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Pharmacies in en Ushuaia

  • Asociacion Bancaria
    Maipú 333 Tel: 43-4004

  • Avenida
    San Martín 963 Tel: 43-3200

  • D.I.B.A.
    Patagonia 59 Tel: 43-5406

  • Del Solier
    Marcos Zar 330 Tel: 43-1176

  • Kuanip
    Kayen 246 Tel: 42-2792

  • La Bancaria
    Maipú 333 Tel: 43-4004

  • San Martín
    San Martín 1275 Tel: 42-4752

  • U.O.M.
    San Martín 1108 Tel: 43-6111

  • Ushuaia
    Polidoro Seguers 192 Tel: 43-1056

  • Andina
    San Martín 638 Tel: 42-3431

Submenu: Health Centers

  • Clínica San Jorge
    Onachaga 187
    Tel: 42-2635

  • Hospital Naval
    Gobernador Deloqui y Yaganes
    Tel: 42-1612

  • Hospital Regional
    Malvinas y 12 de Octubre
    Tel: 42-2950

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Subtitulo: Maritime Museum and Old Prison Museum

El mar y los presidiarios en la historia de Ushuaia.

The sea and the inmates in Ushuaia’s history
Created in 1994, The Museum has revalued the old p`rison building. It started as a Maritime Museum exhibiting a complete collection of navy models. You’ll see the corridors of the old prison and their cells and a special site: the Historic corridor, that remais original as it was until the prison closed in 1947. It also has an intresting collection about Antarctic Expeditions. Declared Historical National Monument.

The End of the World Museum

It was created in 1979 and since that moment is dedicated to revalue the state patrimony.Its collections are exhibited in 5 rooms and some of them are about the fuegian natives, explorers, people about our local history, natural history and some wreckage testimonies.

Postal Courier: It is possible to send postmail to everywhere in teh world from the End of the World Museum. The stamp with the logo of the museum is a special touch. Testimony of your visit to the End of the World. You can also get the stamp on your passport for free.

High Season. November to April

Mondays to Sundays since 9 am to 8 pm.

Guided Visits

Daily 11:00, 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00 Hs.
(Las visitas guiadas no tienen costo adicional)

Low Season. May - October
de Lunes a Sábado de 12:00 a 19:00 Hs.

Guided Visits
Daily 14:00 and 17:00 Hs.
(Las visitas guiadas no tienen costo adicional).

Archive and Library
De Lunes a Viernes de 10:00 a 17:00 Hs.

Yámana Museum

Models of native culture.
A 20000 tears journey to learn about the region using models.

Maritim Museum

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Submenu: Info de ushuaia


The name comes from the Yamana language and it means “bay entering towards the west”

It is the capital city of Tierra del Fuego province in Argentina. It was founded in October 18th, 1884 by the Commodore Augusto Laserre. It is located at the Beagle Channek shore surrounded by the Martial mountain chain.

Between the coordenates 54°48′57″S 68°19′04″O / -54.81583, -68.31778 and at 6 meters over the sea level. Their borders are Rio Grande at North, Atlantic Ocean at east, Chile at West and Beagle Channel at south.

The weather, sub-polar oceanic is wet and cold like tundra but it has the Magellanic forest with an average temperature of 5-7 ºC. Average rain is 560 mm a year. Also it has strong winds during some months and that gives the flag shape to the trees.

Ushuaia is called the Gateway to Antarctica as the 95 % of the expedition cruises that visit Antarctica departs from Ushuaia and use its pier for the turnarounds.
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Submenu: Land tours: Tierra del Fuego National Park
A drive through Tierra del Fuego National Park brings you to the end of the world's longest stretch of road ? the Pan American Highway.

From Ushuaia, you cross the Pipo River and pass Ensenada Bay and Mount Susana before entering the park. The old growth forest has been devastated in recent years by the introduction of beavers into the region - the trees resemble gray statues. The park was once home to Yaghan Indians and inmates of the old penal colony. You also arrive at the end of the road - the end of the Pan American Highway, which begins in Alaska and runs some 11,987 miles (17,845 km) to Tierra del Fuego.

