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Personal information name: Hojat surname: Amani Date of birth 30/07/1978 sex

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NAME: Hojat
Date of birth 30/07/1978
SEX: Male

Hailing from Luristan, Iran, Hojat Amani (b.1978) is best known for his fantastical photo montages that juxtapose images of people, angle wings, and more traditional Iranian motifs and designs.

Drawing inspiration from history, the universality of angels as a symbol and religious pilgrimages, Amani’s aesthetically futuristic interpretation of angels are wrought with vivacious personality, yet also leave room for subtle contemplation and self-reflection on morality and the universal language that symbols, even when embodied by humans, have.

A rising star in the contemporary art scene, a work of Amani’s recently sold at the Spring Bonham’s Contemporary Photography sale in Dubai. Having trained at the University of Art in Esfahan for his BA and the University of Art in Tehran for his MA,Repris is the exhibition that he curated with Ignas kazakevicius from lithuanian artist.

2006-2008 – MA, Art Research, University of Art, Tehran, Iran

2001-2004 – BA, Painting, University of Art, Isfahan, Iran

1998-2001 - Diploma in Fine Art, School of Higher Education, Isfahan, Iran

1997-2003-Diploma in Persian Calligraphy Society, Isfahan, Iran,


Artist& Curator


2013-Solo exhibition Shirin art gallery .Tehran, Iran

2012- Solo exhibition Paradise, Environmental photo, Day Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2008- Solo Drawing Exhibitions, Iranian Academy of Art, Tehran, Iran

2007- solo Drawing Exhibitions, Kosar gallery, Isfahan Iran

2013-Montecarlo Art show2013


2012-From Tehran, Scope Miami. Florida ,USA

2012- Requiem, 2th Kathmandu International Art Festival .Kathmandu, Nepal

2012-Train to Tehran, Opera Holland Park. London, UK

2012-2thIranian Photography Expo, Iranian Academy of Art, Tehran, Iran

2012-The Asia House Fair. London, UK


2011 -“3world in 1”, Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre Exhibition Hall

Curate by Edward Lucie Smith. Klaipeda, Lithuania

2011-Persian Calligraphy, Workshop, Baroti art Gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Jun19- 2011

2011- Magic of Persia, MOP CAP 2011 Shortlist Exhibition Contemporary Art Prize, Traffic,


2010-Concerning Angels, Janet Rady Fine Art, London, UK

2010-Angels dream, Installation, Athena video art festival. Athena, Greece


2009 -Iranian Innovative painters, Iranian Academy of Art, Tehran, Iran


2008-Recycle Art. Iranian Environmental Artist, Laleh Studio, Tehran, Iran


2008- Individual Drawing Exhibitions, Iranian Academy of Art, Tehran, Iran

2008 - Calligraphy Masters, Iranian Academy of Art, Tehran, Iran
2008- Iranian Photography Expo, Iranian Academy of Art, Tehran, Iran

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