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Physical education, sports and health in modern society

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We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in VI International theoretical and practical conference “Physical education, sports and health in modern society” that will be held within the period of September 24-26, 2015 in Lutsk at the Institute of Physical Education and Health of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University and also in the Practice Camp “Hart” (on the lakeside of Svitiaz Lake).

Conference Sections:

  1. Historical, philosophical, legal and organizational problems of physical culture.

  2. Professional training of physical culture and sports specialists.

  3. Pedagogical technologies of physical culture teaching.

  4. Physical culture, physical education of different groups of population.

  5. Therapeutic physical training, sports medicine and physical rehabilitation.

  6. Olympic and professional sports.

Materials for the publication are accepted in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish languages (at choice) and English language (obligatory). All the documents must be sent to us in electronic format, font 14 pt in the WORD format by. email to the address of organizing committee. Translation of the article must be prepared in high quality English. Translation can also be prepared by editorial staff for additional payment (50 hryvnias per page). The organizing committee is also asking you to send an author’s photo the publication in the digest.

Article requirements:

In the upper right corner of the page – author’s first and last name, in the upper left corner of the page – UDC number (Universal Decimal Classification). In the middle of the page – name of an article, organization and city, at the bottom of the page – Literature (not more than ten sources, each position must have a reference in a text of an article) that must be arranged according to the Ukrainian standard, and References (must be reflected according to the standard) (requirements on the next page), annotations and key words must be written in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. Annotations must include: author’s first and last name, name of an article, organization, text of an annotation. Volume of each annotation: 800–900 signs (requirements on the next page). Authors from foreign countries must give annotations in both Russian and English. Tables and schemes – not more than two. Volume of an article — 8-12 pages with 1,5 line spacing. Margins: left – 3 cm, right – 1 cm, top and bottom – 2 cm.

Only articles that meet these requirements are accepted for publication:

  1. Introduction (that must include problem statement and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks, analysis of the latest studies and publications on which an author relies; defining of previously unsolved parts of a general problem that the article reveals);

  2. Tasks of the work, methods and organization of the study;

  3. Main material of the study. Discussion (comparison of received results and results of other researchers);

  4. Conclusions and perspectives of further studies in this area.

Articles will be printed in the scientific digest “Physical education, sports and health in modern society”. This scientific digest is a scholarly specialized edition for specialties “Physical education and sports” and “Pedagogical sciences”.

For participating in the conference, please, send all the materials (an article, author’s data, a photo) to the organizing committee Deadline: August 1, 2015.

Correspondence with authors is carried on exceptionally via email. Notification of acceptance or rejection of an article will be sent to an author after its reviewing by the members of the editorial board.

Information on the working schedule and conditions of conference conducting can be provided by the organizing committee by phone numbers: +380965855901 (mobile) – Kozibrotskyi Serhiy (secretary-in-chief); +380332242068 (Dean of the Institute of Physical Culture and Health) ; +380332242178 (Department of Physical Education Theory and Methodology). Information can also be found on the web-page of the scientific digest Physical education, sports and health in modern society

Please notify our organizing committee of your participation in the conference beforehand.

Organizing Committee.


Filled in by the participant of VІ International Theoretical and Practical Conference

Physical education, sports and health in modern society”

Article title _____________________________________________________________________________


Last name, first name, academic degree and academic title, job position of an author (authors) _________


Place of employment or studying _______________________________________________________________

Postal address, postal code ___________________________________________________________________

Phone number ______________________________________________________________________________
E-mail ___________________________________________________________________________________

Annotation’s Requirements

Presenting main facts in annotations you should stick to chronology of an article and use its subtitles as guidelines:

  • Author’s first and last name, name of an article, organization;

  • Topicality;

  • Tasks of the study;

  • Method or methodology of study (are described if they differ according to their novelty or are of interest from the point of view of the study; in experimental studies data resources and character of their editing must be indicated);

  • Results of study (main theoretical and experimental results, discovered interconnections and regularities must be presented);

  • Conclusions (may be accompanied by recommendations, evaluations, suggestions, hypotheses that were described in an article);

  • Key words.

Annotation must be an independent source of information and make possible determining the main content of an article.

An annotation must be written in high quality English without using machine translation.

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