Just a short drive from Ushuaia finds us in the awesome and wild Tierra del Fuego National Park. Bordering the Beagle Channel, our visit here offers us a marvelous opportunity to see some of the world's most unique and isolated plants and wildlife.

We will be able to appreciate within its limits lakes, lagoons and rivers, and their exit towards Canal Beagle, characteristic that makes the difference with other national parks of our country.
The National Park, is home to a large variety of land birds, including the Antarctic Giant Petrel, Imperial and Rock Cormorants, Steamer Ducks, Kelp Gulls and the Antarctic Skua.
Departing from the pier, by the National road #3, you will go to the first panoramic point to have a city and bay view before entering the National Park.
The next stop is Ensenada Bay where you will be able to walk alongside the coast of the Beagle Channel. After this stop the tour will take you to the Roca Lake, Natural border between Argentina and Chile. Continuing the tour, driving south you will arrive to the Green Lagoon photo stop before going to one of the beaver dams and after that you'll arrive to Lapataia Bay, the end of the Panamerican Highway, known as The End of The world.
There is a small amount of walking over an uneven ground involved in this tour. The excursion is unsuitable for a wheelchair.

Submenu: Land tours. Lake Escondido
The excursion takes you through a series of valleys on the island: Carbajal, Altos del Valle, Tierra Mayor and Las Cotorras. From here you will go up to Garibaldi Pass, 450 m above sea level, to where Lake Escondido is found. Garibaldi Pass crosses the Andes, which runs from the east to the west of the island from the border with Chile to the Atlantic coast. You will then begin your descent to Hosteria Petrel on the shores of Lake Escondido, where you will stop to admire the stunning surroundings. Afterwards, you will begin your return journey to Ushuaia.
Categoria: Maritime tours

Submenu: Penguin Rookery

This tour through the Beagel Channel visits Isla de los Pajaros ( cormorants’s rookery ), Isla de los Lobos ( seal’s rookery, the lighthouse Les Eclaireurs, Gable Island and Martillo Island.

Submenu: Seals’s Island

A different view of the city sailing through the Beagle Channel. Departing from the touristic pier aboard the catamarans, you will visit Isla de los Lobos ( seal’s rookery ), Isla de los Pajaros ( cormorants’s rookery ) and the lighthouse Les Eclaireurs.
Categoría: Combined Tours


Duration: approximately 6 hours, lunch not included

An excursion which gives you the opportunity to discover the flora and fauna of Southern Patagonia as well as the beauty and mystery of the Beagle Channel. Setting out through the leafy forests of the Tierra del Fuego National Park, the southernmost of its kind in the world, you will head for Lapataia Bay on the coast of the Beagle Channel passing Ensenada Bay, Laguna Verde (Green Lagoon) and Lake Roca. On the way, there will be stops at various points to enable you to take photos of the majestic forests of Lengas, ?ires and Guindos, in which the area's distinctive vegetation flourishes. During the journey look out for beavers' dens, a numerous population of rabbits, Patagonian owls (large birds of prey), dark-coloured eagles, turkey buzzards, woodpeckers and, with a bit of luck, one of the elusive silver foxes or timid coloured foxes. You will then arrive at Lapataia Bay, one of the most stunning places on the island and the ultimate destination for National Route 3, which starts in Buenos Aires and runs along the last 3,000 km of the Pan-American roadway spanning the entire American continent. Here, you will be able to photograph a wide variety of bird life as you wait to board your catamarans. These panoramic vessels will take you along the Beagle Channel, the historic route sailed by settlers and explorers centuries ago. Travelling along the coast with the National Park in our sights, your route takes you to the Faro del Fin del Mundo (Fin del Mundo Lighthouse) and the archipelagos, home to many different varieties of fauna. You then head East via Lapataia Bay; Ensenada Bay; Isla Redonda; Golondrina Bay; Los Pajaros Island; the archipelago of Bridges Islands, teeming with seals and their adorable pups; and the archipelago of Faro Les Eclaireus, from where you will return to the pier.

