil began using his real estate presentation materials, his business evolved from being a single agent to his top-producing team, which currently includes a licensed assistant and two licensed buyer specialists, and continues to grow in terms of profitability and personnel.

CHRIS CUMMINS – Speaker & Trainer

Chris Cummins has been speaking professionally for 9 years.  He has successfully trained over 15,000 business owners in the last 4 years and physically presented to over 300 real estate offices across Canada.

Real Estate Trainer and Coach Richard Robbins had Chris travelling coast to coast on real estate speaking tours for 3 years.  More recently he just finished a promotional speaking tour for the Anthony Robbins' event "Unleash the Power Within".

Senior executives, business owners, sales people and real estate professionals appreciate Chris' unique ability to deliver highly educational content in a hilarious, approachable and very "real" style. His current stories and life examples make lessons memorable and easy to apply immediately.

Chris joined Real Pro Success in November 2009 and he is now travelling once again across Canada educating agents on to bring more value to the marketplace and how Pro Presenter can help. Chris shares best practices in an effort to help raise the level of professionalism, service and integrity in our industry. 

JANICE ZEPPIERI – Business Development Manager

Janice’s passion for helping real estate professionals began while working as an office manager for an independent real estate brokerage in Vaughan. Her passion continued to grow while working at Automated Marketing Solutions where she proved to be extremely successful as a sales representative earning the exclusive rights to two key accounts.

In 2006 Janice joined the sales team at Richard Robbins International, a coaching and training organization dedicated to real estate sales professionals and leaders. She impressed those she worked alongside as well as her direct reports and was quickly promoted to book speaking tours across North America.

In 2007 she decided to put what she had learned to the test and decided to work for herself as a mortgage broker. By the fourth quarter, she and her partner had tripled their transactions.

Her passion has taken her full circle again to helping realtors once again improve the quality of their listing presentations since joining Real Pro Success in 2009.



Real Pro Success is committed to delivering overwhelming value

    • Pro Presenter is the ONLY flash listing presentation on the market today

    • 58 slides to choose from to create your own unique presentation

    • Editing slides is formatted so it’s very user friendly

    • Listing scripts are included to help increase your presentation effectiveness

    • Over 70% of the slides are customizable according to your specifications

    • 4 unique presentation style templates included


Real Pro Success prides itself on providing high-quality products and services

  • Each slide designed by 3 different designers with the needs of our clients in mind

    1. Content Expert – Create education and objection preventative content drawing from top listing presentations being used in today’s marketplace

    2. Marketing Specialist – Application of persuasion techniques and psychology as to what type of images, colours, and layout appeal most to a given demographic

    3. Animation Illustrator – Skilled in slide animation, layout, and timing to accent the content and graphics shown on each slide


Real Pro Success is devoted to developing technology-based solutions that are easily implemented and executed

  • We regularly poll our existing clients in an effort to continuously improve our products and services

  • Team dedicated to research and development so we can be pro-active and maintain our status as being the first and only to do what we do


In fact, out of approximately 23,842 agents registered with TREB in 2009, agents averaged approximately 3.81 deals. If the average unit sold for approximately $400, 293 (at 2% commission per end) that would mean agents averaged $30, 502.33 gross commissions in 2009.

# of Closed Deals

# of Agents



14, 805




















© Real Pro Success Inc. 2010

Interestingly enough, those that are Real Pro Success clients using Pro Presenter averaged 24.41 deals in 2009, which is 6 ½ times more than the average agent according to TREB. Again, if the average unit sold for $400,293, at 2% commission per end that would mean that agents using Pro Presenter in 2009 averaged approximately $195,423.04 in gross commission.

These stats obviously hint toward a positive relationship showing that agents doing more deals than the average are choosing to use Pro Presenter, or that agents choosing to use Pro Presenter end up doing more deals on average. Either way you look at it, not all agents are the same and those capturing a larger market share are most likely using Pro Presenter.


  1. Unique Branded Awareness.

A customized professional Real Estate Listing Presentation will give the real estate professional a branded unique marketing image. Every sales professional is competing with multiple real estate agents on every listing appointment. Your goal is to prove that your services are or value and unique to you and your BRAND.

  1. Powerful Focused Presentations.

Customized and well rehearsed real estate listing presentations will help you explain you explain your power selling points much more clearly. Have you ever finished your real estate presentation, left the seller’s home, then said to yourself... “I forgot to mention”…When using a well designed and rehearsed presentation you will be sure never to forget any important points again.

