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Parents may make a placing request for their child to attend any school of their choice

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Attendance at school

Section 30 of the 1980 Education Act lays a duty on every parent/carer of a child or young person of ‘school age’ to ensure that their child or young person attends school regularly. Attendance must be recorded twice a day, morning and afternoon. Regulation 7 of the Education (School and Placing Information) (Scotland) Amendment, etc. Regulations 1993 requires each child’s or young person’s absence from school to be recorded in the school register as authorised: e.g. approved by the authority, or unauthorised: e.g. unexplained by the parent/carer (truancy) or excluded from school.
It has become essential that school procedures to monitor pupils’ attendance places increased priority on securing the safety of all. If a teacher has not received notification/ explanation of a child’s absence then office staff will be alerted and will prioritise contacting the pupil’s parents or emergency contacts. Please help us manage this absence monitoring task by phoning the school on the first morning of your child’s absence. ( 0141 632 2162) The school has an answerphone for messages before 8am. Alternatively you can email the school office/ class teacher on By supplying us with an absence explanation we will not need to contact you.

In all circumstances however it is still required however that on your child’s return to school a note is supplied to the class teacher to explain the absence

Parents/Carers do not have an automatic right to take their child out of school without permission during term-time. The Head of Establishment can only authorise time off during term-time in exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances include:

  • short-term parental/carer placement abroad;

  • family returning to its country of origin for family reasons;

  • the period immediately after an illness or accident;

  • a period of serious or critical illness of a close relative;

  • a domestic crisis which causes serious disruption to the family home, causing temporary relocation.

Time off during term-time for the following reasons is not acceptable and will be recorded as unauthorised absence:

  • Availability of cheap holidays or desired accommodation;

  • Holidays which overlap the beginning or end of term

Clearly with no explanation from the parent or carer, the absence is unauthorised.

Unexplained, or unauthorised absence will be investigated by the school’s Education Liaison Officer. Presently we are waiting for an ELO to be appointed. The Education Authority has the power to write to, interview, or prosecute parents, or refer pupils to the reporter of children’s hearings, for poor attendance at school. The school regularly acknowledges and encourages good attendance at our Good Work Assemblies.


There are a range of additional activities on offer for children in Battlefield including netball, Get Active, cycling, JAM, fun football, street dance, projudo. Some of these activities take place before school, some at lunchtime and some after school. Parental help is always welcome. As part of our liaison with Shawlands Academy pupils in primary 7 are given the opportunity of participating in an 4 week block of after school hours ‘clubs’.

Involvement in community projects is encouraged at all stages of the school e.g. - visits to local places of interest such as various Art Galleries, Scotland Street Museum ...etc. When children are taking part in excursions or competitions we need parents to help as escorts. We like to have a ratio of one adult to ten pupils. Recent guidance requires that all parents assisting on external trips are screened by Disclosure Scotland.

When we travel by bus we ensure that the bus is fitted with seat belts. School sports are normally held once a year in June. Throughout the session we welcome visiting sports specialists who will work for short periods with classes providing specialised sports training e.g. this session we have already arranged input for fitness and dance.


Each child has formal written homework, set by the class or ‘setting’ teacher. Homework is issued once a week on a Tuesday to be returned to school on Friday. In addition at all stages of the school children are expected to read every night. This can be formal reading which will be heard in class by the teacher, or reading for pleasure. In any session, written homework tasks will range from Mathematics, Problem Solving, Language work and Individual Research for topics.

As a rule of thumb no child should spend longer than the following times on each written homework task:

Primaries 1, 2 and 3: approximately 20 minutes

Primaries 4,5,6, and 7: approximately 30-40 minutes.

If your child has difficulty with his / her homework please call in to see the class teacher and have a chat about it or send in a note to make the teacher aware of the difficulty.

To ensure that your child does his/her homework to the best of his ability,

try to give him a quiet place to do it, so that he/she can concentrate. Particularly in the infant stages of the school you may well be asked to work alongside your child on a home task. Above all, let your child see you are interested in his/her work and all that he/she does in school. Please spend time talking to your child about his/her school day. We will occasionally ask you to comment on homework tasks as part of our ongoing evaluation.


Discipline of pupils within the school and in the playground is the shared responsibility of all staff. We wish to provide a happy and safe environment for all.

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