Categoría: Expedition Ships

Submenu: Ships:

National Geographic Endeavour. 118 guests

The National Geographic Endeavour is an expedition ship, designed for discovery and active exploration, not just passing-by. The National Geographic Endeavour heads out equipped with a fleet of Zodiacs, enabling us to make landfall in all the remote and riveting locations
National Geographic Explorer. 148 guests

National Geographic Explorer is a state-of-the-art expedition ship, and the newest addition to the Lindblad fleet. It is a fully stabilized, ice-class vessel, enabling it to navigate polar passages while providing exceptional comfort. It carries kayaks and a fleet of Zodiac landing craft.

Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov. 108 guests

A polar-class icebreaker, combining power and technology with creature comforts. Originally designed for the rigors of northern Siberia, Kapitan Khlebnikov is one of a few vessels of its kind in the world.

Corinthian II. 114 guests

Our ships are known for their effortless elegance, bespoke service and atmosphere of charm and camaraderie.

The deluxe Corinthian II is an all-suite yacht accommodating up to 114 guests. Built in 1992 and refurbished and redecorated in 2005, it has 57 suites. The Penthouse Suites and Veranda Suites (400 and 300 square feet, respectively) feature private balconies accessed via sliding-glass doors, as well as white glove butler service.
Clelia II. 100 guests

Launched in 2009, after extensive refurbishment, redecoration and other improvements, the all-suite Clelia II offers the finest in small-ship cruise travel. This private yacht-like cruise ship accommodates only 100 guests in 50 suites, each of which affords ocean views, measures 215 square feet or more and is appointed with a sitting area or separate living room, twin or queen-size beds, spacious closets, air conditioning.

Polar Star. 100 guests

Your voyage of discovery is today more comfortable as you board our highest ice-class ship, the M/V Polar Star to discover these compelling, distant lands in the safety and comfort of your “home away from home”. She is the ideal expedition ship with experienced and friendly staff, good facilities, spacious on-deck viewing, unique open bridge policy and a fleet of ten 12-man Zodiac inflatable landing craft to take you ever closer. You personal experience is further enhanced by our team of onboard specialists – their passion will shine through as they lecture and guide you in these amazing destinations.

Clipper Adventurer. 122 guests

This sister-ship of Lyubov Orlova, built in 1975, underwent a $13 million conversion in 1998. She has a proud reputation as a well-appointed, elegant expedition ship for softer adventures. Clipper Adventurer is equipped with Zodiacs for shore landings and ocean level cruising, yet offers fine dining, and cabins with exterior views and facilities en suite

Lyubov Orlova. 112 guests

In the fall of 2006, the spacious, ice-strengthened Lyubov Orlova underwent extensive renovations to the forward lounge, dining room and cabins.

Although optional kayaking and camping are available in the 2009-10 Antarctic season, the level of comfort you will experience puts her in a category all her own.
Maryshev. 46 guests

The Aleksey Maryshev is a comfortable and modern research vessel, sister ship to the 'Grigory Mikheev'. She belongs to the Hydro-graphic Institute in St. Petersburg and was built in Finland in 1990. She was designed as an ice-strengthened vessel and converted in the Netherlands for passenger use, making her ideally suited for expedition cruising

Multanovskiy. 53 guests

The 'Professor Multanovskiy' is a modern and comfortable oceanographic research vessel.

Built in 1983 in Finland, it was designed as ice-strengthened vessel, and is now under long-term contract by Oceanwide Expeditions. It has been converted for passenger use and is ideally suited for expedition cruising. It have a good anti-roll system, a range of 70 days independent operation and are ISM certified. The vessel is strongly built of steel with an ice strengthened hull (ice-strengthened from the bow until about 1/4 of the ships length), perfect for polar seas. It has the Russian ice-class notation LU(1), which is identical with Lloyds Register 1D.
Molchanov. 53 guests

The 'Professor Molchanov' is a modern and comfortable oceanographic research vessel.

