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  1. Alok Sharan

Nonlinear Optical Studies in Organics and Ferroelectrics

  1. Anupama Ghosh

Chiral and achiral malate frameworks of main group and transition metals

  1. R. V. K. Mangalam

The effect of oxygen stoichiometry on structural and physical properties of BiMnOy

  1. K. Balamurugan

Multifunctional magnetic materials for magneto-electric and spintronic applications

  1. Banarji Behera

Impedance Analysis of Some Tungsten Bronze Vanadates: AB2V5O15 (A=Alkali; B= Alkaline Earth)

  1. Basant Chitara

Gallium Nitride –Polymer composites as White light sources

  1. Bedanta, Subhankar

Supermagnetism in magnetic nanoparticle systems

  1. Begam, Mumtaj

Enhanced cycling properties of transition metal molybdates: A nanocomposite approach for lithium batteries

  1. K. P. Bhuvana

Codoping and Transition metal doping in ZnO thin films for Optoelectronic and Spintronic applications

  1. Bhuvaneswari gopal

Synthesis and catalytic activities of lanthanum containing apatite phosphates

  1. Claudy Rayan Serao

Multiferroic nature of charge-ordered rare earth manganites

  1. K. K. R. Datta

Anti-bacterial activity of Ag and Cu nanoparticles dispersed in agarose matrix

  1. Dattatray J. Late

Synthesis and characterization of LaB6 thin films on tungsten, rhenium and silicon substrates and their investigations as Field Emitters

  1. Dinesh J

Tuning of the morphology of Iron oxide nanocontainers from spherical templates

  1. Dolgos, Michelle

Synthesis and characterization of potential oxyfluoride transparent conductors

  1. Farrow, Christopher

Better Nanoscience through Better Software: Powder Diffraction and Local Structure

  1. Fouchet, Arnaud

Strain Control, Manipulation, and Phase Ordering in Vertical Nanocomposite Heteroepitaxial Films

  1. A. Gomathi and Sandeep Ghosh

Stable Dispersions of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Nanowires

  1. Haerudin, Hery

Characteristics of Pillared Clay and Acid Treated Pillared Clays

  1. Hatt, Alison

Ab initio calculation of the thermal properties of Fe and Ni

  1. Hena Das

Proposed low energy model Hamiltonian for spin-gapped system CuTe2O5: A NMTO-downfolding study

  1. Holcomb, Mikel Barry

Photoemission Studies of Multiferroic BiFeO3/Ferromagnet Thin Films

  1. Kalyan Raidongia

Synthesis, Characterization and properties of homogeneous BCN nanotube brushes

  1. Kanishka Biswas, Neenu Varghese

Growth Kinetics of Gold Nanocrystals: A Combined Small Angle X-ray Scattering and Calorimetric Study

  1. Karunadasa, Hemamala

High-anisotropy building units for magnetic materials

  1. Lee, Jun Hee

Ferroelectric instability of perovskite oxide superlattice

  1. Lim, Jitkang

Design and Imaging of Plasmonic Magnetic Nanoparticles

  1. Maduraiveeran

Electrochemical Sensor using Gold Nanoparticles Modified electrode for Simultaneous Sensing Toxic Chemicals

  1. Mahavir Prasad Sharma

Magnetism And Magnetoresistance In Ce And Ce Ca Doped Manganese Oxides

  1. Manisha C. Chhantbar

50 MeV Li3+ ion irradiation induced modifications in structural and magnetic properties of Ti4+-substituted Li-Al and Li-Cr ferrites

  1. Manivannan

A simple uniaxial pressure device for ac-susceptibility measurements- Suitable for closed cycle refrigerator system

  1. Merrill, Crystal

Transition Metal Frameworks: Ethylenediphosphonates and Phosphonoacetates

  1. Michel Verdaguer

Want to manipulate spins? Try with us … (with experiments)