  1. Increase Your Closing Success.

There is a long standing axiom that “perception IS reality” and there is no doubt that when use a presentation like this one, your clients will immediately perceive that you are invested in your business and equally so in their needs. There is no doubt your real estate success will increase dramatically.

  1. Prove You Offer Cutting Edge Technology.

Consumers of today are no longer looking in newspapers, magazines, or even driving around neighbourhoods looking for real estate signs. The savvy consumer today is researching online. This means when you go out on a listing appointment you need to have a presentation that even the most well researched consumer finds impressive, informative, and engaging. Our customized real estate presentations show your clients that you are just the expert they need in order to get their home sold quickly and with minimal inconvenience.

  1. Instantly Stand Apart From Competitors.

Have you even wondered what you can show, or, what you can say that will help you stand apart from all other real estate sales professionals when it comes to listing and selling their home? The best reason to consider our real estate listing presentations is because the content on our slides is so unique and powerful it will help you instantly differentiate yourself from even top professionals.

  1. Ongoing Customer Service and Support.

Have you ever purchased a product or service and then never heard from the company again? We pride ourselves in helping our clients every step of the way and learning from the mistakes of other companies. We are committed to delivering you your product within 24-48 hours of having purchased it. Furthermore, our support team is there to answer any inquiries so you can feel safe and secure knowing you aren’t alone. We want you to be free to do what you do best and that’s sell more houses.


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to Chris’s seminar this morning. Historically, my attention span is very limited but I was wonderfully entertained but at the same time given some incredible facts, figures and other useful information that will make a difference to my business. I loved his voice, it was full of enthusiasm without the gooey-gush (not found in Webster’s’) of most seminar presenters. I think he displayed the usefulness of the product in a precise and timely matter.
Again, I just wanted you to be aware of how enjoyable and interesting it was to be at Chris’s seminar.”

Karen Millar, Broker

#1 Agent at Royal LePage Signature Realty
Toronto, ON

"As much as we train our agents and have many tools and resources we make available to them we always appreciate someone else coming in (a third party) to speak to them. Chris did a great job, he's an excellent speaker and the feedback from my agents was very positive. When one of our top 3 producers in my office bought Pro Presenter I knew that it is something of value and that every agent should see it. Actually all of the agents in my office that purchased Pro Presenter are top producers in the top 10 percent of the company and industry"

Giuditta Costanzo
Broker/Owner at Re/Max Excellence Realty Inc.
Vaughan, ON

"I didn't have any concerns about having Chris come speak to our agents. I've met Chris before and seen him speak more than once and he's an excellent speaker and every time we've had him into our office to speak to our agents he's always done a great job. I was impressed by how well organized the listing presentation was in the sense that it strategically anticipated the questions/objections a client would raise and pro-actively addressed each one of them. When he showed the slide with the sales ratios vs. days on the market because it was very well put together and from that point on he had my full attention and the attention of all my agents as well. I wouldn't hesitate to invite him back again in the New Year."

Jack Fusco
Manager at Re/Max Excellence Realty Inc.
Vaughan, ON


You know your home better than anyone, so this sheet is entirely for you. Please fill it in accordingly with the 10 best features of your home.






Made with 100% real maple wood and custom designed


You may have decided to interview more than one agent for the job of selling your home. If so, this questionnaire will help you compare the agents you meet with.


Realtor 1

Realtor 2

Realtor 3

Realtor 4

How long have you been in residential real estate sales? Is it your full-time job?

What professional designations do you hold?

How many homes did you sell last year? How many did your real estate brokerage sell last year?

What types of specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell my home? Who pays for your advertising? Can you show me an overall marketing/advertising budget breakdown?

What do you do that other agents don’t that ensures I’m getting top dollar for my home?

How many days did it take you to sell the average home? How did that compare to the overall market?

How close to the initial asking prices of the homes you sold were the final sale prices?

Can you recommend service providers who can help me obtain a mortgage, make home repairs, and help with other things I need done?

Will you represent me exclusively, or will you represent both the buyer and the seller in the transaction?

What type of support and supervision does your brokerage office provide to you?

How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction? How frequently?

Do you have a service guarantee?

How will you get paid and how are your fees structured?

Could you please give me the names and phone numbers of your three most recent clients?

Real Pro Success  3465 Semenyk Court (2nd Floor)  Mississauga, ON  L5C 4P9  (416) 642-6948

© Real Pro Success Inc. 2010

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