Built in 1983 in Finland, it was designed as ice-strengthened vessel, and is now under long-term contract by Oceanwide Expeditions. It has been converted for passenger use and is ideally suited for expedition cruising. It have a good anti-roll system, a range of 70 days independent operation and are ISM certified. The vessel is strongly built of steel with an ice strengthened hull (ice-strengthened from the bow until about 1/4 of the ships length), perfect for polar seas. It has the Russian ice-class notation LU(1), which is identical with Lloyds Register 1D.
Ushuaia. 84 guests

Originally built for the United States agency NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration), the USHUAIA has been refurbished to accommodate a maximum of 84 passengers in 41 comfortable twin cabins and suites. The ice-strengthened polar vessel USHUAIA is very well appointed and provides ample deck space and an open bridge policy. The full complement of inflatable landing craft ensures superb landings and wildlife viewing opportunities on the otherwise inaccessible coastline

Ocean Nova. 68 guests

This ship delivers clean, crisp Scandinavian styling and a reputation as an excellent ship in the Antarctic. Built to sail the ice-choked waters of Greenland, Ocean Nova's ice-strengthened hull has enabled the ship to park in the ice of the Weddell Sea!

Akademik Sergey Vavilov. 104 guests

Finnish-built for the Russian Academy of Science, this ship was designed to travel quietly, during hydro-acoustic research. The ship is exceptionally stable, yet maneuverable. External stabilizers and a built-in trimming system provide exceptional stability. Akademik Sergey Vavilov has an ice-strengthened hull and a cruising speed in open water of 14.5 knots.

Akademik Ioffe. 109 guests

Finnish-built for the Russian Academy of Science, this ship was designed to travel quietly, during hydro-acoustic research. The ship is exceptionally stable, yet maneuverable. External stabilizers and a built-in trimming system provide exceptional stability. Akademik Ioffe has an ice-strengthened hull and a cruising speed in open water of 14.5 knots.

Akademik Shokalskiy. 48 guests

Akademik Shokalskiy was originally designed and built in Finland for polar and oceanographic research. The ship is small, nimble, and ice-strengthened, capable of reaching the nooks and crannies of Antarctica that many larger ships cannot. The vessel is equipped with Zodiacs. A kayaking adventure option is offered on this vessel in the Arctic.

Plancius. 110 guests

M/v "Plancius" was built in 1976 as an oceanographic research vessel for the Royal Dutch Navy and was named "Hr. Ms. Tydeman". The ship sailed for the Dutch Navy until June 2004 and was finally purchased by Oceanwide Expeditions. Still under construction, but available for Polar expeditions in January 2010, the vessel shall be completely rebuilt as a 110-passenger vessel and shall comply with the latest SOLAS-regulations (Safety Of Life At Sea). M/v "Plancius" is classed by Lloyd's Register in London and will fly the Dutch flag.

Polar Pioneer. 56 guests

Polar Pioneer was built in Finland in 1985 as an ice-strengthened research ship, and for many years she plied the treacherous waters of the USSR's northern coast. In 2000 she was refurbished in St Petersburg to provide comfortable accommodation for 56 passengers.

A combined bar/lounge/library area (stocked with a good collection of polar books) was also created by simple internal restructuring. This class of vessel has a fine reputation for polar expedition cruising, due to its strength, manoeuvrability and small number of cabins. All cabins have outside portholes plus ample storage space. The Russian captain and crew are among the most experienced ice-navigators in the world and their enthusiasm is legendary.
Categoria: Winter Activities
Submenu: Valle de Lobos ( Wolves’s Valley )

Valle de Lobos has the ideal snow during all winter thanks to its location in the middle of the valley.