How molecules go magnetic … and the resulting marvelous world

  1. Morgan, Kellie

Sorption and Structural Studies of Manganese and Iron Oxides

  1. Mulakaluri, Narasimhan

Impact of water adsorption on Fe3O4(001) surface: Insights from first principle calculations

  1. Muntuwenkosi, Chili

The synthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticles synthesized by ultraviolet irradiation

  1. Page, Kate

Local Structure in Polar Inorganic Materials

  1. L. S. Panchakarla

Nitrogen- and Boron-Doped Double-walled Carbon nanotubes

  1. Pranab Mandal

Structural and ferroelectric properties of Ba2BiMO6 (M = Ta, Sb)

  1. Prasanna S. V.

Anion distribution in the interlayer of layered double hydroxides intercalated with Br- ions: A VTPXRD study

  1. S. Prathap Chandran

Click Chemistry: A Convenient Pathway for Silica Nanoparticle Surface Modification

  1. Rakesh Voggu

Effect of electronic coupling between CdSe nanocrystals on the photoluminescence spectra

  1. A. R. Ramesh

Self-Organization of Phenyleneethynylenes on Surfaces

  1. T. N. Ramesh

Nickel oxyhydroxide/Manganese dioxide composite as a candidate electrode material for alkaline secondary cells

  1. Riesterer, Jessica

Studies on Dewetting Behavior in the Silica/Rutile System

  1. C. S. Rout

Electrical and gas-sensing characteristics of ZnO nanorods utilizing dielectrophoretic alignment technique

  1. Saikrishna

Temperature induced self- assembly of ZnO nanoparticles into zeptoliter bowls and troughs

  1. Sanchez Pomales, Germarie

Non-covalently functionalized DNA-CNT complexes: purification and self-assembly

  1. Santanu Bhattacharya

Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Cold compacted Iron – doped Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles Synthesized by Wet Chemical Method

  1. Santiago-Rodriguez, Lenibel

Gold Substrate Modified with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for DNA Sensing Application

  1. Sasmita Mohakud

Kagome antiferromagnet with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interactions

  1. M. Senthil Kumar

Solution Combustion Synthesis of Ca3Co2O6 using Sucrose

  1. K. N. Shivananda

Synthesis and Reactivity Studies of Maleimide Epoxy Resins with Aliphatic Amines

  1. Shoemaker, Daniel

Spontaneous Phase Separation of Exchange Biased Nanoparticle–Monolith Composites

  1. Simeon, Tomekia M.

A theoretical study of the chemisorptions of H2 with Stone-Wales defect armchair (5, 5) single-walled carbon nanotubes

  1. Subedi, Alaska P

Magnetic Properties of various Antiperovskite Nitrides

  1. Subhash Chandra Singh

Synthesis of some metals and II-VI semiconductor oxide nanomaterials by laser ablation in liquid media

  1. Subhash Bendre

A Novel Solution Combustion Method (SCM) for the Synthesis of CMR Material - La1-xSrxMnO3

  1. K. S. Subrahmanyam and S. R. C. Vivekchand

A comparative study of graphenes prepared by different methods: Characterization, Properties and Solubilization

  1. Sudipta Dutta

Half-Metallicity in Undoped and Boron Doped Gaphene Nanoribbons

  1. R.Thangavel

First-principle calculations of structural stability of II-Ox-VI1-x (II-Zn, Cd and VI-S, Se, Te) ordered chalcopyrite semiconductors

  1. A. Thirumurugan

Supramolecular Organization in Lead bromide salts of Imidazolium-based Ionic liquids

  1. Thomas, Kandace

Crystal Growth and Characterization of Ce2MGa12 (M = Rh, Ir)

  1. Yotnoi, Bunlawee

Rapid Crystal Growth of [V10O28].3(C6N2H14).(C6N2H12).2H2O by Microwave Technique

  1. Jyoti Ranjan Sahu

Magneto-ferroelectricity in charge-ordered manganites

  1. Nashiour Rohman

Metal-coated magnetic nanoparticles for application in surface enhanced Raman scattering and antibacterial activities

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