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People want more children to work, high infant mortality rates make it necessary, roles of women, religious convictions

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Review Guide for Unit V Test
Directions: Fill out the following review guide using notes on the characteristics of human populations,
1. Why are birth rates higher in developing countries?

People want more children to work, high infant mortality rates make it necessary, roles of women, religious convictions
2. Why do some countries have an aging population?

Countries like Japan and Italy have long life expectancies and low birth rates
3. Why does China have more males than females?

The one child policy since 1970s, people want boys and not girls
4. List two countries in East Asia that have homogeneous populations?

Japan and Korea
5. List five factors that affect population distribution.

Climate, economic opportunity, government programs, access to resources, conflicts
6. Why do most people live along the Nile River in Egypt?

Egypt is dry and the Nile River is the only fresh water
7. Why is it difficult for people to live in tropical wet climate zones?

Rainforests do not have fertile soil so it is difficult to grow food
8. List three examples of areas where conflict has affected population distribution.

Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq
9. What is population density?

Number of people who live per square mile or kilometer
10. What is physiological density?

How many people a certain amount of land can feed
11. What continent has the largest population in the world?

12. What has the greatest impact on limiting population growth?

Access to and use of birth control
13. List the six factors that affect population growth.

Economic development, government policy, role of women, education, industrialization, and modern medicine
14. What country has a policy to limit population growth?

15. List five push factors that lead to human migration.

Conflicts, no jobs, environmental degradation, overpopulation, religious and political persecution
16. Where has desertification caused human migration?

Sahel region south of the Sahara
17. Why do many Hispanic people migrate to the United States?

For jobs
18. Why have many Cubans migrated to the United States?

Political persecution
19. Why does Wal-Mart have signs in English and Spanish?

The Hispanic population of the states is growing and population migration can change the culture of a country
20. What area has a strong guest worker program to provide labor for the oil industry?

Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries
21. List the six functions of towns and cities.

Security and defense, religious centers, trade centers, government administration, manufacturing centers, service centers
22. What city is the center for the religion of Islam?

23. How did the function of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania change over time?

Defense -> Steel manufacturing -> Light industry
24. When the Erie Canal was built it changed the trade patterns related to what city?

New York City
25. Why does the Western United States have many ghost towns?

There were many gold and silver mines
26. What is the site of Richmond, Virginia?

Fall Line
27. What is the site of Paris, France?

Island in the Seine River
28. What is the site of Quebec, Canada?

Where the St. Lawrence River narrows
29. What is the site of Jerusalem, Israel?

30. What is the site of Damascus, Syria?

31. What is a confluence site?

Where two rivers come together
32. What city commands the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?

33. List two cities that grew up along the U.S. Transcontinental Railroad?

Omaha and Sacramento
34. What city grew up as a supply station for ships?

Cape Town, South Africa
35. What city grew up as a stop on the Trans-Sahara trade route in Northern Africa?

Timbuktu, Mali
36. What city commands the land bridge between Europe and Asia?

Istanbul, Turkey
37. What is site and what is situation?

Site is the physical location of a city and situation is the physical, economic, or social reason for the location of a city
38. List five ways urban areas influence the regions around them.

Magnets for migration, seedbeds for new technology, transportation and communication hubs, universities, monuments, media centers, corporate centers

39. What part of the world is most likely to have shantytowns due to the rapid growth of urban areas?

Africa, Latin America, South Asia
40. What is one of the major results of urban sprawl?

Farmland is made into housing

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