One of the atractions is the dog sledge
Submenu Cerro Castor

The biggest ski resort in the province with modern lift equipment, and all skill level slopes.

Cerro Castor has an excellent snow quality and longest ski season in South America.

The youngest, the southernmost ski resort of the world has a wonderful enviroment. Close to the Ushuaia city, the sea and the mountains offer a beautiful view.

he newest in Argentina and the southernmost in the world, ever since its opening, Cerro Castor continues welcoming more and more visitors who come along to enjoy the snow. Very close to the capital of Tierra del Fuego, where the sea and the mountains meet to be the protagonists of a dazzling geography, Castor is only 195 meters above sea level and its top rises to 1,057 meters.

With a skiable drop that reaches 772 meters, Castor Mount distributes 24 runs with different levels of difficulties and off-piste sectors into 20 kilometers. Nordic ski is the most outstanding modality, with circuits that go through lengas forests which can also be visited on snow rackets.

Unlike the general belief, Castor enjoys very good weather and the best quality of powder snow, due to the stability of its temperature, offering one of the longest seasons in South America.

Modern lifts, skiing and snowboarding school, and all the services that complement the infrastructure and Ushuaia scenery, turn Castor Mount into a complete resort, to ski in the confines of the world.

How to Get There: located 26 km from Ushuaia, where there is an international airport and a tourist harbor for large size vessels. It can also be accessed by land through National Route 3.
Season: from July 09 to October 16.
Weather: in winter, temperatures range between 5º and -5ºC.
Activities: skiing, snowboarding, snowblading.
Services: school, first aid stand, boutique.

In 2008, Cerro Castor inaugurated 2 téléskis in the eastern area of the hill and in 2009 a four-seat chairlift spanning 940 meters and covering a skiable slope of 235 meters was added. It stands at 420 meters of height and it has been named the Park Chairlift.

Likewise, two Magic Carpets have been incorporated in the beginners’ area to enhance transportation of skiers who are taking their first steps on the snow.

A new track called Liquen was laid out in the hill. It has red difficulty (hard).

The Snowpark features a new design and a new location. Now it lies under the Park Chairlift, between the Águila Mora and Liquen tracks, surrounded by trees that protect it from the wind. This new Snowpark unfolds opposite the future restaurant at the 420 meters area.
Complejo Villa Las Cotorras

Winter sports. ATV’s and a restaurant where to taste the traditional lamb, the trout and the classic mountain coffee.

Excellent fields in the woods to practice cross country ski. Equipment and ski clothes rental, instructors, private classes.

During the summer, enjoy the landscapes of this amazing patagonia region.

Trekking at Lumberjack trail through the forest. Treking: La "Picada de los Hacheros" offers the chance to visit old path alongside creeks. Getting into the forest and feeling the peat under your feet, enjoying the flora and fauna of this region. You will visit many beaver dams during the tour

Horse back riding at the End of the World is another activity surrounded by this amazing nature.
Submenu Haruwen
This venue offers ATV’s , snow jets, restaurant.

Haruwen is one of the first places organizing sled dog races receiveing competitors from all over the world

Submenu Llanos del Castor
In the midle of the forest and surrounded by the mountains, is a wonderful place to be in contact with the nature.
Narrow paths will lead you through the forest finding beautiful flora and fauna.

The unique location between the mountains makes Llanos del Castor to be a special place to practice cross country ski, hike with raquets. Each year the Ice Sculptures competition attract lots of fans to the event

Restaurant invites you to taste lunch as well as special dinners.
Submenu Nunatak
Another product based on being in touch with the nature
Not only trekking and cross country ski, but new activities like climbing, 4 w drive trucks safari, horse bak riding, canoe, sled dog runs and mountain bike are being developed in this resort.
The Hut “ Nunatak” located at an estrategic point by the Alvear Mount is the starting point for different tours
White Adventure

Departure from the city to the Tierra Mayor Valley where your start the sled dog tour. After crossing the valley you enter the forest using and old lumberjack trail to reach the “Lumberjack Hut”. Here is where you say bye to the dogs and put the snow-shoes on to start the hike.

