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Parish Priest: Fr. Brian Murphy Pastoral Assistant Miss Anne Bardell

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St. John Southworth Parish

at Christ Church, Carr Rd and Vaughan Street, Nelson

Parish Priest: Fr. Brian Murphy Pastoral Assistant Miss Anne Bardell

Tel: 01282 614859 Email or

Diocesan website:

If you are new to our Parish – please introduce yourself to Fr. Brian and Anne

1ST – 7th April Palm Sunday , year B




This weekend, we will be taking a Retiring Collection for

the Mission in Africa which has produced our Palm Crosses and for the flowers for the sanctuary for Easter.



Mass at Christ Church


Mass at Vaughan St



Eucharistic Service at Christ Church



Mass St John Southworth School



Mass at Vaughan St

Please see St. John Southworth news sheet for the times of all services and reconciliation in Holy Week – it is available at the back of church. Below are listed only the main services.

Maunday Thurs



Mass of the Last Supper at Christ Church



Celebration of Our Lord’s Death at Vaughan St. with special Children’s Church

Bring a flower

Holy Sat

7.30 pm

Easter Vigil at Vaughan St.

Children bring a bell



Dawn service – greening of the cross at CC bring flowers followed by breakfast

9.30 am

Mass at CC

11.15 am

Mass at VS

ST JOHN SOUTHWORTH NEWS Last weekend we published a news sheet containing thoughts and Parish updates. It has at its centre all the times of services in Holy Week. Please pick one up.

NEW OFFERTORY ENVELOPES Many people make their weekly offering in Mass using Offertory Envelopes. These come in boxes of one for each week, with some extras for feasts like Christmas. If you use envelopes and Gift Aid to the Parish, you will have a box of envelopes delivered to your door. But if you do not Gift Aid, you can take a box of envelopes from the back of Church. They are anonymous – no one will know who you are.

collections 25th March: £ 652.20 Thankyou


For a limited period we are putting it on sale to see if people will wish to buy it regularly. Please try it – we shall see how it goes. The price is £1.30.

Mass INTENTIONS .Norman Clark, Bernard & Eileen Madalinsky, The Bonsall Family, Mary Nolan, Thanksgiving to the Sacred Heart, Vincent & Kenneth Holden, Lucy Monk, Joseph Pemberton, Josephine Elliott

S.V.P. meetings 2nd & 16th April after 9.30am Eucharistic Service at CC

Bookings for SJS Hall

Phone Margaret Needham on 07954273960/ 01282 614558

Newsletter Items Please note that all items for the newsletter should now be sent to Anne Bardell at: or phone 01282 614859 by Wed evening

Week ending 24th March

£10 Elena £10 B. Morgan

Good Friday 3.00p.m. service at Vaughan St

of the Celebration of Our Lord’s Death

During the reading of the Passion on Good Friday the children will be invited to go to a special Children’s Church.

We are looking for adults to help with this - adult help is needed. Please let Anne know if you can help.
Bring a Flower

If you are coming to the Service at 3.00pm on Good Friday please bring with you a flower

Holy Saturday

If you are coming to the Vigil Service please bring with you a bell

Holy Sat / Easter Sun

Tea/ coffee glass of wine and cakes

It would be great if someone would volunteeer to organise tea/ coffee and a glass of wine after the Vigil mass on Holy Sat

It would also be good if we had people bring cakes for Holy Sat and Easter Sunday to accompany a drink after masses. Any volunteers???????????

Mass at St Lukes On Wed 11th April 11.30 a.m.

All are welcome

Refreshments are available – please join us

A special invite has been sent to all parishioners to come to the Holy Week assemblies at St. John Southwoth School.

All parishioners are warmly welcome to join us in celebrating these events in school. There will be drinks and hot cross buns after

Tues 3rd April 10.15 am–Mass with the theme of the Passover & Last Supper led by Yr 6

Wed 4th April 10.00 a.m. – A Good Friday Assembly led by yr 2 & 3

Wed 4th April 2.00p.m. An Easter Assembly led by yr 4 & 5 followed by results of teh decorated Egg competition

Easter Sunday morning breakfast after 7.30a.m. greening of the cross. Please bring flowers. Everyone is invited to stay for breakfast BUT BUT at present there is 1 man willing to cook this – who else will help? We need help with the cooking and serving – please let us know if you are able to help.

Ministers, Readers,Welcomers rotas at the back of church

A note to all Ministers of the Eucharist

all Ministers of the Eucharist will be recommissioned for the next year during the Mass of the Last Supper on Maunday Thursday at 7.00p.m. at Christ Church. You are asked to make very effort to attend. If you are unable to attend please let Anne know

This years Bonanza  Draw finished a few weeks ago here are the Final Accounts. The draw made a very substantial profit of £2,274 for Parish funds. A very big thank you to Wilf Eccles and his team of agents for their continued support of this important contribution to the Parish

SOCIAL GROUP This Group met Last Week and are in the process of arranging a few events for the Spring, Summer and Winter. Please keep the 19th May free for an exciting 'Race Night' in the Parish Centre, more info Later.

We have provisionally booked a return of Paul Harper for August `18th for a 'FORTY'S TYPE TEA PARTY' stroke Diamond Jubilee celebration. Later in year we will have the successful Last Night Of Proms and children's Party. Anyone who feels they have talent or just to be part of this Group please contact either Juliue Charlesworth, Gerard Spain or Ian Dempsey. Thank you.

Beginning on Wed 11th April ending on 19th April This is in preparation for confirmations in our parish On 19th April at 7.00 p.m. Bishop Terence Brain will be coming to Confirm the children on our Sacramental Programme. This is a parish event, please come and support the families and pry for thnrxt generation in our parish. We want to put on Tea/ coffe and cakes after so if anyone is available to help – can you let us know?


Almighty and Eternal God, who enlightens and strengthens us with the Word of Your beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, we ask you to protect our families, our youth and our children and all who are ill, so that we may serve you with faith and enthusiasm each day of our lives.

We ask you to send your Holy Spirit to our hearts, pouring out on us the gift of announcing with courage what we learn in the Eucharist, and live it in faith, following the footsteps of our Mother the Holy Virgin Mary. We ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen

Mary Immaculate, Pray for us St John Southworth, Pray for us







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