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Picture Captions from left to right Innsbruck without eet and with eet

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Picture Captions from left to right

Innsbruck without EET ......and with EET

Looking at the Jülicher Alps from Lyublyana .......or with EET

Where's the Matterhorn? ......... No problem with EET!

European Enhanced Terrain not only enhances the FS world but at the same time your FS experience! The whole of Europe from the north (Sweden & Norway from the 60. latitude) to the south (the whole of Italy and Spain)an from the West (Great Britain and Ireland) the the East (Poland, Estonia, the Balkans) will be enhanced with terrain data with a resolution of 75 meters - in the alps to an incredible super exact 19 meters ! - Compared to the standard terrain data wiht 12 meters, this is an improvement of 16 times!

In order to help you discover the new Europe we have also compiled some special flights which will take you to the the most interesting spots in Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Frnace and Italy. There's also a new plane - a Piper Super Cub for you to take on your discovery tour. So don't hang around and get into the cockpit for a "slow and low" flight over the new Europe - this will be a journey you don't want to miss! Compatible with most of the important add-ons like German Airports, VFR-Airfields, Scenery Germany, Scandinavian Airports and much more.

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