You visit the Ice fall of the Alvear Mountain and teh panoramic point of the Valley. The way back is faster and funnier as it is all the way down. Once you reach the hut, enjoy a hot chocolate with cakes before returning to the Tierra Mayor Valley. The journey takes approx 5 hours..

Snow and Fire

Departure from the city to the Tierra Mayor Valley, you put on the snow shoes and start the 30 minutes walking crossing the valley during the winter. Burning torches indicate the way to get into the forest to reach the hut. A traditional stew and brochettes are waiting for you with a variety of wines and the mountain coffee.

Trekking and canoe at the Tierra del Fuego National Park
Departure from the city to the Ensenada Bay inside the National Park. In an amazing landscape you start the trekking alonside the coast of the Beagle Channel, it is a 7 km walking tour enjoying the flora and fauna of Beagle Channel andf its coast. After three hours tour you go to the Lake Roca and stop for lunch, before starting the canoe tour through the Lake Roca, then Lapataia River ending the Canoe trip at Lapataia Bay from you wil return to teh city by land.
Duration: 8 to 10 hs
Walking: 3 hs – Canoeing: 1 ½ hs
Lunch: Appetizers: Picada, Box Lunch, fruits, biscuits, wine, juice, sodas.

Snowcat adventure by the Andes
On this tour you drive the snowcat for over 25 km, crossing huge fields of peat covered by snow, surrounded by a wonderful lenga forest. The tour start after the instructions with firts lights of the sunrise towards the Bonete Mount, where at its base the hut is located. After having a hot chocolate we put the snow shoes on and start the 30 minutes hike to the Balcon del Valle panoramic point. From this point you return to the hut, have a snack and drive the snowcat back to the Tierra Mayor Valley
Submenu Tierra Mayor
One of the first cross country ski centers in Ushuaia.

Visitors can do cross country ski, ATV’s, sled dog runs, hiking and trekking, climbing.

Submenu Valle Hermoso
This is a location which aloww visitors to understand the natural life of the valley.
The place offers a variety of activities conceibed to enjoy the nature without disturbing the environment

Subcategoria Cruceros de Lujo

Subcategoria Adventure tours
4WD Adventure
4WD Lakes crossing

Duration: Full Day

Canoeing: 1 1/2 hs.
Vehicles: Off Road 4WD / Canoe
Minimum: 2 passengers
Meals: “Asado” Barbecued cow meat. Drinks included.
Depart from the city towrads the Lakes area, crossing the Andes through the Garibaldi Pass, from whre you can see the Lakes Escondido y Fagnano. You take and off road through old lumberjack trails, places only able to be visited thanks to the $WD Land Rover , forest, mud, rocks until you reach the Lake Fagnano. The hectic wade trough the lake coast end with a exquisit “Asado” ( barbecue ) ashore. You will do some hiking while the meat is being cooked.

After lunch, the adventure continues at Lake Escondido

Prepair the canoes and get ready to row. The view from the water is amazing, you row approx for an hour towards the Petrel Hosteria ath oher side of the lake and where the canoe tour ends

Submenu Horseback riding

Mitre Peninsula

The Mitre Peninsula is at the east side of the Tierra del Fuego Island. The fauna their includes Guanacos, foxes, upland geese and at the coast seals and cormorants. It has the Beagle Channel to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the North

It is a Restricted Circulation Area, a region with many stories and legends. Hundreds of wreckages alongside the coast where some of teh rest still can be seen..

An excellent choice to visit unique sites.

Chance to ride “criollo” horses adapted to all different mountain conditions. Area with thick forest, muddy and uneven paths, peat bogs and rivers.

Mount Susana
Thsi journey allows you to visit old paths used by the inmates of the Old Prison of Ushuaia to transport wood from the forest to the city.

