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Place: Boardroom II, Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Mumbai, India

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Minutes of Asian Aerosol Research Assembly Meeting at AAC-4
Time and Date: 18:00-20:10, December 14, 2005

Place: Boardroom II, Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Mumbai, India


Y. Iwasaka (President of AARA), M. Shimada (Secretary of AARA)

- Representatives:

Y. S. Mayya, B. K. Sapra (India),

T. Shibata, Y. Otani (Japan),

S. S. Kim, S. B. Park (Korea),

C.-S. Yuan, C. J. Tsai, W.-J. Lee, L.-F. Lin (Taiwan),

Sirikalaya S., Tawatchai C., Nattaporn T. (Thailand)


  1. Introduction of each associations: by Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, and Taiwan

  2. Short review of 4th AAC: by Y. S. Mayya

  3. Report on account: by M. Shimada


1. Selection of host association of the 5th AAC:

It was confirmed that each association has two votes.

Presentations were made by Taiwan and Thailand.

Taiwan was decided to be the host association of the 5th AAC by vote.

(Taiwan committed good supports for attendees from foreign countries, in particular from China, so that more can attend the AAC.)
2. Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award (AYASA)

The following changes (underlined) for the announcement were basically agreed (C. J. Tsai (the current committee chair) may adjust the expression later):

(1) The Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award recognizes outstanding contributions to aerosol science and technology by young aerosol scientists in Asian Countries.

(2) The award, which consists of a cash prize and plaque, will be presented at the Asian Aerosol Conference (AAC) to one to two recipients.

(3) Nominee must not exceed age of 40 (i. e. must be before his or her 41st birthday) at the deadline of nomination.
The selection of the new award committee and chair were discussed, and the followings were agreed: each association will decide new committee member and will inform them to current committee chair (C. J. Tsai). The new committee members will decide the new chair. C. J. Tsai was asked to remain in the new committee since he is well-experienced in AYASA.
The donation to AARA as the fund for AYASA was discussed, and followings were agreed: India will donate as the host association of the 4th AAC. Japan and Taiwan will donate $1000- for each AAC. Korea will discuss the donation for each AAC in its association. It was reported by the C. J. Tsai that TSI will donate at the next AAC.
3. New Asian Aerosol Research Journal (tentative title) among Asian Aerosol Research Assembly was discussed, and followings were agreed: All the attending associations were positive to prepare the new journal. The working group for the new journal will be formed by the members who are selected by each association. The working group will discuss the details of the new journal. Y. Otani serves as the chair of the working group.
4. Selection of the new officers of AARA was made: Y. S. Mayya (India) was selected to be the new President of AARA. He will name the new Secretary. Taiwan will name the new Vice-president.

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