Ascending up to the panoramics point to see the City and the Beagle Channel.

Riding through the forest reaching the coast of the Beagle Channel you will se the Navarino and Hoste Islands that belong to Chile. Walking alongside the coast you will see remains and vestiges of the “Yamana” culture, antique nomad tribe.
Submenu Trekking and hiking tours
Trekking to the Lagoon “Esmeralda”

Duration: 7 hs
Time walking: 3/4 hs.
Type: Trekking
Minimum: 2 persons

Meals: Box Lunch

Departure from the hotel towards the Tierra Mayor Valley. Starting to walk from the Nunatak hut, through the peat bog, Lenga and Coihue forest. It is also possible to see foxes, condors and beavers.

You are in teh heart of the Natural Reserve at the Lagoon Perdida, its water en location invites you to relax, rest and have a light lunch ashore. Then you start the return to the hut and to the hotel.

Trekking Glacier Ojo de Albino

Duration: 8/10 hs.
Time walking: 7 / 9 hs. Strength demand
Type: Trekking / IceTrekking

Minimum: 2 persons

Meals: Box Lunch
Includes the itinerary of the Lagoon Perdida entering its tributary which is originated at the glacier Ojo De Albino.

 You put on your crampons and start the exploration of the reaching the Panoramic Point Beban where you stop for lunch. Then you continue visiting different sites and panoramic points of amazing beauty. Then you return to the hut and to the hotel. 

Trekking Glaciar Del Alvear

Duration: 8/10 hs.
Horas de caminata: 7 / 9 hs. Strength demand

Minimum: 2 persons

Meals: Box Lunch
Departure from the city towards the Tierra Mayor Valley where you start the trekk ascending thorugh the mount slope.

You will reach the edge between the vegetation and the solid rock

Beautiful landscapes surround you arriving to teh East Glacier of the Mount Alvear. You approach to the lake and see the glacier and the ice caves which you’ll enter and walk through. After lunch a visit to the Lagoon Turquesa and return to the hut

Trekking & Canoas en el Parque Nacional

Duratioón: 8/10 hs.
Time walking: 3 hs.    

Time paddling: 1 1/2 hs.

Type: Trekking / Canoe
Mínimum: 2
Meals: appetizer, stewed chicken, fruits, cookies, wine, juice, tea.
Depart from the hotel to the National Park. You start the trekking at Ensenada Bay hiking along side the coast of the Beagle Channel, after 3 hs walking you will arrive to Lake Roca and after enjoying a good lunch you start the canoe trip through the Lapataia River ending at Lapataia Bay.

Duration: 4 hs.
Time walking: 1 hs.
Type: Trekk / dinner
Equipment: rubber boots and water proof pants
Mínimum: 2 persons
Depart from the hotel to the Valley Tierra Mayor and the hut “Nunatak” with a view of the Alvear mountain range. You put your rubber boots on and start the hike. This area is the best habitat for the beavers and you will see many beaver dams and beavers.
Walking areas in the National Park Tierra del Fuego

Paseo de la Isla: 800 meters short walk visiting the Cormoranes archipelago and the shores of rivers Ovando and Lapataia.

Paseo a la Laguna Negra: Short walk through the forest to meet the lagoon with dark waters

Paseo al mirador: 500 meters short walk to Lapataia Bay through the Lenga forest to have a panoramic view of the bay

Paseo del turbal: 400 meters to Lapataia Bay through the forest and visiting an abandoned beaver dam and walking alongside a peat bog.

Paseo a la castorera: 400 meters to find some beaver dams at Los Castores creek

Senda Pampa Alta:This path connects the camps Rio Pipo and Ensenada. It goes through Lenga and Guindo forest. Once at Pampa Alta you will have a panoramic view of the Beagle Channel. It is 5 km walk and it is quite demanding.

Senda Costera: It connects the camp Ensenada with Lapataia Bay it is 8 km length and it is a moderate level walk

Senda al Hito XXIV: It goes along side the north coast of the Lake Roca, it is 10 km length.

Senda al Cerro Guanaco: This path Comprende el ascenso al Cerro Guanaco (970 m) por una picada de pendiente muy pronunciada. La senda es de exigencia alta y es de 8 km de recorrido.

Flight seen

Basic Circuit

Take off towards the west, Valley Rió Pipo, Waterfall Rió Pipo, flight over the National Park Tierra del Fuego, Beagle Channel, Birds’s Island, Seals’s Island, flight over the city and return to the airport.

Flight time: 30 Minutes 

Off Road Adventures


Depart from the hotel towards the north of the Island. Once at Lake Escondido ( 60 kms ) you receive the safety briefing before starting the kayak journey for 1 and half hour approximately. After the sailing you continue to the Lake Fagnano in a 4WD adventure through narrow old lumberjack trails and a Lenga forest ending at the shore of the Lake Fagnano and ready to enjoy the traditional argentinian “asado”, salads, dessert, coffee, mate and cookies

Equipment: double kayaks, sport vest with space for the camelback, aluminium and carbon composite paddles, water proof bags and jackets. The guide carries safety equipment, first aid and radio.

The sailing could be cancelled depending on the weather conditions. ( strong winds )

Sport fishing in Ushuaia.

More than 10 rivers, four lakes and three lagoons create the scenery for the sport fishing in Tierra del Fuego.

Tierra del Fuego is well known around the world as one of the best area for fihsing.

The rivers offer beautiful trout specimens, specially the so call sea trouts of monster sizes.


Trucha de arroyo

Trucha de Arroyo (E) Brook Trout (I) Salvelinus Fontinalis

Trucha Arco Iris

Trucha Arco Iris (E) Rainbow Trout (I) Oncorhynchus mykiss

Trucha Marrón

Trucha Marrón (E) Brown Trout (I) Salmo Fario
Another famous fishing site is the Lake Fagnano, 90 kms away from Ushuaia
Camping at Bahia de Los Renos
This place is located at the south coast of the lake Fagnano and it is possible to reach the place using a zodiac. Once inside the bay, you drive the zodiac to Laguna de la Yegua to settle the camp.

You can do fly cast from the coastand then from the boat. Surrounde by ancient forest, small falls, beaver dams, etc.

Realizaremos Fly casting desde la costa, flotando en Tube Float, recorriendo el Lago con el semirigido por Isla Martínez,

Camping at Bahía de los Guanacos
To reach this place is necessary to sail a bit less than an hour. The camp is located at the north coats of the lake. Usually the fishing take place at the Rio Claro mouth


Fly Casting at River Ewan

The mouth of the River Ewan

La desembocadura del Río Ewan is at the Atlantic Ocean. You need to drive for about 1 and a half hour to reach this place on the north of the island

Fishing and adventure at the End of teh World

Enjoy your favorite sport as well as the forest, lakes, rivers, unique beauty nature that you will never forget.

Assisted by expert fishing guides

Tierra del Fuego is considered by experts and fishing lovers as one of the top five fishing Sites of the world.

With a variety of sea trouts, brown trout, rainbow trout and fontinalis.

The journey includes:

4WD vehicles transportation
Complete fly cast equipment

Lunch box,

Fishing guide

The different fishing areas are:

North:Río Fuego / Río Grande / Río Chico / Laguna Hantuck / Río San Pablo / Río Ladrillero

Lake Fagnano area: Río de Las Gemelas / Laguna Kosovo / Cabecera del Lago Fagnano / Laguna Negra / Río Tuerto / Río Milna / Río Valdez / Río Turbio

South :
Lago Escondido / Laguna Margarita / Margen Sur del Lago Fagnano / Laguna Palacios

Depending the zone or area selected the journey will take bewteen 6 and 9 hours.

Fishing permission is not included: The following is required to issue the credential.
Name, Family name, ID number and fotocopy, age and 1 photo.

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